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The Chronicles of Spellborn.... hrmmm... video contest

This is just a quick little blog of me and about my video I have recently created for a contest.

Author: Leechx

The Chronicles of Spellborn Video Contest... Why did I do it? Video included.

Posted by Leechx Sunday April 5 2009 at 12:06AM
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I decided to come to mmorpg to write a little bit about the video I have recently made for... dun dun dunnnn... "The Chronicles of Spellborn."  If you wish to know a little bit about the game, you can go here to their site.

The Chronicles of Spellborn has a little different taste of gameplay than most other mmo's.  Yes it has the basics:  questing (especially fedex quests), killing mobs, pvp (some games choose not to do this), a good GUI, raiding (which I have yet to do), and other things that any mmo player would know.  The difference is that it isn't a target based game.  Each player has a "combat reticule."  This is kind of like a third person shooter mixed into an mmo environment which makes it interesting and depends somewhat more on skill.  They also have a "skill deck" which is quite interesting as well (I'm not going to explain this so just check it out on their site).  Overall I find the game enjoyable.  Anyways, that is a little bit about the differences between any other mmo, but you can go and check out the rest of the information on their site.

Okay so... on to my video.  The spellborn devs decided to do an event.  This event includes such as a video contest.  There isn't much guideline for the contest, other than "okay, we want you to make a video that we can display as our trailer (or whatever you may call it) to get other people to try out our game," so pretty much you can do whatever you want in your video.  I decided to combine all of the elements of the game which I found needed to be covered rather than specifically set my mind to one specific thing.  These elements are as follows:

  1. Gameplay
  2. PvP (I rarely play a game without pvp, this is what I enjoy doing the most)
  3. PvE (I frown upon a long term pve grind, but if it's worth shooting for pvp, then misewell... heh)
  4. High Houses (I didn't discuss this previously, but there are 5 sides called "High Houses" that you can join to pvp for... you can find this information on their site as well)
  5. Scenic (The game looks quite decent to be honest... not as good as Aion... but the graphics aren't horrible and that helps make the game more enjoyable)
  6. Emotes (This isn't really that big of a deal for the game.. but I figured I would throw some in some emotes to show the outsides what some of them are.. hehe)
  7. Story (This also isn't even part of the game.. I kinda just threw in a little story to match the song.. just so it adds some spice into the video)

That should be everything that I included in my video.  The reason for actually making the video is another set of things:

  • I wanted to do something fun and make use of the Windows Movie Maker.  I enjoy doing these kinds of things.  This brings out my creativity and ideas that are deep inside my head (lol).  Nevertheless, I decided to move on with making the video.
  • If my video were to win the contest... I would win a free year subscription!  That is something to shoot forward to because the game (imo) has potential to be very fun and enjoyable in the end (when all the kinks are fixed).  Not only that, I am paying to play other games so it would be nice to relief some financial issues off my shoulders and allow me to continue playing all the games I want to play :-D.
  • Boredom.. boredom.. boredom.. although this sounds like I had nothing better to do.. well.. it is kind of true.  I think alot of things that are said and done start with boredom.  I think the initial reason why I even started my video was because I became bored and literally had nothing better to do.  Starting out with my boredom came to be something bigger.  After awhile, I really started getting into making the video.  Essentially, I was having alot of fun making the video on my own time.. rather than leveling in the game itself (haha).  I think I became stuck at level 15 and 16 all through the period of me making my video just because of how much I enjoyed doing it.  Otherwise, I probably would've still been blowing mindless hours away leveling.. leveling.. and leveling some more.

Overall, I am pretty proud of myself for completing the video to its fullness.  I am very happy for the outcome of it as well and from what other people tell me, they are very pleased with the finished product as well (WOOHOO!).  For those of you who read through this whole blog, I thank you for taking the time and consideration for reading.  To reward you for doing so, you can go ahead and look at my video!  I hope you all decide to watch it.  Most importantly, I hope you all enjoy watching it as well!

Through all the hours I put into making my video.  Here it is.

Either click this link: Option 1
This link goes directly to the highest quality video, but it is in a smaller window.

Or you can go here: Option 2
This link goes to the same page as Option 1, but if you wanted to watch the bigger window highest quality version.
All you have to do is click on Option 2...
and then click on the HD button located inside the viewing area (bottom right to be exact, next to the sound button).