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MMORPG Problems with today's players

Hello To all that do not know me and well met.Today i will talk about the diffrent types of players we have playing these type of games. I am not a expert by any means i do own every P2P mmo out on the market and a few free ones as well.

Author: Kazlin

Diffrent types of players

Posted by Kazlin Saturday February 7 2009 at 9:53PM
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Hardcore The hardcore player is the first to be talked about due to myself use to be one for a long time out of the 10 years playing eq1 i want to say the first 5 were hardcore .What is a hardcore player you may ask ? a Hardcore player strives to have everything done in the game he wants all the best gear and will get it he wants to have beaten every encounter in every zone.Nothing stops this player from acheiveing it he will spend 12 hours a day on the game to get his goal accomplished.I have done this when i was younger and cold spend the time on the game that long due to no worries about a job and etc.Now that im older and have kids this is hard for me to be although i still belive i am one of thease players at heart just cant seem to find where we all have gone since the days of EQ1.


The second is PvPers you guys are a bunch of killing machines you are hardcore and softcore all in the same some of you enjoy open world PvP where anything go's and some of you enjoy your little areas and Battlegrounds to do it in and nag the ppl who dont like to be ganked by 1000 ppl at once and yell and scream for a 1 on 1 match. I know this as well because i am also one of thease where you kill or be killed and like to 1 on 1 alot of the time but hate getting open world gamnked by 5 members of the opposite faction all the time. there are a few games out there for this crowd and most games have PvP servers to cater to this crowd but you will tend to find the more softcore PvPers are on a PvE server doing the arena or battlegrounds and etc.


now here comes my least favorite sorry guys but i am not one of thease but i see the diffrence why you do play thease games.

The last spot is awarded to Casual Players yes im refering to 75% of the WoW population i am no way a troll or a hater of WoW i definatly see the intrest of it to most players but also see why its hated by the rest of the population.But anyways here is the dscription of you guys for you guys/girls you want all the best stuff just like hardcore gamers but dont care ifg it takes you 20 years to get it its there and its not going anywhere anytime soon so its no factor for you guys.You are allso on a game time budget because you have RL things to do ex wash the cloths watch the kids go to work thease lists can go on and on with the various reasons why they can not play more the 3 hours at the max a night.all 3 Player bases arethe same in the end we play to have fun and etc and we are all entitled to play the same game. and i think that is why wow is so popular well one of the reasons actually because it dose cater to you guys more then the rest you casual folks have ruined most of the fun for the Hardcore raiders and etc because you wanted to raid dungeons and instances but didnt want to have to spend 8 hours to clear it and i as a parent understand that part but its also not just adults that fit into this category its tweens and teens. I have a 11 year old nephew who plays WoW and he likes it because he can pick it up and be good at it as well as the grafics appeal to him and when he comes over im playing EQ1 or Vanguard and he wants to play it but dosnt have the skills required to be good at it and dosnt want to spend the 8 hours raiding  Plane of Time just for a drop with 75 other guildies . So as i see it this is what happened to most of the Hardcore gamers we have turned into casual gamers who want things for little to no effort instead of actually working there tail off for months at a time to earn the things they want. Like for example Epic Weapons in EQ1 when they were added there was nothing that was better then them at all. it took you months to obtain them but when you did you felt a huge burst of happyness from inside and was showing it off saying look what i just got after this about of time it took me and it was worth it because you actually felt like you gained something from your hard work. well i will leave on that note untill next week or so  have a fun and safe weekend all.

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