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HeadShot Review

Hello everyone, This is Killbot09 here to bring you reviews and news on upcoming games and consumer tech. If people actually read this I might even post every day. Thanks for reading!

Author: Killbot09

DarkFall Online

Posted by Killbot09 Monday February 23 2009 at 4:03PM
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      The highly anticipated MMORPG Darkfall Online will be dropping into european stores on February 25th. The current release date for North America is unknown, however the guys at have reassured us that those of us on the other side of the Atlantic will be able to buy the game online and play on european servers if they so choose. Darkfall has been in the making for several years, and MMORPG fanatics have been nearly clawing their eyes out waiting for its release. The entire game takes a very radical new look on MMORPG's, so if you're looking to take a break from WoW, or just a new game to play, Darkfall is worth giving a shot.

I personally have not been able to play the beta (even though i signed up a million times with my new power house computer :-/), however through extensive reading and research I have a very good picture of what this game is going to look like. Darkfall is a fantasy game much like its predecessors filled with magic, swords, elves and all the usuals, however to judge this game by World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, or Everquest would not give it justice. Darkfall uses a new combat system that resembles a first-person shooter more that an rpg, allowing you to aim and dodge spells and arrows, hone your mellee attacks, and much much more. There will be no more jumping around slashing widly at the air and scoring crit's in this game, this is the real deal. The graphics are not spectacular, but if gameplay matters more to you than being able to see every blade of grass as it is dramatically crushed beneath your characters feet, then this should be no deterrent. Another fantastic aspect of Darkfall is the visable damage feature. When someone slashes your chest open and hits you in the head with a club, you dont just hear "clunk" and see "350" rise above your head in red letters. instead, these wounds atcually appear on your character, so when you get stabbed, your character will bleed. This is one of the more mature features of Darkfall.

Probably the most innovative piece of Darkfall would be the leveling system. Quite simply, there is none. Darkfall is based completely on skill, so if you want to use a broad sword, pick one up and swing it around, and if you want to use a certain spell, learn it from the trainer. Each character has the capability to everything and anything that they want. On the subject of playing in a free world, the world is huge and contains no instancing. This allows your character to run from one continent to the next without seeing any loading screens.

Although Darkfall is a game that allows complete PVP (you can kill whoever you want whenever), there are three factions that you must belong to. These factions constantly war, and if you kill those from opposing sides, your reputation within your faction will rise. On the flip side, if you kill those that belong to your faction, then your reputation will fall. Along with the PVP, there is also full player looting. The idea is that you keep what you kill. Your character will have access to all of its victims items when they die. This is a questionable concept, and many casual players have voiced their concern with full PVP looting. Finally, Darkfall will have a fully functional and realistic economy to manage prices of items, bartering, supply and demand...etc.

Overall, this game seems quite innovative, however there are a few drawbacks and sinkholes. The graphics could be better, the gameplay is very adult, and the game is most certainly geared towards more hardcore players than casual. However, I would not decide here and now not to check out the game when it arrives on shelves. The new and innovative pieces of the game are definentally worth checking out if you are an MMO fan.

Thanks for reading,
- KillBot09

Sargoth writes:

Removing the leveling system is not innovative.  It's been done before.  The whole game is not innovative.  It's not radical either. 

You learned a new word didn't you?  What you are seeing with Darkfall is the 7-8 years of work coming to fruition.  In the mean time you have been subjugated to game play mechanics that while inferior, were the only alternative due to the majority having slow internet connections.  Age of Conan promised much the same during the hype session of development but soon realized that with high end graphics and click to swing mechanics you lose game play.  The removal of levels as an alternative to character growth is not something new.   The only catch has been finding an appropriate method to replace levels. 

I beg to differ on your inclusion that the gameplay falls under the drawback section.  I don't know how old you are nor do I care, but I have been playing long enough that as I've grown so has the gaming industry.  I don't want to be surrounded by children playing a game.  I want to be surrounded by my peers playing a game.  I just so happens I fall under the adult category.  I do however believe that blood, sex, and alcohol do not constitute a good game and realize that many a developer has ran with the adult theme to bring in the customers. 

You have also left out the story line.  You know why WoW did so good?  Everyone and their dog played Warcraft the RTS.  When the mmo came out everyone knew what they were getting into and could connect with the world.  Know anything about Darkfall?  WTF is a Maghrim and why are they there?  What are we supposed to do in Darkfall?  Why are we supposed to do it? 

Out of 10, game play gets you 3-4.  Graphics 1-2.  Sound 1-2.  Lore 1-3.  Gameplay? 4.  Graphics? 1.  Sound? 1.  Lore?  0  That's barely half of what you need.  I don't care who you are. 

