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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Holy Orders and player driven organistaions in MKO

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday March 30 2012 at 11:50AM
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Being part of a player driven community and helping to forge the world and its factions in Midkemia Online.

You may remember me speaking about the high ranking members of the various cities and guilds within Midkemia Online and also the involvement of the Gods and Admin in the flow of the game and ever changing story.

This post is inspired by the new in-game announcement of changes that have been made to the Holy Orders system within Midkemia. Up until now all the Gods in the Pantheon of Midkemia have had two distinct sects with different ideals and philosophies based on different aspects of the chosen God. Each sect has had an Order Head who was elected by the God him or herself to establish the tenets and ideals that all members could follow. However there was no way for the Order Head to be contested for his position and could largely do as he or she pleased provided that no tenets or ideals of the god were violated. The Orders would increase in power through essence, which could be offered at the shrines of each sect which allowed for certain blessings or upgrades to be called upon using the essence to pay for them.

This concept was not in-line with the lore of Midkemia and the system has had a complete overhaul. Orders have now been left entirely to the hands of the players and new cults can be created by any priest and to any god, provided that the concept behind the new organization is in line with an aspect of the chosen god (Each God in Midkemia Online has many aspects and can be looked upon in many different ways.). By creating a new Cult in reverence to a god you then have to maintain it and have it grow in influence so that it may be recognized as an official sect. To do this you need to convince other players to join and help you spread the word of the teachings of your new cult. Once you have sufficient followers then you can head out and convert non player characters or denizens as they are known in game in order for you to gain essence and Holy Communion. By doing this your Cult will eventually become an official sect and you can then construct a temple and erect shrines in reverence to your chosen deity. Another major change to the order system means that all Cults and Sects are now Democratic and the leadership positions can be contested so that the members can vote on whom they wish to see lead the organization. This means that should an Order Head or God "disappear" for a little while then the Order will not stagnate and will be able to continue to grow and flourish. Also Divine Favors (Blessings to your stats and a small change to your description) can now be gained by entering a simple command provided that your holy communion is high enough, rather than having to wait for your chosen god to bestow the blessings themselves.

All these changes allow the order system in Midkemia Online to tie in more closely with the lore of the Midkemia universe and allows for more player involvement in forming the world in which we play.

All the cities and guilds within Midkemia are run exclusively by the players and as a result everyone who plays Midkemia Online is adding to the game for future players.

Come play Midkemia Online with me and contribute to a fantastic world that is growing daily.