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Foundations of Hope Online Dev Blog

Dev Blog for the Christian Fantasy MMORPG: Foundations of Hope Online

Author: Leathel

Foundations of Hope Online: Dragons revisited

Posted by Leathel Wednesday July 29 2009 at 11:31PM
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Title:  Foundations of Hope Online

For the first dragon blog and more information you can see that here:

A great dragon patch has been implemented for the Foundations of Hope Online testers.  First off, the biggest change was that players now have control on their dragon stats, sex, etc. as the other two realms do.  Dragons will also still age at levels 15, 30, 45, and 60.  They start off as a tiny hatchling and at level 60 will finally achieve dragon adult status.  Size pics can be seen in other blog.

But just as big is that there are now four dragon colors and five classes to choose from.  Colors are blue, red, grey, green and classes are Dragon Attacker, Dragon Stalker, Dragon Psionist, Dragon Warcryer, and Dragon Healer.  In FoHO you have the ability to have three classes for your characters, so with this patch I also implemented the ability for players to change their secondary and primary classes.  It will reset those specific classes back to level 1, but it will give players ability to not regret getting a secondary or tertiary class that doesn't fit what they wanted. 

Dragons also have the ability to Animal Armor Craft, Animal Weapon Craft, Poison Craft, First Aid Craft, and do Enchanting.

The next patch I will be looking at allowing the dragon players switch from the Dragon realm to either the Human or Saurian(lizard creature) realm if they choose to.  This will give an extra dimension into the game especially into the RvR zones.

And in a few patches down the road, I will hopefully have the character customization implemented which besides the usual hair, beards, etc. for normal players, I will be able to give players the ability to choose things like what style horns or facial features(nose or jaw horns) etc. they want their dragon character to look like.

While a short blog, probably the most important for the dragon players.  Finally have some color and class options. 

Just example of some of the new dragon colors, the craftable weapons, and armor.

Testers are always welcome. Just signup in the forums under General Game Information.  Remember it is Pre-Alpha.  I just allow people to play in the world as it is being built so it is all grind.  in Alpha the quests will be implemented for testing.

Foundations of Hope Online: Spiritual Warfare Realms

Posted by Leathel Thursday July 2 2009 at 4:29PM
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Title: Foundations of Hope Online
Genre: Christian Fantasy MMORPG
Game Website:
Company Website:

For more information and smaller updates of Foundations of Hope Online you can watch this thread:

The Spiritual Warfare realms are where the primary Christian part of the game come into play.  Foundations of Hope will be made up of multiple areas/realms/worlds whatever you want to call them, but the primary one in which we are all more familiar is the "physical world" which in the game consists of a war between Humans, Saurians, and Dragons.  If a player never wanted to see any Christian elements they could play as a Saurian(intelligent lizard species from within the Earth) or a Dragon.  But the Spiritual Warfare zones will be where many Biblical scripture elements are used and only accessible by Humans who wish to play there.  If a Human never wanted to dwell into that realm, they can play in the physical world against regular animals, Saurians, and Dragons.  Currently there are five Spiritual Warfare zones that have critters from levels 1-100.  These zones will be some of the Primary PvE zones since they are locked down by realm.  On the other side of things, the Saurians will have five underground technological zones only accessible by them that will make up their PvE areas.  Dragons, not sure on their PvE zones yet. 

My initial design was to have some physical world zones and PvE and others as RvR.  But now with the addition of a whole other realms that are definitely purely PvE I am contimplating the thought of making the whole physical world zones as RvR as in you can be out fighting NPC critters but watch your back.  There currently are fifteen physical world zones that consists of three starting locations for each realm which have low level critters for each, but then the other zones are where the different realms would run into each other because they have to share the mobs from 10-100.  While I will have some ores in the realm specific PvE zones, most of the harvesting(ores, woods, poisons) will be in the physical world locations. So we'll see...

Back to the Spiritual Warfare(SW) topic.  While the PvE zones are only starting out with five, it will be easy to add more if every needed.  The SW zones are all based on physical world zones using the same buildings and terrain design but it is as if you are in a different dimension.  A very dark dimensions at that.  While the terrain(hills, etc) are all the same, the land is covered in lava looking rock, their is no sun, it is very stormy with lightning always flashing around.  Then you have the creepy laughter and voices always going on.  I have to say, after spending two weeks buildings these zones, it is absolutely refreshing to see the sun of the physical world.  There might be a war going on but it seems so less dark after being in the SW zones.

