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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

It has been a while since my last post but between playing Midkemia Online and trying my hand at Diablo 3 I have not had much time to get things down.

So, Bobby of the Pathfinders, how have things been getting on? Well, it has been a hectic few months in Midkemia for Bobby and he has seen his responsibilities and his position in the Pathfinders increase exponentially. It all started in the annual guild forum, held every Midwinter, which is once every 25 days in real life or there about. This forum outlines the work the Guild does for the city and the Kingdom of the west and it honors three of the most active and helpful people within the guild with a medal of service.

The first of the three medals went to the Pathfinder Ranger Ragnulv for outstanding commitment to the Pathfinders, the second went to an Archivist and member of the newly formed Logistics squadron named Loria who has showed an extreme commitment to all aspects of both her positions in performing her Duties and also helped raise said Squadron from idea to realization. The third medal went to Bobby, for his work as an Eagle and his generosity with helping the Novices of the Guild and for providing his services as a Smith, tailor and Alchemist to the City and the Guild.

During the guild forum it was announced that the current Eagle Captain would be stepping down this Mid-Summer and retiring from active duty though he will remain a Pathfinder. This means that a replacement needs to be trained in order to take his place. Now when it was announced that this person would be me, nobody was more shocked than I. So now I am in the final stages of training and I have learned so much and even lead my first ever siege to victory, achieving dominion of Sar-Sargoth’s forces to regain control of Highcastle in an epic battle which raged for almost 2 hours. Those two hours were the most fun I ever had in what I believe to be the best MMORPG of 2012, or indeed ever. Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush and the high pace action of PvP in a text based MUD. Anyways, I digress. So there it is, Bobby is soon to be a Captain and even though he has only been active in Midkemia Online a little under 3 months he has already started to leave his mark on the world which will be a visible mark on the game for the rest of time in the form of buildings, help scrolls, weapons and armor designs. If you want to play a game that has the potential for you to play however you want with almost no constraints then this is the game for you.

On the game itself, a new promotion was announced this month where by Gift Bags have been given to all players who have purchased credits for their characters from the Midkemia Online website with extra bags given at preset increments of credits bought. I have seen some people pulling out artifacts worth 2000 credits from these gift bags and so it is not a promotion to be taken lightly.

As for this week’s lottery, I have bought 10 tickets and I am eagerly waiting for it to be drawn as there is a rune of vernal blasting up for grabs which causes health to be restored with every critical hit scored, and considering my Crit rate is 20% it will help me immensely with my goal of reaching the big 100.

My Characters progression in Midkemia Online, the tale of Bobby Wincestre continues.

As you know from my last posts the hotly anticipated skillset of Swordmastery has finally been released by the fantastic staff in Midkemia Online. This skillset was originally announced shortly before the character was made and it was always my intention of having Bobby learn the class as soon as it was possible, however I have encountered a few difficulties that may stall his progression in this sense, but while these difficulties may pose difficulty in gaining the skillset it has opened up a whole new avenue for my character progression and roleplay.

Swordmastery is the Guild tertiary for the Queensguard of Elvandar and while Elvandar and Krondor are on friendly terms, the lore dictates that only a very few trusted humans are allowed to set foot into Elvandar and even fewer allowed to gain access to the guild hall of the Queensguard. In the past, guild based tertiary trainers were in areas that could be accessed by anyone, provided they could track them down using in character information and they would then impart their knowledge onto you so that you could learn the skills they taught. Anybody of the correct class were able to pick up the skillset but those of the aligned guild got major perks for taking the set which boosted the power of said skillset. This has changed slightly in this tertiary as the trainer has been locked away inside a room belonging to the Guild and they guard access to it fiercely. There are ways to gain access unbeknown to those trying to prevent you but you will quickly be found out and more than likely become an enemy, which takes me onto the next bit. In order to power this new skillset you would need to nurture a great tree in a forest environment and maintain a bond with said tree, the only people able to plant said trees being the second Guild of Elvandar, the Spellweavers. So as you can see, I have much roleplay and character development for my plan to come to fruition and while I may not be the first outsider to gain access to this skill, at least by going the long way around I will get to utilize it to its full potential when I finally do.

The thing I love about these MUD games is that the other characters are all played by real people and as such the roleplay is also fresh and spontaneous, characters will progress, relationships will be formed and broken and the ambience and the world will continuously evolve around the player base, it is always a joy to log in and every new character enriches the game more. I have made initial contact with the embassy of Elvandar and I have received some guidelines on how to begin building up the trust of the Eledhel that reside there, and if I can help them knock a few Moredhel on the head while I am at it all the better and this is why I still consider Midkemia Online to be the best MMORPG of 2012.

Banapis Festivities and a New year in Midkemia Online with misc Updates.

Posted by Kedlin84 Tuesday May 8 2012 at 7:04AM
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Another Banapis, Another year in Midkemia Online.

