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My Two Cents

This blog is for my personal entertainment and everything said here, while serious sometimes to me, should not be taken as a personal attack on an individual. Please feel free to flame me or support me or be indifferent, because that is why I'm blogging.

Author: KrystDaymen

Why do people cheat?

Posted by KrystDaymen Monday December 22 2008 at 6:10AM
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Simple question really.

I can understand cheating in console games  or solo pc games because I too have been frustrated by some glitch that I HAD to cheat to get past, or even some level that was so difficult for me that I had to use a hex editor (I'm old don't know if they still use those) or cheat to get past.

But cheating in online games, rather it be fps or mmo's, drives me insane.  When I know that I'm being cheated against, or rather when I know that someone is using a hack, it makes me want to KILL. 

Example:  I played Perfect World for a long time, waaay to long for that piece of excrement, and oneof the reasons I quit is because I got tired of being one of the few that didn't bot their main toons.  The enemy guilds toons seemed to be on 24/7.  Not too weird in and of itself.  I mean people that are addicted to a game and have nothing to do (like me, I am disabled and so there is not much else to do but be online) tend to play more hours than are usually healthy for them to do so.  However, when you go up to a "player character" and try to talk to them and they don't respond at all and you keep trying for several minutes, it makes you go "hmmmm".   Now I know that that too is not indicative of a botter, but it is suspicious.  BUT WHEN THEY DON'T TALK FOR AN HOUR AND DIE AND THEIR BODY JUST LAYS THERE? LMAO.

Example 2:  I recently downloaded a popular free online fps, and am finding it a welcome respite from the so called mmorpg's of today. ( I know that most of you that read my first blog think that I don't enjoy mmorpg's but I do, it's just that there are none atm that interest ME).  However, even though I suck at this fps because I just started,  I noticed that certain people that played, and btw I stayed in the same room and server for a while and played with the same people, seemed to make miraculous kills and no matter what I did the same people kept killing me.  Now this may have been because I sucked and they were "leet", but I decided to see if there were in fact any hacks for this fps.  NO I DIDN'T TRY TO DL THEM. I went to youtube and checked to see if there were any videos on the subject.  Not to my surprise...there were.  Hacks that bypassed   the supposed protection program of the game, aimbot hacks, wall hacks, jump hacks...hacks hacks hacks.  And of course, to the people that made these vids showing others how to hack I had to leave my two cents, lol.  I was courteous...although one youtube user had already stated my sentiments when they posted to the vid maker "I hope you die in a fire in your parents basement"  LOL.  Now obviously I don't want anyone to die in a fire but I know how this person felt.

So for this short blog I simply would like some in depth opinions on WHY PEOPLE CHEAT IN ONLINE GAMES.  I know the obvious one of "because they can", but I would like to read some of YOUR opinions.  I'm not asking to out your self as a cheater, but if you do cheat and are not ashamed I would welcome your view on the subject.  As always my goal is not to bash anyone seriously.  I know you may think other wise if you have read my "flaming" posts but those are primarily all in fun and just trying to make the people that are prone to go emo, do so because I enjoy jacking with the weak minded. LOL.

I welcome all posts, even angry ones, because without debate there would be no advance.

That's my two cents.  Take it or leave it, but this time I would like

Disclaimer:  While the opinions of the author are those of his own, it should be noted that he HAS spent time in a mental facility and is crazier than a ****house rat.