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Ramblings and misconceptions...

The following are just ramblings and probable misconceptions about WoW and gaming in general. Ignore if you like.

Author: Kodell

The end of WoW?

Posted by Kodell Monday April 14 2008 at 12:53PM
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I find many of the posts on various forums about the end of WoW due to the release or beta of some new MMO to be hilarious.  Of course, when I played EQ, I also laughed when WoW was the MMO of choice that was gonna topple EQ.

I started playing WoW during the very first closed beta.  I was fortunate to work for Dell and somehow we got a ton of beta invites from Blizzard which were passed around the facility.  I was in a big EQ guild at the time and while I enjoyed the WoW beta, I didn't see WoW as something that would cause any real problems for EQ...  but within a month of release the majority of my guild announced they were closing and/or selling their EQ accounts and moving to WoW.  Since the social aspect of MMOs is what I like most, I moved right along with them.

It's been a number of years since then and I quit playing WoW a few times for a few months, but missing my friends always brought me back.  It is this social aspect that has me in a quandry today.

I logged in this morning to find that my server was down again (having been down most of the weekend).  I am no longer surprised.  The game is really starting to show its age and the constant crashing of servers is only one symptom of a game that I think is finally coming to an end.

Oh, it's not gonna end tomorrow or even in the next few months.  But more and more I see people who are bored of the game.  Bored of the same thing over and over.  The only thing that keeps them playing are friends and habit.  But even that can hold you to something for only so long.

I have tried a number of other games including LOTRO, Warhammer Online beta, EQII, but none of them gave me any real compelling reason to abandon my friends.  But crashed servers can definitely do the trick when I can't get online with them.

I don't know what the next big MMO is gonna be, but whomever can manage to make it will reap huge rewards.  I'd guess that at least half the population of WoW is READY for a new MMO.  And if such a thing ever did hit the market you'd see the population of WoW drop as dramatically as EQ did when WoW was released.

Krylos writes:

I completely agree with you.  Ive been saying the same thing for a while now and everyone has only laughed, but WoW has peaked and not even WOTLK can save it imo.

Mon Apr 14 2008 1:16PM Report
Gnomefarts writes:

I think this is probably some wishful thinking.  The reason isn't necesarily because people want a change.. it's because Bliz has a pretty remarkable marketing machine behind it on top of the massive membership.  The WotLK teasers have been out there for half a year despite the fact that it won't be out until next x-mass and maybe later!  They even use the patches as means to draw people back into the game as they did with 2.4...  If they keep adding content and using their marketing machine to tug their membership along.. then it is going to be a monumental job for another game to come in and steal the show... 

Mon Apr 14 2008 1:28PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

I haven't experienced any extensive downtime. I guess its just the luck of the draw.

Gnomefarts has a valid point. I'd like to add, that the new patches don't simply add new content, but they've also toned down the difficulty in the game making it even more appealing for the casual player.

Mon Apr 14 2008 2:24PM Report
VideoJockey writes:

It takes a loooong time for 9 million people to get bored. Add to that fact that new players are popping up all the time (finding a group for a VC run on a medium pop server is not difficult). I've only been playing for 5-6 months, but WoW is the only MMO where I've really enjoyed leveling multiple characters. It's here to stay.

Mon Apr 14 2008 3:34PM Report
Vexiusx writes:

Agreed with videojockey Wow is here to stay in 2300 ACO etc will all be down n there knees while WoW 4 has like 2 billion active players...

WoW 4 Life ;)


Rest=....Ripoffs other words C R A P!!!!

Mon Apr 14 2008 4:04PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

In order to make a game with as broad an appeal as WoW has, the developer would have to have pockets as deep as Blizzard's and a team with a LOT of experience and talent.

Since there are very few people with that kind of know-how who are NOT working for Blizzard, it's a pretty sure bet that WoW is going to be holding the #1 position for a very long time.

(Note that I said experience AND talent.  This leaves out Brad McQuaid, John Smedley, and Lord British.  Those guys got where they got because they were lucky enough to be first, not because they were the best at what they do.)

Mon Apr 14 2008 4:12PM Report
Alienovrlord writes:

Hexxeity, I want to praise you for your last paragraph.   The MMORPG community gave those names God-status for so long but finally their recent attempts have shown how much talent was actually there.   Some still praise their past accomplishments, never realizing it was simply lack of competition that allowed them to succeed.

I agree with the OP that many WoW subscribers would be willing to try another game, if only one was available.    MMORPG have entered the mainstream market now and that means true game design  talent will be required.

Mon Apr 14 2008 5:29PM Report
Rob_dc84 writes:

wow will not die it will some day but not anytime soon mainy for 2 reason. 1. WAR fans are hoping some of the stupid people it are just jerk offs to stay in wow 2. wow is easy to learn and play which make it easy to market to a whole pop then just a select few. take AO cool game but huge learning crub. take wow eay learning crub. also wow is hoping the new hero class will keep people or make more people play. as far as servers going down most of there PVE now but they have like millions of pvp server which have like no one of them just me take it for its worth didnt research this but im guessing on some of this.

Mon Apr 14 2008 10:56PM Report writes:
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