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An old guys Rambling, MMOS, Guild Mastering and MOBA gaming

I have decided to share some of my positive and negative thoughts regarding the online world and online gaming. This blog will hopefully spark at least a little debate.

Author: Kothoses

Discussing SOE / Daybreak buyout

Posted by Kothoses Monday February 2 2015 at 2:01PM
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I just saw the news my self and decided to poke my head up and do a quick little bit of thought on what it means.


Ask everyone that follows the news, its not a secret Sony as a whole is in deep water, it is my belief that they were previously able to carry on with a degree of  impunity due to the fact the Japanese government was determined not to let any of its big names "fail" and were previously always a lender of last resort or an investment angel to the large firms that brought in exposure or presence. 

That all changed in the last few months when the Japanese government pulled back from this strategy due to also investing heavily in international bailouts. Japan has already had its lost decade (Which Europe is currently coming towards the end of and America is in the middle of) and does not want another one.

I would expect a lot more Sony properties to be sold off (Motion pictures next is my best guess). While the Sony Brand will survive, it is going to be interesting to see where they double down and which areas they sell off or pull out of.

Investment holding is not such a bad thing for SOE as generally these type of companies go with a two pronged approach, one try to make the business profitable in its own right, or try to make it attractive to larger companies in the sector 

The IPs that went with SOE are not without value either, EverQuest is still a big name in the online gaming world a Market that sees constant year on year growth (Which is attractive to investors)

I was worried over where SOE were going and if they were heading for implosion, but I actually think they will come out of this better, but there may well be some harsh truths for the people at the top over the next year or two.   With a parent company that at some point will want to see progressive Returns on investment they will have to focus on a delivery of content that keeps them relevant enough to keep revenue streams up.


The good news for Daybreak as it is now known is that they have almost a second chance here at a first impression, expect lots of focus on "new strategies" and "Player focus" to come out as well as that "indie" title many love.


And thats good news for us all, SOE were long pioneers in the MMO industry, always bringing good ideas but occasionally with very flawed execution, they were the studio after all that gave the much loved games Ever Quest and Star Wars Galaxies their start in life (Ignoring opinionated controversy around NGEs and such, they still took risks).   They will probably continue to take risks, and try new things and when these ideas stick expect the mega companies to jump on them too, which in turn means more innovation in a very stagnant genre that is rapidly showing it is in need of new business practises not just business models.

Promoting Thought 10 - Crafting as a tool for community improvement

Posted by Kothoses Thursday September 1 2011 at 2:19PM
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Crafting a system many games seem to treat as an after thought or put in just because "its expected to be thre" however in this episode of Promoting Thought I ask the following questions.


Can crafting be used as a way of encouraging positive community interactions.

What kind of Crafting system would best promote good community engagement.

Can developers support communities and such through crafting.


As always the episdoes pivot is the community and the impact games and developer decisions can have on said community, as always feedback and comments are welcomed and encouraged.


Be good to each other.

Promoting Thought 9 E-sports

Posted by Kothoses Wednesday August 24 2011 at 6:00PM
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Episode 9 of Promoting Thought is now live and can be found here


This episode Focuses on Epsorts and the role Esports will play over the coming year in defining the online gaming communities.  We look at the Esports celebrities and ask can they and the developers do more to foster and promote good communities in games.


We look at the advantages that Esports brings as well as some of the pitfalls and ponder the rise of Esports as a mainstream genre of its own over the next year.


As always feedback and discussion is always appreciated.


Enjoy your gaming people.

Promoting Thought 8 - Bring Back Consequences for Actions

Posted by Kothoses Saturday August 20 2011 at 9:59AM
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In episode 8 of Promoting Thought (as featured on G4TV's MMO report) I ask the question.  Are we too soft on the players who have a negative impact on the communities we play in.  Can games companies do more to bring back consequences for actions, should we be applauding the scamming of over $50,000 of ingame currency and also discuss the failings of Cross Realm Dungeon finder tools.


We also touch on Gave Newells concept of Pricing as a Service and discuss how more transparency in punishments would be a good thing.


As always comments, commentary and feedback are requested and welcomed


Episode 8 can be found here.


