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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Rediscovering MUDs and why you should give them a go,

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday April 28 2012 at 10:37AM
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Rediscovering MUDs and how I discovered Midkemia Online.

I have been playing with MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) for well over three years now, and although I also play Graphical games too, I always find myself coming back to the Iron Realms for my MUD fix. Some people have asked me “Why play a game that is just text with no graphics” and while it is hard to explain it to someone who has never played a MUD it is even harder to convince someone to try it.

I discovered the world of MUDs quite by accident, as an avid reader of the Midkemia Books by Raymond E. Feist, I was a big part of the Community at which advertised and debated all manner of Feist based stuff. It was here that I came upon an article about the development of Midkemia Online. I thought it strange that in this day and age that game's were still being made via the medium of text but I was intrigued by the idea and decided to check out one of the other text adventures that had been made by the people producing Midkemia Online. I started to play Achaea, and at first I found it quite unusual to play, having played things like Phantasy Star Online, WoW and Guildwars for so long. With a little help from the newbie channel and some friendly players I soon figured out how to do everything I needed to do and with my past experiences of pen and paper role-play, my am-dram side was soon flourishing in this lush new world. Forward on 10 months and Midkemia Online finally went live, I jumped straight in and I have never looked back.

My wife was never really into games when we met and although she would very occasionally fire up my DS for Animal Crossing or play a rare game of the Sims that was pretty much her limit as far as gaming went. I had been playing MKO around 7 months or so by now and she thought I was a bit bonkers playing what she considered such a basic game for so many hours per week. She just could not understand the draw. It was around this time we got a second computer in the house, so it was now possible for us both to be on the internet at the same time. I managed to persuade her to create a character with me and we played together for little over an hour before she decided she didn’t like it and wanted to knock it off. I was gutted to say the least.

I went to work the next morning for a 14 hour shift and on returning home I noticed that my wife was playing MKO. I checked her playtime and she had been playing for around 8 hours in that one day while I was at work. She was hooked.

I asked my wife what made her try again and she said that she found the freedom of playing a MUD liberating, her character could literally do whatever she wanted it to, it was a freedom that she had never experienced in any other game and she quickly made a lot of friends, as I had before her. The thing with a MUD is you just have to give it a go to truly appreciate the level of immersion it can bring.

The best thing about playing a mud is that anyone can play, regardless of computer specifications or internet speed it will run quite well on pretty much any machine that can open a web browser. This no download MMORPG is much larger and has much more opportunity for character development than any of the big graphical games out there today and in my opinion is the best free to play MMORPG out there. There are mud’s that have been active and growing for over 20 years and are still being played and developed to this day.

You really have to try them and see for yourself, just give them a go and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Mists of Pandaria Beta – My first impressions.

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday April 27 2012 at 12:30PM
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Mists of Pandaria Beta – My first impressions.

This week I have taken a little time away from Midkemia Online to have a go on the new Mists of Pandaria beta, the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft.


The first thing I noticed was that the character models are now slightly smoother, though not by much, the newer races aside of course. Being that Monks were the new class, I decided that that was what I would create. After creating my new Panda Monk I started playing through the newbie area and I realized something. Nothing has changed; this is all the same wow albeit in a different skin. Everything I did I felt I had done before; there was nothing new for me, not really. The level, while pretty and of a theme unseen that was all it offered.

I plowed on regardless but every minute I played the more I realized that this would just lead into another endless grind accumulating in a second endless grind before the third endless grind. I have built up three characters in the past to top tier. Grinding up to level 85, and then grinding up the all the gear needed to start raiding before finally raiding for top tier stuff. Thousands of hours for a game which in my opinion will never have the depth of MUDs. No true player controlled heroes, not controversy, just linear gameplay.

After completing the starting area to Mists of Pandaria I realized, Warcraft is on its way out, there is not much more that can be done to revive what was once a great game. All of the things that first drew me into WOW have now gone. Gone are the RPPVP servers, the epic quests for class specific mounts and abilities consigned to the graveyard of good ideas. Roleplay, in your typical graphical MMO is always an afterthought, yet the reason I play RPGs is for the roleplay.

The thing is, after playing Muds on the iron realms for so long, I have come to expect good quality, player run roleplay and epic character customization. There is only so much you can do in games like World of Warcraft to differentiate yourself from other people of the same race or class, often falling into cookie cutter type builds in order to be able to keep up with other players. In MUDs such as Midkemia Online you are able to customize pretty much any aspect of how your character can be played. You don’t have to put excessive effort into gearing for PVP and with a little practice almost anyone can do well at it. You rarely see two players who look or act the same and with the options of designing your own clothes, weapons, armor and in some cases even your pets and mounts I will always choose these kind of games over games produced commercially for the masses.

