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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

My life in MUD - The travelling smiith. A tale of Bobby Wincestre in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday April 20 2012 at 10:19AM
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Finding your niche, a day in the life of an apprentice smith in Midkemia Online.

As you may remember from a previous article, I decided to take the path of a smith as a sideline in Midkemia Online. After a fortnight or so at tinkering with my skills and advertising my abilities I have finally made a small name for myself as a repair man and I have become the first port of call for many adventurers who wish to maintain their armor after a few hunting sessions.

Each time I have undertaken repairs for someone I have received a small tip, which I have saved each time in order to gather materials from the commodity shops scattered around Triagia so that I can build up a decent stock of materials so that I can branch out into armor smithing and eventually weapon smithing.

Now, I can start manufacturing weapons whenever I like as I am now fully capable of crafting all items in the smithing tree, however in order to make very good weapons you have to sort through the commodities needed by stat so that you can make a weapon of higher quality, and what better way to make the coin for better commodities than by making money from your trade skills, it’s what they are there for after all.

unfortunately the text in this image is a little small, but you can clearly see the set up of Midkemia Online, a more detailed image below.

I digress, so, onto armor. Armor in MKO usually requires around 50 pieces of material per piece and a full set is usually 6 pieces; head, chest, legs, feet, arms and hands. I moved from simple repairs to armor crafting today when I was approached a relatively new character at the forge whilst repairing a suit of armor for a fellow pathfinder. Conversation lead to armor and armor making and as it happened I had access to the pattern of a full set of leather armor and some of the materials were provided to me buy the person who needed to be outfitted. Using the coin made through repairs I was able to procure enough leather to fit him out completely and got a nice little bonus in coin for doing so, and so an armor smith is born.

Now to travel the commshops and fill my vault with leather and steel so that I might eventually rise up and become the best smith around in Midkemia Online writes:
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