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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Magicians in Midkemia Online; A Class Breakdown.

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday August 25 2012 at 4:55PM
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Today I will be writing a breakdown on the skillsets that are used by the Magicians in Midkemia Online, a fast paced roleplaying game produced by the king of MUD games Iron Realms.

The magicians of Midkemia Online combine the arts of Thaumaturgy (Manipulation of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire along with the weather) and Arcana (The use and manipulation of Arcane magic.) With devastating results.

Magicians as a class are capable of using a number of stat breakdowns, whilst this is true for all classes to a certain extent. The mage has the most diverse stat options of them all.

How Stats Work for a Magician:

Strength: Affects magical damage dealt.

Intelligence: Determines your maximum Magic and the rate at which you regenerate Magic.

Willpower:    Determines the precision of your magic-based attacks, which is their ability to ignore an enemy's defence, and the rate at which fleelag builds (see the Fighting skill Flee)

Dexterity: Determines your maximum Endurance, and the speed at which you can cast spells.

Constitution: Determines your maximum Health.

Sample Stat Builds for Magician:

Intelligence and Strength: This is the stat setup mostly used by the Magician, especially true for Novices. Intelligence gives a large magic pool which regenerates quickly and strength makes the attacks hard hitting. Whilst not the fastest build it gives the most survivability. The Int/Str mage has almost no Health but with the skill of Spellshield, an early defence in Arcana you can use your magic pool to absorb all damage taken at an equal loss of Magic but since the pool regenerates so quickly and the healing skill Overdrive used by all classes can be used to heal magic this build has more damage soaking than a build with constitution would.

Constitution and Dexterity: This build uses constitution for survivability and relies on fast attacks to quickly wear down the opponent and finish him quickly. This works really well for 1v1 PvP but has a moderate downtime between fights when bashing and you may struggle to stay alive when fighting a group.

Strength and Willpower: This build is only suitable for PVP and will hit your opponent really hard and make them struggle to defend against your attacks which will cause a fast build up of afflictions on your enemy which will disable their offense and allow you to finish them off.

Magician Skillsets.

Thaumaturgy: Thaumaturgy is the primary offensive skillset for the magician and can be used to quickly stack afflictions and cause damage to your enemy whilst also providing a few defensive abilities such as windweave and levitation. Windweave adds armor to the mage and levitate allows the mage to float over water which is a big bonus when fighting on water or in a flooded environment. With this skillset a Mage will ignite their foe on fire to cause burns and damage ticks whilst simultaneously chilling the core of their being to slow defences and allow bones to be shattered to hinder offense and defence. The main damage attack is stormlance, which builds stormfury charges that power up the next attack from the thaumaturgy skill to do increased damage. The final skill in this tree is Immolate which will cause the burns caused by Ignite to flare up and consume the body in flames doing mega damage.

an Eledhel Spellweaver Magician in Midkemia Online by Iron Realms artist Chris Bourassa.

Arcana is mainly a utility skill, though the utility enhances and compliments the other skillsets and adds some offence as well. Arcana allows you to create a mirror image, which will take an attack in your place but be destroyed in doing so which will negate the first attack done to you after it has been cast. You can cast convincing illusions to trick your opponent into reacting to an attack that does not exist, with some clever use you can cause the player to panic and react as if a devastating attack is coming which opens them up for an onslaught. There are various time based attacks in this skillset that can speed you up, slow the opponent or indeed the all those in the room. Couple this with the ability to form a singularity of power drawing all adjacent enemies into the room and even set it to explode. Eldritch barrage is an instant, high damage attack that can affect multiple enemies in the room as well as the target and then at the Transcendant level you get the ability to cast rifts to any location you have memorized in the whole of MKO and return there at will in an instant. Arcana also has many abilities that hinder and affect rogues which makes them a must in any organisation.

Join me next time for a breakdown of the two Magician tertiaries Demonology and Psionics to see how the Magicians really come into their own.

Out of all the classes in Midkemia Online, the Mage is the one I have played the most and always go back to. The RP opportunities being a Mage present are endless and the skillset is amazing. Midkemia Online will always be the best free to play mmorpg for me and it is great that it is a no download mmorpg as I can play it wherever. Come play Midkemia Online and have the time of your life!
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