If someone was to ask me what is the best mmorpg 2011 or 2012 I would still answer Midkemia Online of the Iron Realms, with no hesitation. Whilst MUDs will never hold the masses like graphical MMOS, I think they are also Overlooked by many who, if they were to just try them would find it an utterly refreshing gaming experience and with that it is back to MKO for me.

My life as a Mentor in Midkemia Online, - My life in MUD

Posted by Kedlin84 Thursday April 26 2012 at 10:00AM
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Mentors and their Protégés – A Tale of Bobby Wincestre in Midkemia Online.

I have been playing Bobby for what seems like years now. Well, given that he has played for two in games years, I guess that analogy is spot on. I now know his personality inside and out and thoroughly enjoy getting into character to play him for a few hours per day. Having already been deemed ready to lose my mentor, the person you choose from the Guild mentors to help you find your way in Midkemia Online and then being promoted to Guild Aide (Someone responsible for helping out new members and helping them learn what is needed to pass the guild novicehood exam) I found my role in the Pathfinders had changed dramatically, no longer was I the new kid, but now I was one of the guys, with responsibilities and a more active role within the guild. It wasn’t long before I took a newcomer under my wing and we got on like a house on fire. After spending an hour or so per day roleplaying with my new found partner and showing him the ropes I realized that being able to help a novice get to where I am now is such a rewarding experience. (the actual experience I gained from crafting all his weapons and armor an added bonus). And so I found myself being asked to take on the job of Mentor for this guy, Awesome.

Becoming a Mentor in Midkemia Online is an excellent opportunity for your character to grow in both character and influence. By helping out the new starters and forging friendships from the start your pool of friends and potential allies for anything you might want to cook up later will grow in leaps and bounds. I jumped at the chance to become an official mentor and assisting another player to learn everything he needs to know in order to be an active player, thus increasing the retention of new players is very rewarding.

We started off by renting a pair of horses and heading off to explore the world of Midkemia, Stopping off at all the hunting grounds along the way to make a little extra coin and grab some extra experience along the way, my ability as a soldier to shield allies from harm came in very handy in some of the tougher areas of course. It wasn’t long before my new buddy was learning how and when to use his skills and eventually getting strong enough to choose his specialization. It is amazing how quickly someone can learn to play by using the Mentorship system.

We returned to the city for some ale and some food and had a good chat and got into some roleplay with some of the other citizens and that was that. I hope to mentor more people in the future and be able to watch the game player base grow as a result. Next time I am on with my Protégé I hope for us to learn to fight in PvP as a team, with me shielding him and generating adrenaline to beat down our foes whilst he plays his bard songs to demoralize our enemies and boost my affliction power. A little practice and we will be unstoppable.

Come join us and find your own Mentor in Midkemia Online.

A rogue encounter - Hostage and Execution in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Tuesday April 24 2012 at 8:40AM
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Tales of Bobby Wincestre, Pathfinder Scout in Midkemia Online - A rogue encounter.

So I had just dropped my daughter off at school, my wife was in work and I had 5 hours to spare, bliss. So I grabbed a coffee and some doughnuts and settled in for a few hours of bashing to my favorite tunes. I gear up, repair my armor and grab some food and bandages in game before heading to my favorite bashing grounds; the area was teeming with ghosts, freshly spawned for the killing.

As I started to prepare to take down the ghosts, I was suddenly grabbed from behind, I could feel the point of a dagger being pressed against my neck and deft hands rummaging through my pockets and taking my treasured design book. Before I know what is happening, the blade is drawn across my throat, spraying the room with blood.

You are DEAD. Please await your turn to be judged by the Mistress of Death.

Now at first glance you may think there was nothing that I could have done, hostage kills in MKO are never pretty and always frustrating, especially if they manage to rifle one of your precious items off you first. Fortunately, hostage is ALWAYS preventable, the only requirement being a few lessons into Vigilance and a cheap tattoo.

Hostage has been a widely discussed topic in the forums of Midkemia Online and the people who try to abuse it for war points are constantly vilified. However all that is required to prevent it is to remain vigilant. Midkemia Online is a live world set in a hostile environment. You will encounter people who want to kill you just because of what race you are or what city you belong to. Thankfully this won’t happen very often whilst hunting, and usually if you are jumped while hunting the regular combatants of your organization will be sure to make life difficult for your attacker for some time.