You wanna tell me that I should go and read up on it?  Why?  It's not my job to sell the game.  It's theirs and they have done a shite job about it.  No one ever talks about the lore of the game.  Who you are and why your playing.  Everyone is just so enthralled by how you can swing your sword when you click the mouse.  It's gonna be so amazing and entertaining that I do what my mouse told it to do. 

It's a beta product at this point and should stay that way till the graphics are on par with todays single player products, the sound is immersive and the lore is fully fleshed out.  Till then consider yourself (and me :) )  to be paying the wages of the programmers and developrers through release, cough *open beta*.

And if your gonna give a review, read Paragus Rants version on the proper way to do it. *Hint*  Pictures.

Mon Feb 23 2009 6:27PM Report
Sargoth writes:

Bah, comment edit.  Add adult in 3rd paragraph to read, I beg to differ on your inclusion of adult gameplay....

Mon Feb 23 2009 6:29PM Report
Killbot09 writes:


Yea sure its my first time posting but thats really not the point. Here is everything that you flamed me about that was wrong content wise.

1) Yes it is radical. Sure there have been attempts to create this type of system before and AoC approached it, but never before has there been a system like this in a fantasy MMORPG implemented on such a large scale. I never saw funcom, sony, mythic, or anyone else attempt to create a world where everyone can learn every single skill in the book without leveling.

2) I did not call the mechanics inferior, i said that they would deter younger members. to many this is a good thing, however games like these judging from past cases tend to flop. AoC, Vanguard...hopefully you get the point. MMO's need subscribers to survive, and if the only people that subscribe are hardcore middle age white men, then chances are they'll go out of business soon enough.

3) your wrong about WoW...only a small percentage gives 2 craps about the story. most of what makes WoW popular is its simplicity and ease of reaching goals and getting items. WoW is successful because it plays towards a huge audience.

Some of your views are correct, however your overall statement is just a flame towards me. I will attempt to improve my posts in the future mr. super mario hardcore gamer.

Mon Feb 23 2009 7:15PM Report
dcostello writes:

   There is so much speculation going on as if it were fact.  I say quit bickering and watch the game either flop, boom or float on...

Mon Feb 23 2009 8:09PM Report
Sargoth writes:

It's not radical.  How amazing is deciding that I want to swing a sword instead of triggering an ability?  Is that ground breaking?

Of course it hasn't been done before.  Like I was saying, the networks cannot handle that style of game play.  You can do small server games where you can accurately report player A swinging his sword and hitting player B but previously you could not with a 1000 or more players.  It's to be seen if that is still true.

Look, imagine trying to play an FPS with a ping of 200ms, which will be as much or worse for American players, with 1000 or more people on a server.  That's an amazing amount of traffic to handle.  If you cannot wrap that idea around your head you can't understand what I'm trying to say.  The client/server mechanics previously could not, possibly still not, handle that much traffic which is why most games used abilities.

2.  You may have a point about the adult themes being a deterent to subscriptions.  You also limit 13 year old kids.  It's either way, I just feel that it's not a drawback in my opinion. 

3.  Your ignoring a large component of any mmo.  Remember, mmoRPG.  Role playing game.  When you can understand the role, you can connect with the game.  Are players just supposed to log into the game every day and play whack a mole pvp? 

If you don't care about the story, you lose people.  Plain and simple.  And we've already lost the 13 year old kids.  So we are left the the adults.  No story and there goes some more people.  I would ask, Where's your imagination?  Or will you be one of those people pvp'ing for the heck of it?  Why are there factions if I can just group with them anyways?  Right now from what I can tell, it's just another element they added to pump up the description list.

Yes, it is a flame.  Just as steel if forged in the depths of fire, may you rise from them stronger then ever.  Relish in the flame and melt from the heat.  I'm just doing you a favor :)  Otherwise, you'll continue on getting by.  Think of me what you will it does not matter.  You'll never get a job writing like that.

I direct you to Paragus Rants because there is flow to his review.  Each stage of the game is covered.  Graphics, playability, sound, UI, community, character creation, and much more with Pictures.

Let's cover the whole of your topic; New Radical game, You have not played the game, innovative skill system, factions, adult them as drawback.  That's it.  You want comments, I give comments.  Don't flame me, I'm your reader.  You put your thoughts out on the internet for anyone to read so expect to hear the opposite of what you expect, anything else is being naive.

I did not judge your grammer.  You definatly rate above many a poster here.  I simply disliked the overuse of innovative. 

