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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Rogues in Midkemia Online; A Class Breakdown.

Posted by Kedlin84 Monday August 13 2012 at 2:44PM
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Rogues in Midkemia Online are a very versatile class and capable of fulfilling many roles through the utility offered in the various skillsets open to them.

A rogue starts the game with two distinct skill sets, Fencing and Subtlety. Fencing is where the Rogue gets the majority of his combat skills from along with a whole load of utility through buffs and passive abilities. Subtlety is a very powerful skill set which relies on cunning and guile, a skilled rogue using subtlety can essentially move about unmolested and gain access to pretty much anywhere in the game world without first having to bypass any guards, enemies or NPC denizens. Subtlety, while essentially filled with utility skills is not without essential and effective combat skills including the feared Hostage and Execute along with the ability to Deep-shroud which prevents other players from being able to see or even target you whilst you move around at will.

Fencing is the bread and butter of Rogue combat, Fencers wield a rapier, saber or longsword in their main hand and a dagger, poniard or similar in their off-hand. Fencers are quick to attack and have the ability to cause massive bleeding damage and stack movement hindering afflictions that can slow defensive and offensive equilibrium, slow and hinder movement and various other crippling skills. With enough lessons invested a fencer can increase their speed of attack, precision and damage passively through bonuses to weapon ratings which further boost the efficiency of a rogue. Fencing Rogues are also the only class who will automatically ready a parry to intercept incoming attacks on every hit which makes defending a little easier.

if you use Balestra to inflict Severed Nerves then you will increase the likelyhood of critical damage from bleeding which can be applied with fleche as seen above.

Possibly the most important skill in the fencing skillset when it comes to PvP is Envenomer, which allows all manner of poisons to be layered on the blades of the fencer to add extra afflictions to each attack. By layering certain combinations of poison the Rogue can tailor the offense to any situation. A good finisher for the skill set is Coup de Grace which will instantly kill your opponent when certain criteria are met.

Critical bleeds can drain the hp of denizens quite quickly allowing you to finish them quickly.

Subtlety is the skill set that most Rogues are known for in Midkemia Online. With subtlety you can hide in the shadows and move about unseen, though there are skills that others can employ to detect your presence at this stage of hiding it still lets you move about un-noticed for the best part. With hide comes sneak, this allows your movement between rooms to also go un-noticed and is another aspect of the hide skill. Whilst hidden you can stalk others silently which means they will not notice that you are following them. This is a good technique to gain access to places you are not normally allowed to enter, such as guild halls and temples. Beware who catches you inside mind, it might get ugly. Some of the other things you can do whilst hidden is pick things up from the ground such as loot and coin, before the person who rightfully earned said coin gets a chance, again, beware who you use this on as it could result in a fight if caught, but hey if we are sneaky enough, go for it.  Subtlety also has a few ambush style attacks to start a fight with an advantage. You can sneak up on someone and stab them in the back which gives you enough of a chance to start a decent offence before the other person even knows you are there or you can set up an ambush which will automatically backstab a personal enemy the instant they walk into the room.

Subtlety is not only about the hiding and sneaking though, oh no, it is much more than that. Subtlety also has a wide variety of bombs, fireworks and traps to confuse and disorient your enemies or even to make a hasty retreat. Couple this with access to crossbows and you really do become the master assassin. Where this skillset really comes into its own though is with the upper skills of the set. Infiltrate, Hostage and Deepshroud are all in the top tier of Subtlety along with Anatomic mastery. Infiltrate will allow you to listen in on a target players conversations from a distance and whilst subtlety has eavesdropping in the low tiers to listen in from a few rooms away, with infiltrate you get EVERY communication that person says or receives across all organizations, allowing you to find out what all other organizations are planning and getting tip offs as to potential attacks on your own organizations. Anatomic mastery gives an increased chance to cause more damage across all skills. Deepshroud is the most advanced form of hiding and whilst deep shrouded, no other player in the game apart from other deep shrouded rogues will ever know you are there and even if they did, there would be absolutely no way for them to target you with any attacks unless you initiate an attack yourself. Couple this skill with Hostage and you are able to grab hold of a victim and either steal an item from them or execute them outright with an insta-kill or even just torment them a little or hold them to ransom. The choice is yours.

Rogues also have access to two other skillsets or tertiaries to further the specialties of your character. I had planned on covering them here but I have written more than I had intended already for today. Check back in a day or two for the breakdown of Thievery and Performance.

Midkemia Online is a fantastic MUD game which has been produced by and in my opinion is the best no download mmorpg that you can play in your browser. Come play with us!!