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Perfect World International Developer Blog

Perfect World International has more than 50 million players worldwide and is one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs to ever be released.

Author: Kantorek

Contributors: frankieraye,therealjayve,

Perfect World: Genesis – A look at the new classes!

Posted by Kantorek Wednesday November 10 2010 at 9:05PM
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Perfect World International: Genesis
An ancient Pan'Gu prophecy had foretold the destruction of Perfect World:
“There will be a time when the beautiful world will cease to exist as we know it today.
The land of Perfect World will suffer destruction the likes of which has never been seen. The world will be torn apart, leaving massive crevasses across its surface. The oceans will rage with turmoil and the tides will swallow everything in their path. The races of the world, thrown into chaos, will not understand what is happening to their beautiful world.”
The time of the prophecy has come.
However, within the depths of the underground, an ancient race of people with arcane powers and innate psychic abilities has foreseen the coming of this post-apocalyptic world. In knowing the future, they have dedicated their lives to prepare for such a day. The time has now come for them to emerge from the underground. They must join the other races of Perfect World and fight alongside them through the coming disaster.
Players will be able to participate in helping to restore the world back to its Perfect state. What changes has the destruction brought upon our Perfect World? What new challenges await you? Prepare yourself for Genesis!
- New Race  –  The Earthguard
- Two new classes -  “Seeker” and “Mystic”
- New areas to explore
- New dungeons
- New monsters and gear
- New guild bases
And now, a look at the Earthguard race and its two new classes!
Earthguard Seeker
The Seeker, possessing incredible strength, expertly wields a massive two-handed claymore. His weapon can be infused with various arcane powers, which, in combination with heavy armor, makes him a fearsome force on any battlefield. Seekers can be male or female.
Earthguard Mystic
The Mystic is a magic-user who draws her power from the planet. In doing so, she has the ability to cast nature-based auras and summon powerful entities to fight by her side. Mystics can be male or female.
UNOCK writes:

... cataclysm?

Thu Nov 11 2010 1:21PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

woah!!!! a new race, a human with a lil thing glowing between the eyes... now that is sooo innovative and creative (sarcasm)

Thu Nov 11 2010 1:47PM Report
spydermr2 writes: Cataclysm? Not creative because it's copying Cataclysm? Except, the idea of "the world was destroyed and remade by a catastrophe" was already done -- in AC2 and EQ2. That idea (remade world from catastrophe) is very old (in MMO years). So yeah, neither Blizzard nor PWI are terribly creative re-using a theme already used. Now, on to the relevant question: are either of them doing it in a way that will be enjoyable to play? Thu Nov 11 2010 8:06PM Report
BerzerkerFox writes:

Not to sound all religious or anything, but according to the Bible and other books... The world has already been through like 3 or so Wipes. So really they are just copying actual history. :)




and lets not forget Pangea, when all of the world's land was one single piece. This has been proven without any doubts, you can't argue against all the pieces of a big earth-sized jigsaw puzzle fitting perfectly together.

Still, I like to reference myself when it comes to lack of innovation. What I mean is: A human is incapable of coming up with anything truly "New" because everything you can invent, such as races/animals or whatever, has been influenced by what you have experienced your entire life. That is why all monsters in video games all share similar traits. A head, or eyes, or limbs. Some have tried a blob or something, but even that is based on amoebas.

Fri Nov 12 2010 4:54AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

??? It's only been 1 wipe

it was the Flood which also wiped out the Dinos that roamed about

Tower of Babel was the event that diversified the planet

changed our skin tones and language so we couldn't do anything like that again.

But this PWI thing DOES sound alot like Cataclysm hmmmm

Fri Nov 12 2010 9:18AM Report
Plageron writes:

Well this game has been in a state of Armegedon for a while now.


So i guess you could say Cataclysm is more or less a copy of this game's idea.

By the the way Perfect World International i believe is supposed to be the first time the Gods came and decided to destroy the far as their game universe goes.

And i think Jade Dynasty is the second it has a definate feel of ancient civilizations already there concept.

Fri Nov 12 2010 12:11PM Report
Damiarch72 writes:

Nah.The Gods got ticked at the events of Planes of Power expansion for Everquest,threw a tantrum ,wrecked a moon...and left.So,Everquest 2 beats both wow and PWI to using that*idea* but really its so...trite..most games use it at one point or another.

Sun Nov 14 2010 12:59PM Report
Plageron writes:

LOL Damiarch72...thats a good one.


Though how do we know it was those gods and not Diablo getting revenge for all the SOJs every one was farming in Diablo 2.

Or maybe its worse....maybe it is all Lord Britishe's Fault.....after the EXodus computer was destroyed(In Ultima III)...Lord British got lost again in the underworld and ended up ticking off the gods and making them cause Armagedon.

Or maybe...just maybe.....someone messed up when they where playing Colosal cave...when they started typing....Throw Rock...they instead of then typing: at wolf

They accidentaly typed: at gods

Which caused this huge mess in the first place.

Mon Nov 15 2010 10:34PM Report
jarriharakka writes:

could the class images be anymore sexist even if they tried to make them more so? i doubt it.

Sun Nov 21 2010 4:13AM Report writes:
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