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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Priests of Midkemia Online; A class Breakdown.

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday September 14 2012 at 7:18PM
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Today I will talking about what is possibly the most versatile class of all in Midkemia Online, the much underrated Priest class. I will start by giving a breakdown of the un-terted (non-specialized) priest in Midkemia online and In the coming weeks I will briefly touch on the various deities that can be worshipped and I will attempt to analyse the various tertiaries that are available to the Priests of Midkemia Online.

I will start by going over the stats that a generic priest would find useful. Different priests may tweak these a little but below is a breakdown of what each stat means to a priest.

Strength:        Affects faith-based damage dealt.

Intelligence:  Determines your maximum Faith, and the power of your healing prayers.
Willpower:     Determines the precision of your faith-based attacks, which is their ability to ignore an enemy's defense, and the rate at which fleelag builds (how often you can flee and how quick you do so).
Dexterity:        Determines your maximum Endurance, and the speed at which you can execute your prayers and attacks.
Constitution: Determines your maximum Health.

A priest who is just getting started in the world of Midkemia Online would need to allocate stats to Strength and Constitution at a rate of 1:until you hit 180 Constitution. At this point you can either continue to increase your Strength, which is great for PvE or using the information above, tailor it to your combat tactics for PvP or a mix of PvE/PvP.

The Two skillsets that a priest starts off with are Righteousness and Faith.  Righteousness is where the priest gets the majority of his offensive skills and is uses holy power to smite the Heretics and all enemies of the Priest with divine fury. The skill of faith is used to draw on the priests faith in the gods or his chosen deity to buff himself and his allies along with the ability to heal and ressurect fallen allies.

Righteousness uses the skill fury to build up faith and damage an opponent with holy power before spending the faith to use more powerful abilities that both damage and afflict the opponent while giving bonuses or healing to the priest. An example of this is Zealous mandate, which heals the priest for a proportion of damage dealt. Once you have afflicted your opponent with your Righteous onslaught, you can use Judgement to instantly kill them. (Provided certain conditions have been met using the skills in the set). Righteous priests are also able to summon those who leave the room and pull them back in, which makes fleeing from a priest very difficult, especially when combined with Hallowed seal, discussed below. Where a priest really comes into his own is against undead, as with skills such as holy fire and the fact that undead are weak against holy, priests should be able to take down such enemies with minimum effort.

Faith allows you to call on the power of the gods to bless yourself with 5 different blessings, all of which increase a stat by 10, effectively increasing your effectiveness in combat and hunting. This combined with various buffs make the priest a formidable foe. The priest is also able to call upon a divine mantle which either inflicts maluses on all enemies nearby or a boon to all allies, depending on the mantle used. There are also many skills which can hinder, such as a Hallowed seal which prevents people leaving the room. The skillset ends with the ability to resurrect a fallen ally from death, thus preventing experience loss/a long wait for revival.

If you found this article interesting, please leave a comment below. All feedback is welcomed. If you like the sound of priests, and are intrigued by the idea of MUD games then come and try one out in the best mmorpg of 2012 which is Midkemia Online.

Check back in the coming days for an article on the Gods ok Midkemia Online and the Tertiaries that come with devoting yourself to them.