Now then, down to brass tacks. Hostage requires your target to be out of combat for the duration of the attack which takes upwards of six seconds. If your character moves out of the room or initiates combat with a mobile (denizen, npc or whatever you want to call them, heh) then the attack will fail, however you will also not be able to tell that they even tried. The most effective way to prevent a hostage however is with the skill Notice. Unfortunately, while this skill is active, it will cause your endurance to drain at an enhanced rate. If you are bashing an area however, this makes no difference to you as you will recover the endurance lost when moving whilst you are bashing your mobiles thus preventing any hostage attempts whilst hunting. When you need to move from area to area you will unlikely need to stop moving for any length of time so as long as you remember to toggle notice on or off with a simple alias, then you need never have to fear the executioner again.

Be warned though, some rogues do have the ability to remove a random defense from you, including your notice defense which will render you vulnerable to a hostage attempt, this is where the third eye tattoo comes into play. The third eye tattoo when active grants you a passive bonus to your awareness and makes it likely that you will spot the rogue attempting to hostage you which will allow you to either put him or her into combat or give you a chance to run.

One other thing to be mindful of when avoiding theft by enemy rogues is pick pocketing, this skill allows an enemy rogue to take any and all of the coins that you are carrying, in some cases without you even realizing, the easiest way to combat this is by automatically placing your coins into a pack or pouch using a simple trigger.

Rogues are not the only classes who can steal mind you, though prevention of theft by the other classes in some ways is much easier to protect against and I may go into it in a future post.

I hope you found this post informative and intriguing, if so you should come and join me in Midkemia Online. Now to get back to those crypts, get my notice up and start hunting. Those ghosts won’t bash themselves you know.

My life as a Devoted in Midkemia Online, - My life in MUD

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday April 21 2012 at 7:57AM
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Of Gods and Mortals – A tale in the life of Bobby Wincestre, a soldier in Midkemia Online.

So after working diligently to prove my devotion to Silban, the Earthmother within her Order of the Watchers, I have finally gained enough rank to take a more active role in the promotion and maintenance of the Order. Before I go more into this, I should go into the Gods within MKO a little more and explain how they work.

Midkemia Online has 9 active Gods who can be worshipped through Cults and Sects; each of these Gods currently has 2 distinct Orders associated with them for roleplay purposes. The Gods play a big part in the lore of Midkemia and in the books most people make offerings or devotions to them and as such most players in MKO have chosen to follow one or another. Each God in Midkemia has multiple aspects and people are free to choose which aspects to worship and give praise to and may choose to disregard others. As with religion in the real world it is possible for different groups to interpret the writings of a god differently and that is where the multiple sects come in along with the opportunity for Order based conflict. A Priest of specific orders also get a tertiary skillset based on the divine they choose to follow, with new tertiary skillsets being released periodically thus giving flavor to the different orders and the way they work along with the characters they attract.

Now then, as a Watcher of Silban, we believe that in nature, we must always strive to maintain balance. This could be anything from removing the leader of a pride of lions to slowly thin their numbers to prevent them over hunting an area while the males fight for the now vacant pride leader position within their den or preventing specific plants from being harvested into extinction or thinning the growth of plants that grow too wildly. There is much roleplay to be had in an Order and so many benefits; you would be silly not to take advantage of them.

Some of the benefits afforded to you by being in an order range from Godly favors to Shrine blessings, though all these must be purchased either with personal communion gained by offering corpses of denizens to your chosen god or from the shared essence pool of the order which is raised much the same way. There are 4 different strengths of Favor that can be beseeched from your god which range in benefit from extra health to stronger skills to the removal of tiredness and hunger afflictions and finally an accumulation of all the above plus all stats increased for the duration of the favor. As you can see, these are no small buffs but actually major improvements to what your character can achieve. Though be sure not to piss a divine off, whilst this is rare and the punishments rarer it can result in disfavor which is the negative version of all the above.

Following a deity has its benefits, wouldn't you agree!!

Shrine blessings, though somewhat more expensive are also very good, requiring 2000 essence each to beseech, though a good hunter can easily recoup this loss in a hunt or two. The blessings available range from increased damage to reduced experience loss on death, for more see the image below.

So, now that I am able, it is time to increase the influence of my sect through the raising of shrines to attract new members and increase our influence across the lands, why not come join me in Midkemia Online?     

My life in MUD - The travelling smiith. A tale of Bobby Wincestre in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday April 20 2012 at 11:19AM
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Finding your niche, a day in the life of an apprentice smith in Midkemia Online.

