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Tales Runner Review

Tales Runner for sure is a brand new and off course unique and magnificent Racing/Action MMO. Gamers the requirements for this game is : skills, flexibility, intelligent, reflexes, speed and competitiveness. You got them? Come along!

Author: Kaptenn

Tales Runner Review

Posted by Kaptenn Sunday September 21 2008 at 7:19AM
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Welcome Runners


Tales Runner is not an MMORPG. It is an MMO Racing game. There aren’t a lot of quality games in this genre and I feel that Tales Runner will do extremely well because of its unique gameplay and features. It is a racing game but it also has many of the elements of an RPG. There is a leveling system, a town where players can socialize, as well as an alchemy system that players can use to craft items to help improve their stats. This is not even to mention the scores of items and outfits that each character has access to.

There are multiple game modes; basic races, relay races, 30 player survival races and even a single player mode. For the more social users there is a town in which players can interact, show off their gear, create a family (guild) or become a “couple” with someone else.


Tales Runner has it's own currency known as TR which you receive a certain amount every time you participate in a race (better racing position, better TR you get) or from a minigame. With TR you can buy several Shirts/Pants/Accesories/Hair/Shoes which some give you advantage to your stats and some are just for you appearance and show off.

This amazing gameplay gives YOU the opportunity of showing of your great skills, your intelligent and off course having a lot of fun. If you are looking for some action, THIS is your game. You can Run, Swim, Ski, Jump, Slide, Dodge you can do everything you've ever dreamed of.

Tales Runner is a brand new featured game by Gala-Net, Inc. and Rhaon Entertaiment. Come and join the Open Beta (16th October) at if we can run, you can to, the faster the better!


Tales Runner started it's debut at Asia, Korea and continued with a number of Asian countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, etc. As the time passed Tales Runner started to become more and more famous and loveable from all its users.

Today this game is known as one of the best (if not THE best) racing/action online games ever. Tons of ratings and reviews prove the same.

Its stunning past with the Asian published servers and off course the US Closed Beta striked Tales Runner course for an amazing future. The Open Beta is right up the corner and be ready for a miraculous and remarkable begging.


The Administators/GameMasters of Tales Runner have created for you an exclusivly new and unique website with an amazing layout and design. There you'll find tons of friendly and enjoyful people with a variety of ages which will welcome with open arms.

Here you can find the solution of any in/out game issues you may have. Also there is a variety of F.A.Q. that can read to find a solution for your problem. If that doesn't help either then you can simply pm the GM or you can ask for help at bug section in the forum.

The community of Tales Runner is made as it is so the players are always having fun and having the attention they want and need. When you incounter a problem/big/glitch in Tales Runner you never need to worry, cause a GM or user will always have the time and kindness to help you.

You're in to chatting and saying your opinion for everyone to hear? Here is the place you must be. Feel free to join at we're waiting for you all!

Game Master:

You always believed you're SO good you can even win a Game Master? Well in Tales Runner you CAN! Anytime, anywhere, anyplace they jump in to your room and challenge you to race till the end!

Our Game Master known as "Sl0th" does since the beggining of the Closed Beta (and I'm sure will continue) his work excellent providing us the best perfomance of gameplay and ALWAYS fixes anything that is corrupted on the forum and in-game. You can relay on him anytime for everything!


Tales Runner for sure is a brand new and off course unique and magnificent Racing/Action MMO with some strokes of RPG. It's a game for players that seek action, fun and love competition. Gamers the requirements for this game is : skills, flexibility, intelligent, reflexes, speed and competitiveness. You got them? Come along! You don't? Join and practice on them!

Tales Runner
~Run For Fun~

NotArkard writes:

Good, I mean review.

Sun Sep 21 2008 8:32AM Report
iFroob writes:

You make this game sound way more awesome then it really is.

I doubt you've played this game enough to really see the "Community".

The game is swarmed with 7-12 year old kids who have migrated from other gpotato games, because they got shet loads of mature hate.

Sun Sep 21 2008 10:24AM Report
Aylio writes:

hi kapten!

Have You i Froob? no? ok .

Mon Sep 22 2008 3:19PM Report writes:
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