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My life deep in MUD, an MKO blog.

I am an avid Roleplayer in the world of Midkemia Online. A text based MMORPG or MUD based on the bestselling Riftwars Novels by Raymond E. Feist. This is MY story...

Author: Kedlin84

Holy Orders and player driven organistaions in MKO

Posted by Kedlin84 Friday March 30 2012 at 11:50AM
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Being part of a player driven community and helping to forge the world and its factions in Midkemia Online.

You may remember me speaking about the high ranking members of the various cities and guilds within Midkemia Online and also the involvement of the Gods and Admin in the flow of the game and ever changing story.

This post is inspired by the new in-game announcement of changes that have been made to the Holy Orders system within Midkemia. Up until now all the Gods in the Pantheon of Midkemia have had two distinct sects with different ideals and philosophies based on different aspects of the chosen God. Each sect has had an Order Head who was elected by the God him or herself to establish the tenets and ideals that all members could follow. However there was no way for the Order Head to be contested for his position and could largely do as he or she pleased provided that no tenets or ideals of the god were violated. The Orders would increase in power through essence, which could be offered at the shrines of each sect which allowed for certain blessings or upgrades to be called upon using the essence to pay for them.

This concept was not in-line with the lore of Midkemia and the system has had a complete overhaul. Orders have now been left entirely to the hands of the players and new cults can be created by any priest and to any god, provided that the concept behind the new organization is in line with an aspect of the chosen god (Each God in Midkemia Online has many aspects and can be looked upon in many different ways.). By creating a new Cult in reverence to a god you then have to maintain it and have it grow in influence so that it may be recognized as an official sect. To do this you need to convince other players to join and help you spread the word of the teachings of your new cult. Once you have sufficient followers then you can head out and convert non player characters or denizens as they are known in game in order for you to gain essence and Holy Communion. By doing this your Cult will eventually become an official sect and you can then construct a temple and erect shrines in reverence to your chosen deity. Another major change to the order system means that all Cults and Sects are now Democratic and the leadership positions can be contested so that the members can vote on whom they wish to see lead the organization. This means that should an Order Head or God "disappear" for a little while then the Order will not stagnate and will be able to continue to grow and flourish. Also Divine Favors (Blessings to your stats and a small change to your description) can now be gained by entering a simple command provided that your holy communion is high enough, rather than having to wait for your chosen god to bestow the blessings themselves.

All these changes allow the order system in Midkemia Online to tie in more closely with the lore of the Midkemia universe and allows for more player involvement in forming the world in which we play.

All the cities and guilds within Midkemia are run exclusively by the players and as a result everyone who plays Midkemia Online is adding to the game for future players.

Come play Midkemia Online with me and contribute to a fantastic world that is growing daily.

Soldiering on and finding my feet as a Royal Krondorian Pathfinder.

Posted by Kedlin84 Wednesday March 28 2012 at 12:53PM
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Another day in the life of a Soldier in Midkemia Online.

Hello again.

So far I have talked about what exactly Midkemia Online is all about and how to get started with the different choices you face when starting a new character. At the end of my last post I spoke about joining one of the many guilds in the world of MKO and eventually decided on the Pathfinders.

Upon joining the Pathfinders I was presented with the basic rules of the guild and immediately jumped right into the roleplay surrounding the Guild. It was made very interesting by the guild aides and leaders or Sergeants, Captains and Generals as they are known in the game. All the players I met were very friendly and played the roles of their characters very well. I was instructed in the ways of Soldiering and take on a routine patrol where the territories protected by the Pathfinders lay.

Once my Sergeant was happy that I knew what I needed to know in order to learn what I needed to learn to graduate my Novice hood and get promoted from Cadet to Recruit I was left to my own devices though support was ready available on the Novice mind link (Mind links are the forms of between organizations and factions) and I was regularly given advice and words of encouragement on my progress.

I started by exploring all the towns and villages of the local areas and met some great people along the way both player characters and some fun non player characters who had some interesting quests for me to help them with. Once I was happy that I knew how to get around and where everything was that I needed it was time to hit one of the local bars in the city to unwind and chat about the day’s events over a cold ale and some hearty food. I quickly found myself making many new friends in the city and took great pleasure in an hour of roleplay with around 9 different players.