As you may remember from a previous article, I decided to take the path of a smith as a sideline in Midkemia Online. After a fortnight or so at tinkering with my skills and advertising my abilities I have finally made a small name for myself as a repair man and I have become the first port of call for many adventurers who wish to maintain their armor after a few hunting sessions.

Each time I have undertaken repairs for someone I have received a small tip, which I have saved each time in order to gather materials from the commodity shops scattered around Triagia so that I can build up a decent stock of materials so that I can branch out into armor smithing and eventually weapon smithing.

Now, I can start manufacturing weapons whenever I like as I am now fully capable of crafting all items in the smithing tree, however in order to make very good weapons you have to sort through the commodities needed by stat so that you can make a weapon of higher quality, and what better way to make the coin for better commodities than by making money from your trade skills, it’s what they are there for after all.

unfortunately the text in this image is a little small, but you can clearly see the set up of Midkemia Online, a more detailed image below.

I digress, so, onto armor. Armor in MKO usually requires around 50 pieces of material per piece and a full set is usually 6 pieces; head, chest, legs, feet, arms and hands. I moved from simple repairs to armor crafting today when I was approached a relatively new character at the forge whilst repairing a suit of armor for a fellow pathfinder. Conversation lead to armor and armor making and as it happened I had access to the pattern of a full set of leather armor and some of the materials were provided to me buy the person who needed to be outfitted. Using the coin made through repairs I was able to procure enough leather to fit him out completely and got a nice little bonus in coin for doing so, and so an armor smith is born.

Now to travel the commshops and fill my vault with leather and steel so that I might eventually rise up and become the best smith around in Midkemia Online

My life as a Krondorian Pathfinder: Progressing my characters story in Midkemia Online.

So, I have been playing as bobby a good month now and I must admit I am happy with his progress. Most of my short term character goals are now complete and while finishing off the last few goals I have in the short term it is time for me to start considering long term goals for him to work towards. The main goal in terms of numbers and statistics is to reach level 100 so that I can benefit from the bonuses that come with that milestone but today I am looking at the roleplay and status goals for my character to work towards in Midkemia Online.

As most of you may have realized by now, Midkemia Online is heavily geared towards roleplay even though all the mechanics of an MMO exist within the game. You are not limited by the constraints of graphical MMOs and you can pretty much play the game as you want. My initial set of short term goals were to learn my way around all of the villages and hunting grounds and gain rank amongst the explorer rankings, gain level 80 so that I can max out my two primary statistics for bashing and player vs. player, gain guild rank 3 through completing the tasks set by the guild heads and roleplaying my character as a soldier of the pathfinders to gain the Rank of Scout, learn how to PVP effectively as a soldier and get my character well known and hopefully liked within Krondor.

So far I have completed all of those goals I set myself asides from reaching level 80, which I am now only 5 levels away from, so what is next for Bobby? Well, Bobby is now 20 years old, having selected a starting age of 19 and playing for one in game year and being a human, he is starting to notice all the couples wandering around Krondor and wants in on the action, so to speak. Midkemia Online has the mechanics for characters to be joined together as husband and wife, but in order to do so you first need to develop a relationship with another character and progress it until you feel you are ready to get engaged. Once your characters have been engaged for a certain amount of time it is then possible to have a priest sanction the marriage and perform the ceremony to link the two characters. I must admit that when I first heard about this mechanic I was rather skeptical, what if my characters beloved is actually a guy in real life, what if he or she is actually teenager or my biggest concern… What happens if once I am in a relationship, my other half wants to get physical? According to the help files in MKO, all interactions and commands used in game are considered in character, but in these situations it is always a good idea to get to know the player as well as the character so that ground rules can be set in advance, but hey I am getting ahead of myself here.

in this image you will see my SCORE along with the HONORS line of the character belonging to the Order Head of my Sect. As you can see, she has achieved a couple of great Honors and is noted as taking the hand of another in Marriage.

There are a few girls that have caught Bobby’s eye in Krondor and at least a few of them has shown a little interest in return. Now in real life I am a married man and completely happy with my situation, and so what I am looking for in game is a character who I can get on with, will not want or expect any form of sexual roleplay and is at least 18 years of age. I do not care what the gender of the player is as long as the character is a female human I am pretty much happy. So my first long term goal will be to set up some roleplay with some of these fine specimens to test the water, and if Bobby feels a connection and gets a little reciprocation in the mild flirting’s I can begin to develop a rapport with player and character in order to gain Bobby a wife. Who knows, in future he may even have a child and after a period of time it is possible for another player to then create the character that will take over from your interactions through emotes and turn it into an actual character in the game thus completing your roleplay family.

