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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

A rogue encounter - Hostage and Execution in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Tuesday April 24 2012 at 7:40AM
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Tales of Bobby Wincestre, Pathfinder Scout in Midkemia Online - A rogue encounter.

So I had just dropped my daughter off at school, my wife was in work and I had 5 hours to spare, bliss. So I grabbed a coffee and some doughnuts and settled in for a few hours of bashing to my favorite tunes. I gear up, repair my armor and grab some food and bandages in game before heading to my favorite bashing grounds; the area was teeming with ghosts, freshly spawned for the killing.

As I started to prepare to take down the ghosts, I was suddenly grabbed from behind, I could feel the point of a dagger being pressed against my neck and deft hands rummaging through my pockets and taking my treasured design book. Before I know what is happening, the blade is drawn across my throat, spraying the room with blood.

You are DEAD. Please await your turn to be judged by the Mistress of Death.

Now at first glance you may think there was nothing that I could have done, hostage kills in MKO are never pretty and always frustrating, especially if they manage to rifle one of your precious items off you first. Fortunately, hostage is ALWAYS preventable, the only requirement being a few lessons into Vigilance and a cheap tattoo.

Hostage has been a widely discussed topic in the forums of Midkemia Online and the people who try to abuse it for war points are constantly vilified. However all that is required to prevent it is to remain vigilant. Midkemia Online is a live world set in a hostile environment. You will encounter people who want to kill you just because of what race you are or what city you belong to. Thankfully this won’t happen very often whilst hunting, and usually if you are jumped while hunting the regular combatants of your organization will be sure to make life difficult for your attacker for some time.

Now then, down to brass tacks. Hostage requires your target to be out of combat for the duration of the attack which takes upwards of six seconds. If your character moves out of the room or initiates combat with a mobile (denizen, npc or whatever you want to call them, heh) then the attack will fail, however you will also not be able to tell that they even tried. The most effective way to prevent a hostage however is with the skill Notice. Unfortunately, while this skill is active, it will cause your endurance to drain at an enhanced rate. If you are bashing an area however, this makes no difference to you as you will recover the endurance lost when moving whilst you are bashing your mobiles thus preventing any hostage attempts whilst hunting. When you need to move from area to area you will unlikely need to stop moving for any length of time so as long as you remember to toggle notice on or off with a simple alias, then you need never have to fear the executioner again.

Be warned though, some rogues do have the ability to remove a random defense from you, including your notice defense which will render you vulnerable to a hostage attempt, this is where the third eye tattoo comes into play. The third eye tattoo when active grants you a passive bonus to your awareness and makes it likely that you will spot the rogue attempting to hostage you which will allow you to either put him or her into combat or give you a chance to run.

One other thing to be mindful of when avoiding theft by enemy rogues is pick pocketing, this skill allows an enemy rogue to take any and all of the coins that you are carrying, in some cases without you even realizing, the easiest way to combat this is by automatically placing your coins into a pack or pouch using a simple trigger.

Rogues are not the only classes who can steal mind you, though prevention of theft by the other classes in some ways is much easier to protect against and I may go into it in a future post.

I hope you found this post informative and intriguing, if so you should come and join me in Midkemia Online. Now to get back to those crypts, get my notice up and start hunting. Those ghosts won’t bash themselves you know.