It was not my initial plan but it worked out that many of the purchased MoM models could be used for adding variety and atleast filler creatures in the SW zones.  So MoMers will recognize many models below.  Foundations of Hope Online is based on a future non-technological Earth four hundred years into the future, so I try and keep things as realistic in the physical world.  On the other hand, the SW zones let me get away from that and implement some fantasy and non-scientific elements.  So there are so far fourty-two different mobs in the Spiritual Warfare zones that will not be seen anywhere else.  The models are not all finished.  I want to add some fire particles to many, but here is small glimpse of the Spiritual Warfare realms.


And a few more if interested:

To see my Task List:

And to see what all has been done:

Testers are always welcome.  Sign up at the website forums under General Game Information=>Pre-Alpha sign up.  Remember it is only Pre-Alpha.  Currently all grind as the art and code is being tested.  Quests will be added in Alpha for testing.  Only requirement is no profanity. Most testers are teens and even my five year old.

Foundations of Hope Online: Playing as a Dragon. Fly, fight, and bring terror to the land.

Posted by Leathel Monday February 16 2009 at 4:04PM
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Title:  Foundations of Hope Online
Genre:  Christian Fantasy MMORPG
Game Website:
Company Website:

To be a dragon or not to be, that is the question :) 

In Foundations of Hope Online there are three realms to choose from. Humans, Saurians(intelligent lizard species), and the Dragons.  The primary war on earth is between the Humans and the Saurians, but the dragon realm is a free for all against both.  The dragon realm has become the most popular out of the FoHO testers but it is interesting to see which realm each person picks.  There are some players that just have no interest in playing as a dragon while most of the teen players play the dragons more frequently.  There was a fear when implementing the dragons that everybody would play them and no other realm, but thankfully finding that not to be the case.

Each Realm starts off in their own particular location. The Dragons starting location is in the Grand Canyons. A player starts off as a Dragon Hatchling, then at level 15 can move to the Dragonling, then at level 30 a Dragon Cub, level 45 they are a Dragon Teen, and finally at level 60 they become an Adult Dragon.  Each stage has its own model and skills based on its age. A hatchling can fly for a few seconds while an adult dragon can pretty much fly continuously.  A teen dragon will receive fire breathing which also carries on and gets stronger into the adult dragon years.

Below is are some screenshots showing the size and look as the player progresses from one model to another.  The hatchling starts off all cute and changes into the oh-not-so-cute-fire-breathing adult.



Dragon Cub:

Dragon Teen:

Dragon Adult:

The dragon players will be able to equip weapons and armor as well.  Only one model has been implemented for helm and weapons, but animal weapon crafting has been implemented to create better weapons for the dragons.  Once the animal armor crafting is implemented, the dragons will be able to wear armor on their arms, legs, body, and tail.  For now, they have a helm.

When the dragons were first implemented, it was kind of surreal.  Everybody was running around as hatchlings in tall grass attacking the Saurians. Felt like a movie where something is quickly scurrying through tall grass then suddenly somebody gets dragged down. That was before Grand Canyon was implemented.  Now the hatchlings start off on some beetles and work their way up.

It is questioned won't the Dragons be too strong and have an advantage over the other two realms since they can fly?  That is not an issue because both the Humans and Saurians will be able to get Dragon Mounts at level 60. The Dragon Mounts will be able to fly, perform land and air mounted combat.

In the Grand Canyon, there are some ledges that have paths which allow Humans and Saurians to reach for future quests, but many are designed for only the flying dragons can reach. Obviously not a problem for Humans and Saurians once they get their Dragon Mount.

Some pics of the Grand Canyon location:

And finally just a few of my favorite dragon pics:

This is one of my favorites.  It is me and my 4 year olds(now 5) Paladin. He played over the summer before kindergarten and was able to get to level 56.  I was totally amazed at what he could do. He could join alliances, trade, heal players, buff, track, etc.  All the older players new him and had ways of communicating.  If they backed up from a corpse, he knew he could loot it, if they waved, he knew they were logging off.  Newer players I would have to let them know he couldn't read because they had no clue a 4 year old was behind the character.

And a couple videos. I still need to fix the wings pointing forward to much in the flying animation as somebody pointed out.

Hatchling Video:

Dragon Adult Video:

Pre-Alpha testing is open if interested. It is all hack and slash and testing of the technology for now.  Quests will be added in for the Alpha testing.  Just create an account and sign up in the website forums.

Foundations of Hope Online Introduction

Posted by Leathel Tuesday January 27 2009 at 12:26PM
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Title: The Foundations of Hope Online
Genre: Christian Fantasy MMORPG
Game Website:
Company Website:

The Foundations of Hope Online is the online game based on my Christian Young Adult Fantasy book series and is being marketed as a Christian Fantasy MMORPG.

