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Author: Lateris

Eve Online: The Last Stand Against Micro Transaction’s?

Posted by Lateris Friday June 24 2011 at 3:44PM
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Something historic is happening at this very moment. I am watching a live feed for a protest that is occurring in Eve Online that re protesting against high prices for micro transactions that were introduced.
Here is a break down taken from the message boards=
Exchange Rate: 3500 AUR = 1 PLEX = $17.50 = 400 mil isk at Jita (New Eden main trade hub).

- Looking Glass Ocular implant – 12k AUR -> 3.5 PLEX -> $61.25 ->1.4 Bil ISK

- Men’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Shirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse – 3.2K AUR -> .91 PLEX -> $16.00 -> 364 Mil ISK

- Men’s ‘Comando’ Pants – 3k AUR -> .85 PLEX -> $15 -> 340 Mil ISK

- Women “Impress” Skirt – 3.6k AUR -> 0.97 PLEX -> $16.97 -> 388 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Sterling’ Dress Blouse P – 4.4k AUR -> 1.25 PLEX -> $22.00 -> 504 Mil ISK

- Men’s ‘Precision’ Boots – 1k AUR -> 0.28 PLEX -> $5.00 -> 112 Mil ISK

- Women’s ‘Greave’ Knee-Boots – 2.4K AUR -> 0.68 PLEX -> $12.00 -> 272 Mil ISK
There are no political parties involved. No religions and no borders. It is sheer freedom to express one’s self as a paying customer. It is the last stand for Eve Online players that will make or break the game based on CCP’s reaction to the players. I have stated before that gamers have a voice and we can exercise it by our own actions. The fact that bans may result from this will only encourage gamers to leave Eve Online in the hundreds. I am hoping CCP does not do this. 
The days of referring to gamers who pay with their money as fans may need to change. These fans are buying customers. And like all  markets the bubble could burst. CCP will either take the fall like SOE sadly did years ago or will either listen to their customers and win their hearts like they have done in the past. I just hope that an amazing studio like CCP does not repeat mistakes made by SOE years ago and ignore the majority of Eve Onlines customers.
Edited: Almost 10% of online players are protesting right now. 
~Best Wishes~ 
Alienstudios writes:

What those prices are rediculous! It would take years to that kind of dough..(ingame)

This reminds me of how I wondering if hardcore SWG players were protesting the close of the game.

Sat Jun 25 2011 11:01PM Report
Lateris writes:

Just reporting- this is in day 3

Sun Jun 26 2011 10:24AM Report
kjempff writes:

SOE lost alot of customers over bad decisions too, but they still make money (I assume). It is just standard management, you have to take a decision and if it turns out to be bad, ride it out and never ever admit mistakes .. or you will have to look for a new job soon.

Mon Jun 27 2011 12:36PM Report
Lateris writes:

YA its crazy how studios can make all the same mistakes but working there you have to go with terrible ideas or you lose your job. It is like all common sense goes out the window. 

Tue Jun 28 2011 5:48PM Report
jeremyjodes writes:

SWG fans sgould fight!! Evev players should fight!!  never surrender!


Fri Jul 01 2011 12:45AM Report
Lateris writes:

Well Lucas Arts is the one pulling the plug this time.  

Wed Jul 06 2011 12:12PM Report writes:
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