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The Once and Future Camelot: returning to familiar hearths in dark and desperate times.

Long ago, upon returning to America after years abroad, I settled down and lived for a few years in a place called Albion. Briefly, a veil was lifted and a whole world lay within the reach of my hands and my mind's eye opened to an epic everlasting dream.

Author: Kuldebar

Some Notes/Thoughts from Live Stream with Mark Jacobs on Camelot Unchained Project

Posted by Kuldebar Thursday February 14 2013 at 2:44PM
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On Player Classes

Specialized Class based system will be chosen by player from the very start of the game.

The idea is to encourage players to play roles and have an in-game identity and connection to their character and relationship with the game world and its other inhabitants.

Crafting System

The crafting system is a huge part of the game's economy. 

Crafters won't be churning out ten thousand generic items in order to level up their skill.Crafters can personalize their creations.

Specific Crafting Quests to gain rare recipes will be part of the process and may involve some exploration and adventure into remote areas of the world.

There will be no auction house in the game, player to player interaction and association is the prime objective. Reputation and crafting prowess will be a marketable commodity in a true community setting. Gone will be the days of crafting hundreds of mediocre items and plopping them down in the auction house.

Player Housing

Houses will require in-game money and time to acquire and will be safe in some areas and not as safe in other areas. The less safe areas will have some benefits to off set the risks although that risk won't bea total loss of everything you have worked for it will involve accessibility, etc as the war fronts change.



Killing another player will not allow for stealing that player's gear but will have some other type of reward, reconnaissance information for example.

Targeting system not decided at this time whether it will be tab-target or cross-hair type system.

Risk versus reward will be the determining factor for player in combat situations. Magic users will have constraints to offset their potential advantage in fights. The spamming of abilities will not be possible.

Mounted combat is something that would be added after the game is finalized but not currently a priority.



Guilds will be a huge part of the game community. Systems that allow for guild to guild interaction and collaboration in the RvR conflicts.

RvR / TriRealm™

RvR is more than just keep taking. It fully be fully fleshed out non-instanced content Environmental considerations and events will impact  the ongoing conflict. Since tehre is no PvE, the focus will be in generating content around and for the sole purpose of realm conflict.

The fun aspects of RvR is the goal, not centered around "kill count". There will be no realm ranks but progression and it will be based on various RvR-centric activities.


Gear Dye system will happen!

Cash shop a possibilty but absolutely no pay to win items: cosmetic, additional slots, etc.

Kickstarter Goal: roughly 2 million needed then additional funding from elsewhere can be garnered.

Some things unaddressed

Gear Durability/Repair System?

An idea how big will the game world be?

Playable races in the game? (Humans, obviously but...)

Darkness Falls style dungeon?