Now that I have personal goals in MKO I also need a set of professional goals, now that I am recognized as a Scout in the Eagles Squadron of the Pathfinders, it is time to further perfect the skills I have learned so that I can become a Tracker and eventually a strike sergeant so that I can lead the army on raids into enemy controlled territory and recapture them for Krondor. There is always something to be done and with most of the information that has been collected on our enemies in the North changing regularly, there is always tracking, scouting and stalking to be done.

If you want to carve out your own hero, where better than in Midkemia Online? Give it a try, you won’t regret it. 

Only Fools and Horses, The great mount robbery in Midkemia Online.

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday April 13 2012 at 4:39PM
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The story continues with Scout Bobby in Midkemia Online.


So I logged in this morning and started prepping for a nice long day of hunting in order to get some gold for the new weapons I need. Whilst wandering around the city I was approached by the mail courier who handed me my day’s mail with a smile and a nod and went about his business while leaving me to mine. Now I was not expecting a letter, least of all the letter that I received and so I checked the seal to see who it was from. Now I had never met the person who the seal belonged to, let alone met her but a quick check of her honors score showed her to be a member of the bastion city in the north, Sar-Sargoth. Those of you who remember my first few blog posts will remember that relations between my city of Krondor and Sar-Sargoth in the North are cease-fire at best, all-out war most other times, so as you may guess, my interest was piqued.

I opened the letter to see what this unknown enemy had to say to me that was so important that it warranted a letter. Basically what had happened was she had stumbled upon a horse in her city that belonged to me, now in Midkemia Online all mountable pets are loyal to the person who tamed them. Pretty much anyone can ride them but only its true master can lead them anywhere or give them commands. As such, you are very limited to what you can do with a stolen horse, though it is very easy to hide one somewhere irretrievable by its owner. As the horse was in her city, I was unable to retrieve it myself due to the guards there.

What this person wanted was for me to pay a ransom for the safe return of the horse, now this horse had been missing in action for over half a year in game terms, which is around 2 weeks in real life. I had been riding the horse through the plains just south of Sar-Sargoth looking for groves of trees that I could chop down and I found myself in the lair of a large, mutated dragon. OMGWTF... needless to say the Dragon handed me my own ass and that was that. By the time I went through the resurrection phase and returned to the horse it had been taken, I followed its tracks to the gates of Sar-Sargoth and wrote it off as a loss, it was only worth 1 gold piece after all but I digress…

The demands were simple, send me 50 silver in a letter and I will return the horse to you –IF- I am able, but be quick as this offer will not stand for long. I literally wet myself laughing at these demands and hastily penned a response stating that in no uncertain terms would I be paying any ransoms or negotiating any terms for the release. Either return it or kill it, I said.


Well, turns out this Moredhel had a notion of having a heart, “but this horse looks so sad without its owner, I would love to see it ridden by its rightful owner” she then went on to claim that all she needed was a few silver to help her to get a mount of her own. An evil plan started to formulate in my head. Well then, I told her. “If you need your own mount, why not have me gift the horse to you so that you may use it? It would save me the bother of having to pay to stable a second horse. I asked that she ride the horse to me in a village close to my city where I would gladly transfer the ownership and a few minutes later there she was. Now this Moredhel I might add was a very new character, from my assessment of her she appeared to be around 5% of my might and she was unranked and so it would not have been very nice to simply kill her for the mount back. Plus I had told her to bring an escort, though I guess she trusted me? Anyways, I told her that she would need to dismount from the horse so that I could gift it. I am not sure if it is actually right that a horse needs to be rider less for this, but that was my bluff. Quick as a flash I vaulted onto the mount and scarpered home, sending her a little message of thanks along my way.

I thoroughly enjoyed these little interactions, and because the person in question appeared to be relatively new to the game, though this may or may not be the case I decided to mail her a few silver for her troubles along with a little banter which hinted as to why I behaved as I did.

Just want to say that the unique roleplay experiences coupled with fantastic gameplay is what keeps me playing Midkemia Online every day.

April Promotions and Why I keep on coming back to Midkemia Online.