I hope you post everyday.  It will give me something to read and something to write about.  Cheers :)

Mon Feb 23 2009 8:17PM Report
dcostello writes:

 @ Sargoth

   Only problem with the steel/fire metaphor is such:  If the steel is broken before it is hardened, it is rendered useless.  So, there can be too much flame that the OP can't rise above the criticism

Mon Feb 23 2009 10:13PM Report
Batak_Killer writes:

 Sargoth i gotta ask you and be frank with me... have you played the beta? I dont think you have, and yet here you are telling us in your walls of text what this game is. Now stop trying to be so "smart" and wait for reviews after the 25th. 

You are here babling bout a great story in wow???!!! What story?? Please, all i did every day in wow was killing boars and skeletons cuz... well for the heck of it i guess.... people play wow cuz its easy and casual... You cant compare this two games in any way! 

P.S. pls dont answer me with a "oh so wow is casual and df is hardcore lullzzzz"... I never said df is hardcore but we all know wow is casual... so pls dont

Tue Feb 24 2009 3:08AM Report
daltanious writes:

Can be the best game ever, but for sure will not play it because only in 1st view will be available.

About being more "immersive" is just blah ... blah ... blah ... The only thing that is sure is that is much easyer to program in 1st view then in 3rd.

Tue Feb 24 2009 3:14AM Report
Batak_Killer writes:

 pre_mar, Darkfall will also be available in third person view.... i think first person is only when you cast a spell or shoot with a bow.

Tue Feb 24 2009 5:08AM Report
Timacek writes:

awesome thanks for the info, DFO blasts

Tue Feb 24 2009 6:52AM Report
Sargoth writes:

Batak_killer,  I have not played the game yet either.    Nor am I trying to tell you what the game is.  I talked about adult ratings, how the game is not innovative and lack of published story line. 

I am also not babling about WoW.  I'm not a fanboi of WoW.  I did however know what I was getting into when I started playing.  I was playing in the world/story of Warcraft, the same theme as the RTS games. 

My point was that you knew what was going on with WoW.  You know what is going on with Lord of the Rings.  Tabula Rasa have videos out before release explaining that you were humans defending the world from aliens using discovered other alien skills.  You know where Warhammer came from.  Where Age of Conan came from. 

In almost all of the Mmos out there you know where they are coming from and what to expect going in.  Darkfall has made no significant effort to push any kind of story line.  Most of these so called reviews of the beta gameplay have not mentioned any sort of story line or reason to give two shakes about the game other than game play. 

I'm sorry that you just played WoW.  I played and learned about the fall of the elves, the struggles of the dwarves,  the downed gnome pilot over the loch, having a huge curiosity over the large pink/purple dome north of southshore finally learning about that one after the release of BC.  I played many other games learning about their story line.  Of course, when a game did not have any story all I had left was game play mechanics.  Most games fell apart afterwards.   

My main beef was just wanting more out of the review given than the regular that we have heard already ten times over.  Cover some topics that have not been mentioned.  And if your going to do the same thing over again it definatly should be better than the previous versions by other posters. 

Tue Feb 24 2009 10:27AM Report
Batak_Killer writes:

 I see storyline is very important to you... But you cant be serious right? This is an mmo where players make the storyline! We decide what is going on in the world, who is fightning who, who trades with who, what roles we play etc... You cant even compare sandbox mmos with wow, lotro or aoc... they are all completely the same! Level grind, gear grind, unbalanced pvp and what not. Darkfall atleast tries to be different... and i waited for this kind of mmo for a long time... oh and btw you have something called World Lore on their main page... check it out ;)

Tue Feb 24 2009 10:56AM Report
daltanious writes:

betak_killer ... i have read in one interview or alike from producers of Darkfall that they have opted for 1st person view because being more "immersive". I think this should be left to player. I i.e. want always to see what is happening around me, to see "bigger picture", possibility to zoom in/out, ... that is impossible in only 1st. If it will be possible to play in 3rd i would try Darkfall.

As said Sargoth, wow has very good storline, file rogue that wotlk only brings even further. And no matter what I prefer to have some general idea what is going on. Not to have impression that somebody just dropped you on some isolate planet being in war and you must just blindly fight to survive until you die by some sword or natural causes (not real warriors death :-)).

And there are no MMORPG games currently that would allow you to build *your* storyline. Because all players in this case would interfere with yours. I.e. you want to kill some evil king, but somebody already killed him. Hmmm. IMO you can build your storyline to some degree in single player games. Or maybe i missed your point.

Wed Feb 25 2009 3:32AM Report writes:
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