Well, Its Banapis time again and wow, this year the Divine have really outdone themselves with the story. Our Banapis fairs are hosted by a quirky little Goblin by the name of Percy, he is usually accompanied by a Dwarven man and an Elven woman and together the three of them travel Midkemia and set up the fair for a few days around Banapis every other in game year.

Unfortunately for Percy, the Elf and the Dwarf have started with some extracurricular activities with each other and as such they have decided to head off and settle down somewhere alone. Percy has been stranded with his wagons, wares and live merchandise in the middle of the Grey towers and whilst trying to transport his stuff the rest of the way he happened to find himself slap bang in the middle of two religious sects trying to claim a section of the Grey towers for themselves.

Not being one to pass up a business opportunity, the Goblin has decided to act the double agent and has each sect selling various wares on his behalf in order to fund the expansion of each sect and line his pockets in the process. As a result Percy has decided to keep the fair open for a whole year while he considers his options for future fairs.

The unique items for this fair are fantastically designed and a joy to own. From one shot lightning makers to thunderous horns to unique furniture and pets as well as mounts and food. I could only afford a couple of trinkets at the start but now I know I have the time, I can hunt for the gold to buy myself a 10 point hart, a unique mount to carry me into battle.

Bobby has been busy hunting up tickets for the lottery mentioned in my last post and unfortunately this was not his week. Still with three lotteries to go, I still have a good chance. Everyone who won a prize is really happy and looking forward to seeing what the next one brings, not to mention the experience and crit bonuses that come with buying tickets.

As  for Swordmastery, all the initial bugs have been worked out and the balancing is complete and it must be one of the most lore inspired and fantastically made skillsets I have ever seen in Midkemia Online. The Great Trees are growing and as they do the power of the Swordmasters increase.The coders really need to give themselves a pat on the back for this one and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Why not give mud games a go? You won’t be disappointed, there are many to choose from, but for me the best mmorpg game out there is Midkemia Online.

Swordmastery and Banapis. New Tertiary skills and party time in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday May 5 2012 at 7:12PM
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Wow, what to say. So much has gone on in the World of Midkemia Online these last few days. It has to be one of the best MUDs around now surely, will all the Admin run events and roleplay we seem to be getting. Yesterday morning a new skillset was released for soldiers called Swordmastery. I have had a chance to learn most of Swordmastery and I have had a little chance to play around with it and all I can say is fantastic.

In this image I was standing at the Southern Sentry post, which is the entrance to this particular area, Elvandar Forest. Ran was at the Golden Oak, quite a way away from me though ultimately in the same area. Windflow allows you to travel instantly to any other person in your area, provided that you are in a forest environment.

Swordmastery is primarily for the Eledhel race and gains a number of bonuses if said Elf is in the QueensGuard guild. As you are aware I am neither an Eledhel nor a member of the QueensGuard. Good thing I have an alt there that is both those things, right. So, Swordmastery elaborates on the lore of the Eledhel and really makes an Eledhel soldier play like you would imagine them to from the point of lore going by the fantastic books of Raymond E. Feist. Swordmastery conjures up images of elven spellswordsmen, blending with the trees, moving through the forest as though a leaf on the wind and magical offhand attacks along with your great sword which can draw its magic from the trees of Elvandar. It really adds so much flavor to the game and serves to bring together the two Elven guilds as the skillset calls for assistance from the Spellweavers in planting and raising the Great Trees used to fuel our magic and also with gathering motes of mana to infuse with starlight to power up said trees as they grow. Anyone who joins MKO and plays a Swordsmaster is in for a great treat.

Raymond E. Feist has got to be one of the most influential writers in Fantasy Fiction right now. No fantasy MMORPG mud games can even come close to matching this world for me.

As for Bobby, he is getting Stronger by the week. Tomorrow is Banapis in Midkemia Online, which means that everyone will become one year older and get together for celebrations, parties and a visit to the spectacular Banapis fair to see what unique items are for sale this year. Banapis occurs about once every 25 days in real life and each Banapis has a theme for unique items, events, pets and mounts. Every other Banapis will have a large event thrown by the Gods of MKO whilst the alternating ones will just see some new foods and trinkets. This year’s theme is  yet to be announced so join me again tomorrow to find out more on the best free to play mmorpg Midkemia Online

May Promotions in Midkemia Online - Heres your chance to power up fast!!

Posted by Kedlin84 Thursday May 3 2012 at 10:39AM
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May is finally here and there is another awesome promotion this month in Midkemia Online. This month we see the addition of a new kind of lottery for high end artifacts which are worth a great deal as far as credits or real money goes. There are 10 artifacts up for grabs and the best part is that with every ticket purchase you either get a 1 hour Exp bonus or a 1 hour critical hit bonus. Both of these can stack up to 10 hours and only tick down when you are online. The crit and exp bonuses when combined add up to super crazy fun times when bashing as the enemies drop a lot quicker from the added crits and gift you with extra experience and provides the opportunity for more coin and more coin means more tickets.

The new Browser client adds tons of new features to help the novice get into Midkemia Online. The tabs to the right of the screenshot has a nifty little overhead map which makes learning to get about a doddle.