Posted by Kedlin84 Wednesday April 11 2012 at 2:22PM
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Monthly promotions and reasons to keep playing in Midkemia Online.
Every month in Midkemia Online there are various events and promotions which are designed to reward the players of the game for playing. This month there are a number of incentives for us to play.
The first is a LOGIN BONUS, the login bonus for Midkemia Online this month is 3 Ishapian Tokens. By logging in at least once a day for 21 days out of 30 you will automatically be granted three tokens to your character which can either be traded for Credits – An in game currency used for character advancement/customization, for Gold, the in-game currency used to purchase items in character or the main use, to buy rare and exotic items from the Emporium of Wonders. I plan on spending my tokens on a rare item from within the emporium as most of the items add flavor to your characters roleplay and generally they reset to your inventory which prevents them from being lost or stolen which is unusual in itself for items in Midkemia Online.
Another ongoing promotion is that there is an option to buy limited edition Artifacts directly from the Midkemia Online webpage, rather than having to save up or buy credits in game. The most bought of these artifacts being a Cache of Ruthias bounty. These relatively cheap artifacts can be opened to bestow a random item from within the game to your character; this can be anything from a sum of gold or credits up to and including the rarest of rare and exotic pets, non-combat pets, mounts with special abilities and even the most expensive artifacts available in game. It is all down to luck. In the three caches I have bought I received a super cool Walrus mount, complete with red ribbon tied to his tusks, and artifact that allows me to gain double experience for 24 hours after activation and a bundle of credits worth around $60. In all I must say I have been very happy with this month’s promotions so far.
The third Announcement for the month of April was that at some point in April there would be an auction for unique and one off items for your character in game. This will be either the third or fourth time in the history of the game that the in game auctions have come around and from past experiences I can say that the items in the auction are insanely popular and everyone will want to get in on the action. I remember some of the auctions last time included chests that prevented any items inside it from losing decay time while stored, all weapons and armor in Midkemia Online have a decay value in Midkemian Days and the item is destroyed on expiration. These chests allowed the lucky winners to have a safe place to store their favorite equipment without worry. Another lucky player won his own Shop wherever he chose to set it up in game so that he could sell his wares to anyone who wanted to buy them at a great profit just by choosing a location frequented by many players and keeping the shop stocked. The only other shops that are player run are located inside the major three cities and are limited in number and can only be rented from the city at great expense. However the most sought after item was a custom made pet with custom abilities and emotes, and the great thing about this pet is that it is technically immortal as if it is killed it can be re summoned. This will never happen with the generic pets and mounts that can be bought in game, these pets will be designed entirely by the winning bidder.
The final part of April’s promotions is the Announcement of a Great Hunt which will start at 00:01 on the 29th of April and run until 23:59 on April 30th. I absolutely love Great Hunts, a great hunt is where all players will compete with each other over a 48 hour period with double experience and vie for points by seeking out and killing as many NPC’s or Denizens as they can, getting rewarded more points depending on the size and power of the things they choose to hunt. Everybody who participates in the hunt will receive a bonus of credits to their character for reaching certain checkpoints as they go while the top 10 hunters will receive an even larger credit prize and the person who gets first will receive a unique honors line in his HONORS list showing everyone in game how he came first in the Hunt. I get really excited for Great Hunts and in order to do as well as I can I have already begun my preparations by seeking out good quality commodities so that I can craft the best two swords I possibly can so that I can dual wield and take down my quarry as quickly and efficiently as I can.
Join me in Midkemia Online and take part in Epic hunts and awesome roleplay with a fantastic community of gamers and role-players alike.

Supply and Demand - Crafting and making money in Midkemia Online.

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday April 7 2012 at 5:07AM
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Crafting and trading, the way of the Smith in Midkemia Online.

Having a few lessons to spare in Midkemia Online I decided that it was time to branch out my roleplay and take on a profession. As a soldier, the obvious choice for me was smithing as it allows for the crafting of weapons andarmoras well as having a few utility skills to throw into the mix such as the crafting of tools and the repairing of other people’s equipment.

So I got together my registration fee of 1 gold and headed to the headquarters of the Crafters Guild to register as an apprentice craftsman and receive my design book. Unlike other MMOs, crafting in Midkemia Online does not have set pieces that have been designed by the games creator. Every item of clothing, every accessory and every weapon and piece ofarmorhas been designed by a player within the game. When creating a new design you simply request a pattern for your design book of the corresponding item and then the customization is completely down to you.

These are the skills I learned with the lessons I had available. It is about two thirds of available designs, now to learn the other third so that I can craft plate armor as well as leather.

For my first design, I wanted something basic and crude as I want to roleplay my skills improving as I design more items to be made. When making new items you can decide whether to keep the design to yourself or allow it to be accessed by other crafters. If you make it private then only the designer and people who the design has been shared with will be able to craft the specific item which means the crafted item may be able to be sold at a slightly higher price, if the design is good enough that people want to use it that is. The upside of making a design public is that whenever another crafter makes an item that has been designed by you; you get a little extra experience to your character.

