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The MMO Professor

Well I´ve been in the forums for a while discussing mmos with various people and I´ve been around most mmos, so I´ve decided to start a blog on the pros and cons of most mmo characteristics and what most gamers look for in an mmo. "PM me any suggestions"

Author: Kyoru_Ninku


Posted by Kyoru_Ninku Sunday June 7 2009 at 2:18PM
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Well I have created this new blog to show people the different characteristics that most MMOs have, such as differences in pvp, or payment methods, even character creation. Well I have spoken to many people in my days and I have played most MMOs, now I know what your thinking, oh here comes another noob starting to talk about how good he is in MMOs and blah blah blah. No, I´m actually here to help you, help you find the pros and cons about most MMOs out there. With this blog readers can either learn about what most people are playing or developer teams can know what to add in their next MMO. So today I am going to talk about something simple, PvP.


Well from most of the games that I have played that either einclude or don´t include PvP I´d have to say that PvP is a very important part of making an MMO, you just have to know how to include it in your game. Now there is a variety of players that only look for PvP in a game, such as Twelve Sky. When I played this game I noticed that there is no introduction to the game what so ever, and they don´t give you a simple tutorial quest, heck I barely even saw any quests, all I saw was people beating the snot out of eachother becuase when you would try to grind the monsters were either to strong or to weak, so you go to town and start PvPing with other players all day, also the higher lvled players didn´t care who they challenged they knew they were gonna win anyways so why challenge them in the first place. Anyways, some players might find this entertaining, but lets say for people like me, that is not what I look for in a game. (*Developer´s Note: If you want to include PvP in your MMO make sure it is well balanced out with the other portions of your game and not make it ONLY PvP this will soon bore your players.) Now another thing about PvP is when you add it in your game as specific zones in your map, for example Runescape and their wilderness idea, now Runescape is one of the first PvP methods I experienced. So dividing the world into non-PvP and PvP zones is a good idea becuase it keeps players from killing innocent players and it gives mindless bloodthirsty PvP killers a place to rampage, BUT, the only flaw I saw with this was obviously, the drops. Now who in there right minds goes out into the wildy wearing 100k worth armor just to know that if they die they will lose all of it except 3 pieces, unless they have that prayer that lets you keep one more, now to me that just seems like a waste of time, becuase if you are unexperienced and kinda don´t know what your doing you might lose something very valuable to you. Now yah I get that PvP has to have "some" reward, but seriously, all the other guys stuff? now that is something you should decide in an arena, with a "vote", but countless to say the people at Runescape just wanted PvPers to have fun and feel acomplished.(*Developer´s Note: Adding zones such as Runescape is a very good idea, but try to think through a game generated reward instead of looting the other guys body, probally some special points for some type of reward shop, who knows?) Another PvP method that we should mention is dueling. Now dueling is a very safe and fun way to PvP, it gives the player the control to either accept or decline the challenge. Now there isn´t very much I have to say about this method becuase it is very good and well thought out, but, don´t make it the only PvP method in your game, it will bore those who keep getting declined becuase of their high lvl, or becuase they just don´t feel like dueling. try to mix in other of the PvP methods with dueling, this PvP method is more a secondary PvP method, because it supports the others. Finally there is the Arena method, now many MMOs have this, I am going to use FLYFF as an example, now the arena method includes a big arena of course and anybody who is in that ring will have the unlimited chice of beating eachother up. Now a bad thing about this is that there are no lvl limits, any low lvl can just jump in and get slaughtered by a person a million lvls higher then him, now this method is just for fun, you don´t lose or gain anything out of this just the acomplishment of pwning noobs, but then again it does get boring after a while. So in conclusion I think that a good MMO has a well thought out variaty of PvP, maybe include all 4 in your game. (*Developer´s Note: Now as you have read you should include all 4 methods, create PvP zones, give the power to propose duels and enter arenas all for a very nice and safe way of obtaining game generated rewards. So think about it)

That is all for now, this is the MMO professor saying until next time, and if you have any good discussion ideas please pm me.

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