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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

For those who are considering taking up playing a new game could do worse than trying Midkemia Online and with this month’s promotion you could not pick a better time to start.

I understand that the first 10 days of this month’s Promo may have already passed but that still leaves you with 20 days to enjoy an accumulative EXP bonus that increases with each day you play. The breakdown of this bonus is shown below.

On Day 1 when you log in you get a 10% Exp Bonus.

On Day 2 when you log in you get a 20% Exp Bonus.

On Day 3 when you log in you get a 30% Exp Bonus.

On Day 4 when you log in you get a 40% Exp Bonus.

On Day 5 when you log in you get a 50% Exp Bonus.

On Day 6 when you log in you get a 75% Exp Bonus.

On Day 7 when you log in you get a 100% Exp Bonus

For a new player or indeed a new character for those who already play, this means that it is very easy to work your way up through the levels to get your character stronger and accumulate lessons and credits to further advance your skills or purchase artefacts (Which coincidentally is linked to the second part of this month’s promotion which I will go into further along the Article).

There are a great many ways to earn Experience in the World of Midkemia Online and indeed in the other MUD Games produced the Iron Realms. Experience can be earned through Questing, Bashing/Hunting grounds, Exploring, Fishing, Listening to Bards telling Stories and by participating in World PVP Sieges which means you won't be far off in finding ways to take advantage of the accumulative experience bonus.


The second part of this month’s promotion is a discount on the prices of artefacts. Artefacts are purchased with an in game currency known as Credits.

Credits can be accumulated in three ways. The first way is by gaining levels. At levels 10, 15, 20 and 25 you gain 5 credits and then at 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 70 you gain a further 10 credits, all of which can be used towards buying artefacts or traded in for extra skill lessons. Credits can also be purchased on the in game credit market for gold which is acquired through bashing and questing. The third way is with real money from the Website and while it is convenient it is in no way compulsory.

For the Month of August, All Artefact purchases are subject to a 25% discount to the Credit cost which makes it the perfect opportunity to buy bonuses for your character.

For me Midkemia Online will always be the best free to play mmorpg around. Why not come and join me? writes:
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