My first design


Inventory description: a heavy looking cast iron saber

Dropped description: A heavy looking cast iron saber has been left to rust here.

Viewed Description: This simple saber has been cast in iron and its surface remains unfinished and dull with small lumps of iron marring the surface. The edges of the saber have been sharpened with a whetstone and despite its poor craftsmanship the edges are keen and capable of slicing through flesh and bone. A simple strip of leather has been tied to the cross guard and wrapped tightly around the hilt and tied in a crude knot just above the pommel.


As you can see I went for a very basic Iron saber. Other than designing the actual saber, you also have to describe the steps taken to make the saber and also specify what commodities are needed in order to craft the item. Once all these details are finalized you then have to submit the design for approval to the crafters guild, which generally takes a day or two so that the design can be checked for spelling, grammar and that it fits in with the crafting guidelines.

Once a design has been approved, you then need to gather the commodities needed to craft the item, in this case 48 pieces of Iron and 2 pieces of leather. Each commodity has a set of stats which will affect the stats of the finished weapon. For a saber, I typically want commodities that have stats that contribute to speed as each type of weapon has a preferred stat such as Speed, Precision and Damage, which I will discuss another time.

Once I had finished learning what I could of smithing with the lessons I had available and I had submitted my first design I decided to try and make a little money with my new trade skill and after a quick message over my city channel I had three people come to me for armor repairs and I earned a little over one gold in tips which instantly earned me back my membership to the crafters guild.

Now all I need to do is await the return of my saber design from the crafters guild so that I can be on my way to becoming the number one smith in Midkemia Online.

Soldiering on and aiding my Citymates during times of conflict.

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday April 6 2012 at 12:29PM
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Another day in the life of a Royal Krondorian Pathfinder in Midkemia Online.

I have been playing my Soldier in Midkemia Online for around 3 weeks now and I must say that it is only getting better the more I play him. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to even try the class.

I was out hunting the other day to gather essence for my Order when I was suddenly attacked by a city enemy, unprovoked I might add. Now usually it is considered bad form to attack an enemy while they are hunting, especially if it is unprovoked and you do not see it happen very often. Now, having only played a soldier for a relatively short time and having never participated in PvP as a Soldier, my first reaction was OMGWTF should I do. The first thing I did was to call for back up over my City channel and then I proceeded to try to defend against my foe as best as I could while waiting for the backup to arrive. I threw a couple of my basic attacks at her to keep my adrenaline up and eventually help arrived in the form of a well-known Magician who resides in my city. He made short work of the nasty little elf and I was free to carry on about my business.

This little encounter got me to thinking; maybe it was time to learn how to fight so that I can take on the enemies myself with an idea of being able to take part in the ongoing city conflicts of Midkemia Online. I started by attending a training session in my guild hall where I was taught the basics of Soldier combat and some rudimentary tactics and combos to get me started. After around 30 minutes I was ready and felt I knew enough as to defend myself should it happen again.

After a little roleplay in the city I prepared myself to return to hunting and within minutes of starting my hunt another Citymate was calling for assistance as he was being attacked by a notorious thief. With my new found skills I immediately set to travelling to the place of the combat and began to attack the person in question who immediately turned his focus on me as I began shielding his victim from harm.  Unbeknown to me, in his attempt at defending himself the one who had called for aid had set up what is known as a Supernova, a devastating area of effect spell that causes massive damage. As the battle wore on the fight was joined by three more from our city and another four from the enemy city, making for a large scale combat. The tide of battle began to turn and we had killed the thief and almost killed the second attacker when BOOOM!!

The supernova had gone off taking everyone in the room with it, all 7 of us who were left in the room. I learned a lot from that battle and had a good laugh about it too, on return from the halls of death that is.

I am now ready to take part in the two big Siege events and the constant battle that involves capturing or assisting with the control or liberation of the many towns in Midkemia Online.

A Casual week for the Harcore Gamer

Posted by Kedlin84 Wednesday April 4 2012 at 12:20PM
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My life deep in mud within Midkemia Online!

This week I have found myself with only a few hours here and there in which to get in some serious gaming. Now usually I get to play my favourite game MKO for around 4-5 hours per day, which is great. So, what to do with my limited sessions online?

