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Author: Lateris

The Glory of Hype

Posted by Lateris Wednesday August 24 2011 at 7:43PM
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Waiting for the glory can scramble the nerves when you first log into that new MMO that you have been waiting on for a few years or longer. Your initial reaction can be pure delight or pure disbelief. You can be the individual who will buy into the hyper activity of buzz marketing, or you can be that someone who has learned their lessons well from their Kung Fu master’s about the marketing industry. The marketer’s primary mission in the game world is to suck you within the initial opening sales debut. And why not, jobs are on the line.
Let’s use The Old Republic for an example of inflated perceptions of glory. My initial assumption is to write “please do not kill this game” with the hype meter or the over kill meter for yourself. One needs to level off the hopes and come back down to reality on how game design realistically can be applied at this time in our history. This game is not a MMO messiah. It's nothing new, aside from the full Voice Overs. Please, understand that. I can assume it will be an amazing game. But from what I can view I would compare it to Wow’s launch, and it’s a more refined version of WoW, as WoW was a more refined version of EverQuest.
It has a major factors going for it. It is from the Expanded Star Wars Universe created by BioWare. We all know the BioWare track record unless you live under a rock. Already the hype meter is high on this Triple-A production.  I have listened to some of the most ridiculous assumptions on this game from people who are expecting it to part the waters and bring world peace to planet earth.  We all know once it launches people will complain about everything and everyone. I can only focus on the instant gratification generation who will be the loudest complainers demanding instant entitlements. These are the proponents for the easy path to everything, thus dumbing down the mechanics and over all gameplay. Instant transportation is always the first to become the victim of these desk herders.
For me I could care less about the hype. I just want to approach a BioWare Star Wars game with a sense of kindness. The game reflects a sense of story, with massive amounts of voice overs, and a basic foundation for a new MMO to build upon.  You can approach the new game with a heart shaped box of innocence and enjoy a very well-produced game or you can be slithering whiner. Just don’t expect the glory of the second coming. I would expect a fantastic PvE game centered on the story of your character. And that character development will bring the glory.