After a little more exploring and spending a little time in some of the hunting grounds I finally felt I had learned everything I needed to for promotion but as I was about to ask for my Novice test a ruckus broke out in the skies as an argument developed between one of the Gods (The gods in MKO are real people who are responsible for running the game, coding and administration and Admin run events happen on an almost daily basis with bigger events once or twice a month) and Clarence, the events announcer. This ruckus ended with the start of a Bloodbath - A Player vs. Player event where everyone is encouraged to fight for points, regardless of faction to appease the gods. Being fairly new and having not taken part in PvP I decided not to flag myself for the even t but took great pleasure in watching the events unfold. Once the event was over I was finally able to take my test and join the ranks as a full member of the pathfinders.

After seeing how much fun was had by others in the bloodbath I was quick to ask the Pathfinders to join in on the training sessions where I was taught the basics of PvP combat and took part in a few duels, even managing to win one.

I can't believe how refreshing this new character has been and I can't remember the last time I have had this much fun playing a game.

Until the next post I will very much be deep in MUD, adventuring within Midkemia Online, a text based MMO by the Iron Realms.

Life as a Newbie in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Sunday March 25 2012 at 9:26AM
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After playing Midkemia Online for over two years now as the same character I felt it was time to start a new character in one of the other available organizations and roleplay a completely different type of person.

Starting a new character in a MUD may seem a little daunting, especially for new players but Midkemia Online's intro is very helpful in setting the scene and introducing all the controls in a safe environment whilst teaching you everything you need to know about the gameplay.

I decided to create a Kingdom human and once I had selected my race and gender the intro began. The introduction has an immersive story based on the lore of Midkemia and is based on the "Choosing" as it is seen in the books, which is essentially the day at which all boys and girls of the Kingdom stand before the assembled Masters who need new apprentices. The masters there who are looking for apprentices are the Swordsmaster and the Master Magician along with a Priest for those of age who feel a calling to the Priesthood. I was also approached by a boy who told me that if I did not want to join one of the masters, that I could always turn my back on them and live the life of a rogue.

After speaking to each of the masters and gaining a little info on each class I finally decided to become a soldier. Already ideas were forming in my mind for his background; things that occurred during the 4 years (or more depending on race or chosen age) that essentially take place between the time of the choosing and the start of your characters life in Midkemia Online. And so begins my training for life as a soldier. I am taught about all the forms of communication within the game and all about the stats that affect me and how to learn to improve the various skills that come with being a soldier. Once my initial training with the Swordsmaster is complete I get to sleep, the next four years flashing before my eyes as though in a dream and I awake in the central location of Krondor.

On awaking I am immediately greeted by one of the five Court Barons, the ruling council of the city of Krondor and in the greeting I am told of two help files that can help me get started within the world of Midkemia Online. The first one is HELP WHATNOW which details everything you need to know as a Newbie such as where to go to spend your lessons on new skills, where to hunt, what to avoid to how to get about and where to go to learn about the guilds available and how to join one. You also gain access to a teleportation device to access the PORTALS room within the Hall of Worlds which allows you to get about very quickly as a Newbie while you learn the lay of the lands. The second help scroll I am told about is the CHELP WELCOME which welcomes you to Krondor and explains in detail what is expected of you as a citizen. Both these help files have references to other help files that will help you get started.

This may seem like a lot of reading at first but as you play it becomes second nature to pick out what you need from the text displayed. So once I am satisfied I head to my trainer, the Soldier Tovan in the barracks and begin to learn my skills in Arms and Warcraft so that I can begin exploring the newbie areas listed in the previous help file.

The newbie areas I found were full of lore and information about the world of Midkemia all cleverly hidden in the quests provided. For a new player all this information would be very valuable and it is taught very unobtrusively and fits very well. The quests are very fluid and by doing them you are learning all the various commands used during play and how to explore and search for things of use. These areas are also a very good introduction to bashing grounds and how to use your skills to bring down the denizens or NPCs of the world. I quickly found myself rising through the first couple of levels and once I hit level 10 I decided to check the TASKS to see what tasks were recommended for Newbies to complete, one of the first being to join a guild.

