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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Supply and Demand - Crafting and making money in Midkemia Online.

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday April 7 2012 at 5:07AM
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Crafting and trading, the way of the Smith in Midkemia Online.

Having a few lessons to spare in Midkemia Online I decided that it was time to branch out my roleplay and take on a profession. As a soldier, the obvious choice for me was smithing as it allows for the crafting of weapons andarmoras well as having a few utility skills to throw into the mix such as the crafting of tools and the repairing of other people’s equipment.

So I got together my registration fee of 1 gold and headed to the headquarters of the Crafters Guild to register as an apprentice craftsman and receive my design book. Unlike other MMOs, crafting in Midkemia Online does not have set pieces that have been designed by the games creator. Every item of clothing, every accessory and every weapon and piece ofarmorhas been designed by a player within the game. When creating a new design you simply request a pattern for your design book of the corresponding item and then the customization is completely down to you.

These are the skills I learned with the lessons I had available. It is about two thirds of available designs, now to learn the other third so that I can craft plate armor as well as leather.

For my first design, I wanted something basic and crude as I want to roleplay my skills improving as I design more items to be made. When making new items you can decide whether to keep the design to yourself or allow it to be accessed by other crafters. If you make it private then only the designer and people who the design has been shared with will be able to craft the specific item which means the crafted item may be able to be sold at a slightly higher price, if the design is good enough that people want to use it that is. The upside of making a design public is that whenever another crafter makes an item that has been designed by you; you get a little extra experience to your character.

My first design


Inventory description: a heavy looking cast iron saber

Dropped description: A heavy looking cast iron saber has been left to rust here.

Viewed Description: This simple saber has been cast in iron and its surface remains unfinished and dull with small lumps of iron marring the surface. The edges of the saber have been sharpened with a whetstone and despite its poor craftsmanship the edges are keen and capable of slicing through flesh and bone. A simple strip of leather has been tied to the cross guard and wrapped tightly around the hilt and tied in a crude knot just above the pommel.


As you can see I went for a very basic Iron saber. Other than designing the actual saber, you also have to describe the steps taken to make the saber and also specify what commodities are needed in order to craft the item. Once all these details are finalized you then have to submit the design for approval to the crafters guild, which generally takes a day or two so that the design can be checked for spelling, grammar and that it fits in with the crafting guidelines.

Once a design has been approved, you then need to gather the commodities needed to craft the item, in this case 48 pieces of Iron and 2 pieces of leather. Each commodity has a set of stats which will affect the stats of the finished weapon. For a saber, I typically want commodities that have stats that contribute to speed as each type of weapon has a preferred stat such as Speed, Precision and Damage, which I will discuss another time.

Once I had finished learning what I could of smithing with the lessons I had available and I had submitted my first design I decided to try and make a little money with my new trade skill and after a quick message over my city channel I had three people come to me for armor repairs and I earned a little over one gold in tips which instantly earned me back my membership to the crafters guild.

Now all I need to do is await the return of my saber design from the crafters guild so that I can be on my way to becoming the number one smith in Midkemia Online.