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You ain't got no alibi.

Author: LadyAlibi

Too much time on my hands... My week in F2P

Posted by LadyAlibi Saturday July 10 2010 at 5:12PM
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I have recently returned to Jade Dynasty after a couple of months off. I had played a character to 103 pretty quickly and burned out, and then stepped back into that character and busted out 103 and 104 so that I could get to 105 and get out of Incense Valley at last.

So today I hit 105 and went trekking to do the "mandatory" quest.  For all those previous levels, you're one step behind Shaw Danon, the main character in the storyline. Half the NPCs are girls that love him,  and the other half say, "Oh, he was just here."  After a sidetrip into a story about a conspiracy in Incense Valley, you're actually sent to talk to the man himself. The quest goes something like this:

Enu (the quest guy): Go talk to Shaw Danon

Me: Wut?!

Enu: Oh, yeah. He's in Southern Border. We've known that all along.

Me: Wut?!

Enu: lulz


(That's paraphrasing... a lot. And I just imagined Enu laughing at me. But you get the idea.)

I don't usually care about story in games, but for some reason, the soap opera quality of this particular story got my attention a little bit. That's something, since I usually just click through to the how much of what to kill part. I don't think it's a game for everyone or that the story is really THAT good. This is more of a simple self-observation on my part.

***In other news...

I have also been playing Aika quite a bit lately. I am still really low level because I only play on nights that I work in our shop, and I've missed a few lately for  various reasons. Still, I am plugging along on my now level 18 cleric. I have done Zantorian Citadel a few times, normal and hard, and I've made some friends doing that. I am pretty good as a healer, and I am not going to deny that it makes me smile when I hear it from other people. 

I've been randomly PK'd a couple of times playing on PvP and I've been splattered a few times in the Arena thing, but that doesn't hurt my feelings. This is probably why I enjoyed the old days in UO and L2, while people around me were bailing left and right. If you can't take a fair death, there are some games you just shouldn't play.

What else?

I installed Flyff, drawn in by the cute little (temporary) pets given away on this site this week. I had played Flyff at one point before, I guess a  few years ago now. I have to say, for something with such low sys reqs, the lag in town was off the charts. A pet that collects things that drop is pretty cool in a game where stuff hits the ground, so at least I wasn't totally disappointed with that. I don't think I'll really play, though. I might leave it on my computer for the kids.


I downloaded Shaiya, which was recommended to me somewhere at some point. I haven't played much yet. I went for the Union of Fury and created an oracle. So far, so good. Haven't played enough to have an opinion yet.


I am trying out a subscription game called Vendetta Online. It's a space game. It has a Linux client, as well as Windows and Mac. That's how it got my attention. An hour or so in, I remember why it is that I don't play EVE or other space games-- I suck at them. Hardcore suckage, right here.  I can't hit things I am shooting at. I only seem capable of hitting things I don't want to shoot.  The game might appeal to someone looking for a very low sys reqs space shooter, or to someone looking for a sci-fi MMO for Linux. 


I downloaded FairyStory Online because I got an email inviting me to come play. It doesn't seem to have anything really original or special going for it so far. Not only are all the characters cute, but they are all kids. If you like the burly men or the curvy ladies to look at while you play, this is not your game. I've played a lot of games with really bad Engrish (as they say), and this is one of those. If you are like me and just click to the end of quests anyway, or if you find poor translations absolutely hilarious, you could check it out, I guess. As for me, I think it's going to the recycle bin. There are too many (relatively) good games out to play ones that aren't so great.


My 11-year-old daughter is addicted to Battle of the Immortals. I was playing that with her a bit, but she left me in the dust. She says she likes the fast pace.

... And suddenly I am having the urge to start a weekly feature here, presenting gaming advice from the perspective of an 11-year-old girl.

Hey, she's not the worst person to take advice from. My mother's gaming advice would be to stop doing it and go do something productive with your free time. This just makes me want to ask if it still counts as "free time" if it has to be productive, but that's not a can of worms I am prepared to get into.


Oh, an update to that last entry, where I was ranting about my husband buying me parts of a computer:

I was sent two motherboards because one was questionable. I put it all together with the first motherboard and other spare parts and it  worked, but was soon giving me the problems I'd been warned about, so I decided to quit messing with it for a while and to switch to the other motherboard later. This wasn't quick enough for my husband, who decided he'd do it himself... and broke the processor while trying to force the heatsink fan on. Brute force FAIL. So I am back to my old computer, which is running like a champ with a good cleaning and a fresh Windows install.