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An old guys Rambling, MMOS, Guild Mastering and MOBA gaming

I have decided to share some of my positive and negative thoughts regarding the online world and online gaming. This blog will hopefully spark at least a little debate.

Author: Kothoses

My game is better than your game! An attitude that is detrimental to gamers.

Posted by Kothoses Tuesday July 26 2011 at 4:25AM
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I am playing X game so Y game sucks.


How often do we see these type of comments?  If you read forums anywhere in the MMOsphere you will see a lot of these posts, GW 2 vs SW:ToR vs WoW vs Rift vs Eve... the list goes on and on, and thats kind of the point people.  Hating one game just because you love another is a natural reaction of the human condition.  Way back in the dawn of time we as humans were nothing more than hunter gatherers, in the caveman days life was binary, either you did good and you ate, or you did bad and you did not. 


We had territory which we marked and guarded, what was ours was only ours providing we could keep other people and animals away from it, and keep it safe.


Now things are different, now the world has moved on but that genetic coding sits inside us all and manifests its self in other ways.  In this case it comes out in the territorial brand loyalty that you see in MMO forums. 


This kind of behaviour is also symptomatic of another of those most human of needs, validation as people we want to be respected, we want people to praise and we crave success often we crave it so much we will attach our self to a successful entity and proclaim our selves a "fan" as though that some how makes us part of that body.


It happens with sports teams, with drinks, food and now with MMOs, now I don't mind admitting, I have pre-ordered ToR I plan also to pre order GW 2 when it comes.  But I do so not out of being a blind fan, but out of liking what I have seen so far, and out of a hope that both of these games do very very well indeed for different reasons.


Now that leads me nicely onto the main point of what I want to talk about, and that is attitudes, you see while I hope those two games turn out to be good.  I also hope The Secret World is a raging hit and repairs Funcoms reputation after the botched Age of Conan launch.  I hope that World Of Darkness is a huge hit for CCP, I am crossing my fingers Arch Age finally delivers the sandbox fantasy fix many people here seem to want. 


No hate just because they are not "my games" and why would I hate on them, why would I try and sink them under a sea of invented critique and misrepresented comments?  Does that gain me anything?


What if instead of hating I take another view, I take the view that I really want all of these games to be amazing, I want to look at the list of MMOS and instead of thinking "Rubbish rubbish rubbish" I can think "whoa... what shall I play today?".  Do I gain anything by simply hating on a game or posting half baked comments about it all over the internet?  Or do I gain more by seeing choice for the consumer, multiple high quality service providers competing for our money.  Remember the heyday of the Nintendo vs Sega war, or the Sony vs Microsoft ones, the quality of game for both platforms went up because there was competition. 


And people, (I am looking at the Steam fans who slate Origin here too) competition is a good thing, it breeds quality it forces companies to try harder, charge less (Eventually) or deliver more.


For the sake of better games in the future, you should all be hoping that Tor, GW 2, Rift, TSW, Archage, Tera and all the other big MMOs of this year and next year end up as successes, because the more failures there are, the less people will want to work with the genre as a whole, and much like the Western Movie, MMOs could end up being something you only see at your grandparents house.


So instead of hating on that guy on the forum for not wanting to play "your game" why not wish him luck in his, keep an eye on it, talk about it openly and honestly and instead of just being a "hater" why not try and use the voice that the internet gives us to construct the kind of community that games companies will look to for suggestions over what works and what doesn't.  Give feedback that actually lets them improve, use words and logic to compose articulate and insightful commentaries on the gaming industry.  Hey, if I can stop being a troll long enough to post something sensible so can you.


Or is that all just a bit too human for you?

OddjobXL writes:

I think many of us have gotten it into our heads that MMOs are a zero sum game.  There's X number of players in the world and those that yell the loudest can promote the games they favor, if they don't they'll get lost in the shuffle.  Playstyles too for that matter.  I don't bother with those discussions usually unless someone's taking poorly informed shots at something I like.

For the most part, though, it's just people being people.  If they weren't screaming about MMOs they'd be hollaring at each other about something else.  I love the internet.  I hate the internet.

It is what it is.

Tue Jul 26 2011 7:05AM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:

Nice article - I agree and would add in MMO companies as well. For instance the same people who implemented NGE in SWG are not the people who are putting together Sony's next big game. It's silly to hold hate for a corp - they constantly change.

Tue Jul 26 2011 7:15AM Report
valoran writes:

I think that people just want to justify the fact they choose that game and also want to be sure that everybody knows that their choice was the best. I think this is in the nature of humans, like you said, one always wanting to be better then the other!

Tue Jul 26 2011 8:49AM Report
zonzai writes:

Great post.  I couldn't agree more.  I'm sick to death of people saying stuff like "GW2 looks terrible but TOR will be so much better because it has a billion dollars into the VO."

Who cares if you like TOR better?  That doesn't mean that GW2 will be a bad game.  And if you prefer GW2 how does that mean that TOR isn't going to be good? 

I consider myself pretty thick-skinned about all of this type of BS but the immaturity whenever I visit a forum for one of these two games (since they're the two games I am mostly following) is really beginning to annoy me in ways that I never even imagined.

It's so third grade! I have to picture these people at 8 years old fighting over who is better, G.I. Joe or Transformers.  It just makes me want to jump in and tell them that My Little Pony WTF PWNS both of them in hopes that a few of them rupture a vessel and have a stroke or something.

I'm not sure if that makes me a jerk, or just really ticked off.

Wed Jul 27 2011 4:25AM Report writes:
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