That’s the great thing about Midkemia Online, even after taking a few days off or when only able to commit a few hours per week there is always something interesting to be done. You don't lose out on anything as a casual gamer as you do with some MMOs out there. One day I was only able to get in around an hour, so I maximised on this for the most fun I could have in such a small space of time. So the first thing I did was I looked to see who was online within my city and found that there was an avid chess player and a frequent gambler currently online. I spent the first 15 minutes in the gambling den playing a few hands of Pokiir, I won my first few hands but then I managed to lose around 1 gold in a very short space of time, though I have struck it lucky on a number of occasions. So counting my losses I decided to ask if anyone wanted a quick game of shah or chess to me and you. I quickly found a willing opponent and found myself fighting a battle which seemed to sway in both directions before I finally managed to pull through by focussing big moves down one side of the board whilst subtly setting up an offense on the other. Having putting my opponent into checkmate I found I still had 15 minutes to kill before I had to leave for work. Heading to the tavern I found a few of the cities characters having a good knees up and talking rubbish about the weeks happening which was a very welcome roleplay session before having to log out.

Whatever you are into roleplaying, you are never far from being entertained in Midkemia Online. Whether you are converting denizens for your holy order, listening to a bard telling grand tales of epic proportions, out mining for precious ore or bashing for coin and experience. Everything within the game can be done for as long as you are able or for extended periods whenever it suits you. There is always something you can be doing and something to do that fits in with whatever mood you are in. Feeling a little stressed? Head on out to your favourite bashing grounds and start taking on the denizens there, brutally assaulting them for coin and experience. If you are feeling jovial, get in on some roleplay with your peers, pull a few pranks or set up some elaborate roleplay situations that can get others involved and will be a great way to develop your character in the long run.

Gathering comms is just one of the many ways to pass the time for coin or experience.

Some of the other things I have done this week during my limited free time this week have been to find myself an order to devote myself to and building up a relationship with the order head, gathering essence to help the Order to unlock some new privileges, a little questing and bashing, an hour gathering commodities and lots of fun roleplay. All of these things providing me with coin or experience whilst keeping me in the loop.

If you love to roleplay or play MMOs, whether a casual gamer or hard-core then there is always something for you to do in Midkemia Online.

Gaming and Roleplay - Finding a balance,

Posted by Kedlin84 Monday April 2 2012 at 7:33AM
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Playing out my role in Midkemia Online.

As a long time player of role playing games, be they table top pen and paper, live action, offline console RP games and mmos I have always been a big fan of personal roleplay. In my experience, with graphical games at least I have often felt limited on what I could or could not do. There are no barriers in MKO; none at all save for that which goes against canon. You wanna play a badass thief and actually go out there and rob the fellow players of all their worldly possessions? Go for it, there’s nothing stopping you. Although unlike most graphical MMO's there will be consequences. If you play a thief in Midkemia Online you can expect to be reviled by those you have stolen from and will likely be chased down whenever you decide to go near any of the organizations that have members you have stolen from but for the thief character that is half the fun.

Personally I have never role played someone inherently evil, I don't enjoy it one bit. But don't get me wrong, I do love it when a thief makes me his victim... or at least tries to. There are always ways to prevent theft and if done properly you will be relatively safe though there is nothing more fun than chasing down said thief for an epic battle of good vs. evil.

My character, as you may know from my previous entries is a member of an elite military organization, and as a result his roleplay leads him to encounter many characters from different walks of life. Be it aiding the Eledhel who are allies of a sort against some of dark brotherhood, breaking up a fight between drunken dwarves or protecting the citizens of our city from a raiding party. With Midkemia Online you are never far from roleplay, every action you take in the game is considered in character and as such whether you are killing ghosts in the Hadati Crypts or hunting the Moredhel in the mines of Caldara. You should always be mindful of the loyalties of the denizens you choose to kill.

Would an honorable soldier of the kingdom butcher the farmers who work the lands outside the city? Of course they wouldn't. But the possibility exists. As a player in MKO all the choices are down to you, how you roleplay your character will affect how every other person in the game will see your character.

In game, though every action is essentially roleplay. Some would say that the only roleplay that makes a difference is the roleplay that is seen and participated in with other characters. Some would argue that while out bashing, or hunting as it is known in character that this is not considered roleplay and as such some people who would roleplay a good Knight or caring priest will sometimes kill or hunt things that are essentially just civilian non player characters who may even be affiliated with the same organizations from a canon point of view, just for the quick experience. It is here that a balance should be struck for who knows what could happen to your character should an ally stumble across you hacking and slashing your way through a neighboring village. As all factions are player run, you could find yourself in very deep water.

It is this unrestrained environment that keeps me coming back to Midkemia Online and allows me to enjoy my RP Gaming more than ever before.