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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

The tale of Bobby continues - Questing galore and new areas in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Monday June 18 2012 at 9:22AM
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In the last few weeks there have been many changes to the world in Midkemia Online, including a whole new area complete with story and also a new family and estate in an established town with a whole new faction to gain or lose reputation with, for those who choose to interact with them.

The first change I discovered was a woman in Zun who believed that Zun was being attacked by mutant mushrooms however this was not the case, I believe her to simply be mad, but who knows, maybe there is more to her tale than appears. Upon leaving Zun I realized that the quarry on the road outside Zun had opened up for exploration, so I headed straight in to have a nose about and see what is what.

Upon arriving at the quarry I sought out the foreman who was in utter shock and revulsion at what had happened in the quarry. It turns out that the quarry has been overrun with draugr and rothounds who are very powerful and cause severe afflictions. I carefully explored the quarry taking on what I could for the foreman to try and discover what had been going on and what I found was almost unbelievable, I urge you to log in and see for yourselves.

Not long after I had finished up in the quarry there was a notice put up on the public noticeboards by one of the Denizens of Margrave’s Port stating that they needed someone to investigate some strange goings on within the town, needless to say I headed straight for her.

On speaking with Baeliu I discovered she had concerns about a new family in Margrave’s Port and suggested I got to know them to discover what they were up to. This was the start of an in depth quest line with a fascinating story and culminated with an awesome climax. The Quests in Midkemia Online just keep getting better and better.

These new quests got my attention and got me wondering as to what quests I may have missed and lead me to re explore areas I hadn’t been to in a while, I picked up a good few quests along the way and now my quest log is once again brimming with things for me to do.

Bobby’s story has progressed quite a way since my last Blog, he is now the Captain of his own Squad and has put changes into place that has completely restructured it and made it more novice friendly whilst keeping the old progression system running alongside it. He is also undergoing training from the Ranger-General, who has complete control of the Guild in order to replace him when he steps down. All in all Mud games definitely provide a gaming experience unlike any other and Midkemia remains my number one free to play mmorpg games of all time.