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You ain't got no alibi.

Author: LadyAlibi

A Little Random Comment

Posted by LadyAlibi Thursday September 30 2010 at 10:55AM
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So, in the previous installment, I mentioned a quest in Jade Dynasty where you get sent to meet with a character named Shaw Danon in a zone called Southern Border. Here's the punchline to that anecdote: he's not there. He's been moved to the Divine Realm (home of the Athan race) and all that's left in Southern Border to finish that quest is a pop-up box when you walk over a certain spot.


This is a tiny peeve of mine. I am slightly annoyed when things change in a game, but they don't follow through and change all the things that were related. I get annoyed when a quest tells me to do one thing, but due to changes, I have to do something else, and the only way to find out that something else is to stumble on it accidentally or hit the forums. I hate when there are quests in a game that can't be done because they've changed it or were never finished in the first place. I also hate finding out I've held onto quest items that no longer have an associated quest or were intended for a quest that never made it into the game.


That last bit is less of an issue now, since most modern games don't treat quest items as actual items, it seems. But still, there's the underlying principle of it, which you still see in games. It's just shoddy craftsmanship.


In fact, my peeve extends to all instances where the craftsmanship leaves something to be desired. I am willing to overlook rough edges and bugs galore when it is coming from an indie studio that's really just two guys in a garage. When you're talking about a game that's tens of millions of dollars in the making by a studio full of professionals, I am somewhat less forgiving. I just want them to take the time and the care to tie up loose ends and keep the edges from getting frayed. writes:
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