Finding the Guild administrator was a simple case of using my portals and taking the exit needed to enter the guild administration hall, where I was given all the information needed to help me decide on a guild. I eventually decided on the Pathfinders as they closely fitted my desired roleplay and upon joining them I was quickly greeted over the Pathfinders channel and welcomed by all of the Pathfinders online at the time.  Joining a guild is where the game really gets started as it is during your Novice period within the guild that all of your peers will help you get settled into Midkemia Online and teach you the more advanced aspects of the game such as Player vs. Player and the politics and conflicts within the world.

Thank you for reading and check back soon to see how I got on as a Novice Soldier within the Pathfinders in Midkemia Online, a text based MMO adventure published by the Iron Realms

Getting started in Midkemia Online

Posted by Kedlin84 Saturday March 24 2012 at 2:54PM
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Midkemia Online is a fantastic world which is based on the Rift War books by Raymond E Feist. When I first heard that there was a game being made set in this world I was overjoyed, as I have been a fan of the Midkemia novels since my early teens though when I realised that this game was a text based adventure I was really quite skeptical. When the game finally went live in December 2009 I jumped straight in and made a character. It took a little time to get used to the format but after an hour or so, I had mastered the base commands used to control the game and I was hooked.

What I love about Midkemia Online is the customisation. Your character can be made to look however you want, from height and weight, skin color, scars, you name it. How your character looks has no limit. Well, within reason at least. As long as your description fits the race you have chosen then it is all good. Also of note is that every item of clothing, armor and all the weaponary have been designed and crafted by the player base. By taking up either the smithing or tailoring (or both) professions you are able to learn how to design and make all manner of clothing, armor and weaponary and how you design it will dictate how it looks when it is being worn, wielded or used. You also have the option to design and build your own estates which can be anything from a single room or shack to sprawling castles and towers. You really have no limit as to what kind of player housing you want to build, though larger estates obviously cost a significant amount more to purchase.

Midkemia has four unique class combinations to choose from, these are:

Priests, Magicians, Soldiers, and Rogues

All of which can be further specialised through tertiary skills such as Bard or Thief for Rogues, Beserker or soon to be released Swords Masters for Soldiers and either Psionic mind magic or Demonology for Magicians. The tertiary skills for Priests are dictated by the Religious Order you devote yourself to.

Every class offers a unique way to play your character and roleplay largely changes between each class. As well as offensive and healing skills used in bashing and PVP there are also many skills which add utilty, roleplay and flavor to the class and everyone is able to play there class differently and add something new to the game.

Midkemia Online has many organisations to be a part of, all of which are player driven and maintained. The three main factions you will first come across along with there respective guilds are;

Sar-Sargoth, the great bastion city of the Northlands. Those who reside here are the vicious and deadly Moredhel Elves, Trolls and Goblins. You can also find Renegade Humans and sometimes the ocasional Eledhel who has fallen out of touch with Elvandar. Sar-Sargoth is home to two main clans, The powerful and feared Clan Dragon and the subtle, but no less powerful Clan Raven.

The great forestal city of Elvandar, Home of the Eledhel Elves, a traditionally reclusive race who are lead by the Elven Queen Aglaranna and her Council. The Eledhel cherish the forest they call home and stop at nothing to protect it. Elvandar is home to the Queens Guard, dedicated to fight for the city and keep it safe and also the Spellweavers, who are responsible for maintaining the magic of the Eledhel and harnessing the magic of the forest to maintain the magical defences of the city.

Then we have Krondor, the Kingdom of the Isles capital city in the West, home to the noble Kingdom humans, the Tsurani - a race of slightly shorter humans who are descended from the Tsurani left behind after the Rift Wars. Krondor is also home to some Dwarves who can usually be seen getting drunk in the many taverns or singing bawdy songs.. when not out fighting and hunting that is. The guilds of Krondor are the Royal Krondorian Pathfinders, an elite branch of Krondors military and the super secret Mockers, the criminal underworld of the Kingdom.

There are also two other guilds; one is Stardock, an Academy of Magicians who are neutral towards all cities and then there is the Nighthawkes, an assassins guild that you won't be able to just join, they are perhaps the most secret organisation in the game and very little is known about them.

That is an introduction to Midkemia Online, a free to play MUD published by the Iron Realms

My next blog will be on the topic of your first few days as a novice in Midkemia Online. Check back soon and thank you for reading.