I am hoping I am 6 months from going full Alpha and figured I'd start posting updates at Alpha to Beta should take less than 6 months after that. Currently FoHO is in pre-Alpha testing which means I am letting people into the world as I still build it. Pre-Alpha is all about creating the technology and the art while Alpha will be about testing the storyline, quests, etc. and Beta will be everything in full testing before going live.  Right now pre-Alpha is all hack and slash because I am saving the quests last.  As an author, the storyline is very important to me and I saved it for last.  I have to first know what technology and art assets were implement so I can design the story around what I technology can do.  But most of all I really want the quests to be an enjoyable journey into the game with a deep plot and it will take time to achieve that.

Storyline Intro:
From the back page of Book One: Faith of the Unforgotten
Four hundred years into the future, after the Great Pulse Storms began, the civilizations on Earth have managed to stay alive and cope with the changes that were dealt to them. The Great Pulse Storms have made it impossible for electricity to exist, and the ionic atmosphere from the Storms ignites nearly all explosive substances. Overnight, the Storms had set the civilizations back to a medieval-like time, and only the strong and knowledgeable survived. But the potential for humans to remain alive and free on the planet will once again be tested.

Dragons have returned from a time of old, and an intelligent lizard species from within the Earth is waging war upon the upper land-dwelling humans in an effort to take their lands and take the humans as slaves. The merciless enemy is stronger, quicker and more intelligent than humans, and all looks to be lost for the descendants of the Heroes of Sorms.

Rebekah Ann Smith, a spirited, fifteen-year-old innkeeper's daughter, has been placed at the forefront of the battle for the existence of their lands and lives. Rebekah and a small, scattered group are all that stand as a chisel against a mountain that is ready to fall. All they have left is hope that their faith can move that mountain, and hope that the Gifts given to them by their God can cut through the falling boulders of human desolation.

Game Intro:
The Foundations of Hope Online game will place a player in the middle of the Saurian(lizard creatures) and Human battle. The storyline of the game will run along side the storyline of the series. Players will not play characters from the book, but the characters from the book will pop up every now and then(GMs). FoHO will be part Realm vs Realm and the rest PvE. Players will choose to be either a Human, Saurian, or a dragon. Yes, even as a dragon. The game will take place in a future medieval North America and will have many zones taking place in areas such as Lansing, Detroit, Chicago, New York, the Grand Canyon, the bayous, and the everglades. North America will be divided into two realms. The Saurians control the southern half and the humans control the north. Each of these realms will be split into either PvP or PvE zones. PvE players may have to cross into another realm's PvE zones, but they will not be forced into PvP action.

During the physical battles, there is another battle going on that humans can deal with if they go that route, the Spiritual Warfare aspect. My goal for the game is to not make a 'preachy' game, but acceptable to mainstream and Christian-gamers. It is a very very thin line, but I have done it with my books, and I am confident I can do it with the game. I personally would never play a preachy game, so I stay far away from that. So moreso I am making a Christian-acceptable game. For example, the human 'magic' is replaced by Gifts given by God. They still will have abilities of swords of fire, lightning strikes, 'fire from heaven', etc. Is that overly preachy to a gamer? No. Is it Christian-acceptable? Yes. Everybody wins. While most of the earthly zones are normal standard locations(mountains, desert, bayous, canyons, etc) the Spiritual Warfare zones will be very dark and if you see the screenshots below, very unpreachy.

FoHO will have both a low-end and high-end client. Players will be able to play on older computers or players can turn on shaders and play with the eyecandy it'll be their choice using the same client. There will also be a Windows and MacOS client.

The base game will start in North America. From there, expansions using the other continents are planned.  Besides having a game expansion for each continent, I have recently started thinking about releasing new books in the series based on the different continents.

The FoHO Project Tracker can be found here:

I was torn on whether I would release the Project Tracker to the public. In the end, I decided players get to see what all has been done to the game and what is still on the agenda. But I also decided on letting it be public to also give players visibility in what will be added into the new expansions.

Upcoming blogs:

I have alot of catching up to do here but will split the highlight features into seperate blogs. Here are some planned upcoming blog updates.

-Playing as a Dragon. Fly, fight, and bring terror to the land!
-Underwater zones
-Game guis
-Christian Fantasy MMO. Can it be done?

Provided are the covers showing how the game is being marketed in the bookstores.


Here are just a few of my favorite pics, but you can find the rest at.