The Promoting Thought channel can be found here

Promoting Thought 7 Recovering from a bad MMO launch

Posted by Kothoses Monday August 15 2011 at 1:32PM
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Episode 7 of Promoting Thought looks at the bad and so called failed MMO launches and asks what is the best way to recover from a bad launch.  It also looks at the so called Freemium model and challenges the assertion that this is the way to save MMOS. 


It is my opinion that a failed launch of an mmo is a grave blow to a games prospects but not a fatal one, further more I honestly believe the latest fad of going Freemium is not the way to save a game in the long term.  The Freemium model might be a short term boost to a games concurrency and even cash flow but in the medium to long term I am of the belief that Freemium only damages a games lifespan by taking progression away from the game and putting into a cash shop.


Alll of these points are discussed in the episode, as always I would love to hear from you with suggestions, thoughts insights or arguments.


Promoting thought 7 can be found here

Promoting Thought Says - Stop Blaming the Gamer for the problems of society

Posted by Kothoses Wednesday August 10 2011 at 10:54PM
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In this episode of Promoting Thought I take the breaks off my own feelings a little and call out "Stop Blaming the Gamer" we have all seen the stories.  Video games inspiring violence poisoning the youth, the latest one Grand Theft Auto (later edited to read "Video Game") Was responsible for the London Riots.

Please listen to the video and let me know what you think, this isnt my normal style of trying to break things down into pro's and con's this is me putting what I think and feel out there, no script and no stopping to censor or hold back what I say.

Its high time society stopped looking to us as a scape goat for its own failings, and started empowing the law enforcement and education authorities instead of praching an agenda of ignorance designed to distract attention away from the failings of the current systems.


In a world where a man can attempt to rob a house, fall through the roof and then sue the home owner SUCCESSFULLY for damages, I am sick of hearing this hyperbole about how games are the poison of culture.


The truth is society needs to stop coddling to criminals and bring back consiquence for action.


More in the video, watch it share it comment on it hate it.  Its how I feel and I wont back down from it.

Promoting Thought 5 Community content and a call for Sandbox games

Posted by Kothoses Sunday August 7 2011 at 6:54AM
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The newest episode of Promoting thought will be of interest to all those who are champions of community content.


Have you ever wondered why since Minecraft and the Original neverwinter sold so well more Sandbox and community content centric games have not been released? are you a sandbox player who despairs at the lack of games that truley empower the community?


Personally as a long term player and Server operator in Neverwinter nights I am saddened by the lack of REAL and successful polished followup to this game, I know a number of people on this site and others that lament the lack of true sandboxes in both the mmo and single player world. 


It is in this spirit that Promoting thought episode 5 focuses on community content and issues a call to arms, to all those who wish to see more sanbox games, lets show the developers that this medium is popular and then use the power of community to try and drive forward the message that we want to be at the heart of gaming.


As always commentary feedback questions and requests are always welcome.


Episode 5 can be found here

Promoting Thought 3.1 Practical advice on how to make real cash in Diablo 3

Posted by Kothoses Wednesday August 3 2011 at 9:51PM
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A lot of people are now seriously looking at Diablo 3 as a way of supplimenting their income when it launches.  Like it or not the Real money auction house IS coming, and I doubt very much that Activision/Blizzard will not change their mind on this.


With this in mind i did some research and recorded a follow up edition of Promoting thoughts which details ten practical tips on how to attempt to make money from Diablo 3.


Turn your volume up sit back with a nice drink and let me know what you think or any questions you might have.

Promoting thought 3 - Real Money Transactions, The Real Diablo?

Posted by Kothoses Monday August 1 2011 at 1:01PM
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Episode 3 of Promoting thought discusses the potential implications of Diablo 3s real money auction house on the MMO Scene as a whole.


This controversial feature blizzard announced yesterday is discussed at length, as always comments and discussion are encouraged.

Promoting thought - Improving Games through the use of the Community

Posted by Kothoses Friday July 29 2011 at 5:48PM
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The community is one of the most powerful tools available to developers to be able to understand what their games strenghts and weaknesses are.


In this episode of Promoting Thought I talk about how you as a player and community member can help influence change and improvement in the games we all play.  I hope you find it interesting and relevant.

I really do believe that the voice of a community can is and should always be heard by developers and publishers and in this video I cover some basic tips for getting your point across and not only opening but maintaining dialogue with developers.


Feedback is always appreciated.