** Lottery 1: 4/28 Weekly Lottery. ****************************************

Buy tickets at the Lottery Office in Port Natal for this special, weekly lottery! Win amazing artifact prizes and more! Buying a ticket grants you a 1-hour experience boost of 15%, or a critical hit boost of 15%.

Ticket price: 1g00s00c

Maximum amount of tickets per person: Unlimited

Tickets can be bought for yourself only: No

Tickets are sold in Port Natal: Yes

Tickets are sold by a ticketbox: No

Open to: Public


1. Vigor.

Great Rune of Constitution and Arms of Ishapian Life.

2. Memory-orb.

A Golden Memory-Orb.

3. Perception.

An Eye of Cosmic Perception.

4. Blasting.

Rune of Vernal Blasting.

5. Scythe.

Scythe of Silban (Token item)

6. Supplicant-blade.

Supplicant's Blade (Token item)

7. Voice-training.

Manual of Voice Training (Token item)

8. Killians-collar.

Collar of Killian's Blessing (Token item)

9. Fireworks.

3 Cannisters of Fireworks (Token items)

10. Pipe.

 A Dragon-Engraved Pipe (Token item)

Now this is just for this week, and I am told that the prizes will indeed get better as the weeks continue. 1 through 4 are considerably more expensive than the other prizes and will grant your character an immense boon which will be permanent to your character; there really is no better time to start playing Midkemia Online. I have been bashing away for coin for tickets and I with everyone being in for a chance, I am crossing my fingers for a big win.

That aside Bobby has had a pretty good week, he has managed to craft three new weapons and he has had another two smithing patterns approved. Pretty much everyone in the guild now flock to Bobby for all there smithing needs and I have been at the forge sweltering over armor and weapons all week. It is great to have made a name for yourself and helping people out is all part of the fun.

Two new novices have risen up to full Pathfinder rank under my Guidance and my rank is rising rapidly, I will be a Sargent before I know it. Come join me and carve out your own life in the best mmorpg around, Midkemia Online. One of 5 MUDs produced by Iron Realms.

Fancy a change of pace? Class Changing in Midkemia Online the How to!

Posted by Kedlin84 Tuesday May 1 2012 at 12:56PM
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My life in MUD – Bobby Wincestre of the Pathfinders, Class changing in Midkemia Online.

So, April is coming to an end now, the promised Great-hunt has been and gone, and while I was able to compete for a little while, I didn’t even make the top 10 in my level bracket this time around. It just goes to show that the player base in MUDs is growing and improving with each month that passes. Having had to work for some of the weekend, I feel I could have made the top ten had I been able to play a little longer, but hey theres always the next one in around 6 months time heh. I might even be top tier by then.

Another thing that we saw added in April was an Expansion to the token shop. The token shop has many unique items, the basics of the shop I spoke about in a previous post. One of the new added items was a quicksilver fishing pole, these poles never decay and reset to your inventory should they get stolen, however the best thing about them is that it allows you to reel in fish easier, which makes it possible to land the bigger fish that you may not have been able to reel in with a normal pole. Fantastic, what an investment these poles are. Needless to say I have spent a little time fishing since these were released and using the profit from said fishing expeditions to purchase the commodities to craft a new set of weapons.

While waiting for the announcement for May’s promotions, I have decided to hunt the coin for enough credits to change my class. Whilst I love being a soldier, there are certain things about the rogue class that I would love to try out for roleplay purposes. Being that Rogues and Soldiers both lack a magical affinity and considering I am a Scout/Ranger, roleplay wise, the transition would be explainable. Once I have sufficient lessons I will be visiting a memory magician to store all my memories of the soldiering skillsets to make room to learn Rogue. Between now and the time I am able to re-class I have been roleplaying taking lessons in rogue skills and learning what I can about the class.

Class changing in Midkemia Online can be done in a number of ways. The first way and the least beneficial way is to quit your current class, losing it completely and getting back 50% of your lessons back so that you can learn them in your new class. You lose quite a bit in doing things this way as the 50% you lose is lost for good.

The second way to do this, whilst more expensive in terms of earning lessons means that you are able to switch between the two classes relatively easily once you have knowledge of both. To class change in this way you need to store your class with a memory magician, thus leaving you classless until you learn a new class. Unfortunately, you don’t get any lessons back this way to go towards your new class; however you are able to store your new class in the same way and retrieve your old one at full strength at the cost of a small amount of lessons, thus increasing your versatility. The only real drawback, gathering more lessons aside is that your skills return to you over the space of an hour once you retrieve them.

The best way to class change in Midkemia Online is to invest in a Memory Orb. A memory Orb reduces the number of lessons required to switch between new classes to 0 and also reduces the time it takes to retrieve your memories by 15, 30 and 45 minutes respectively, depending on which orb you buy. Whilst this is the most expensive way to class change at the outset, in the long run it is much cheaper.

So while we wait for the May promotions to start, and if you find yourself asking “What game should I play?” why not give Midkemia Online a go, you won’t regret it.