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Perfect World International Developer Blog

Perfect World International has more than 50 million players worldwide and is one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs to ever be released.

Author: Kantorek

Contributors: frankieraye,therealjayve,

New Instance – Phoenix Valley

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 5:50PM
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Old Khoan was a simple man leading a happy life.
He and the rest of the Phoenix Village inhabitants worked the fields of the most fertile place they had ever known-- Phoenix Valley. But one day, while out in the midday sun, he heard a deafening crack, and as they turned toward the sound, they could hardly believe their eyes; about twenty yards away, an incredibly bright oval was floating just inches off the ground, and before they even had time to postulate as to what witch-craft could have possibly have taken place, a green figure riding some sort of metallic beast came roaring through the light and onto their green fields.
O'Malley (Artist's interpretation from eye-witness account)
This figure was named O'Malley, and from the velocity of his movement and the wild look in his eyes, the villagers might have come to the conclusion that he was being chased by something even more terrifying. They would have been correct, for only moments after he tore past them, the light emitting from the glowing doorway was suddenly blocked by an immense, unmistakable sihlouette-- that of a monstrous Wraith. A moment later, a second Wraith appeared. Then a third and a forth. Now, the people of Phoenix Village could be accused of many things (like growing ridiculously long beards), but acting dim-witted was not one of them, and before the inevitable fifth monster appeared, they had already turned away and begun to flee. 
While they weren't dim-witted, they certainly were slow-footed (and beards didn't help either), and as the Wraiths tore after them, Old Khoan, in a moment of tremendous bravery, yelled an insult at the pursuing monsters to divert their attention from the other villagers, and led them into a nearby cave. Khoan's identical twin brother Khaon saw this action and immediately knew what his sibling had in mind. He ran quickly into his workshop where his two pet Earth Elementals lay, and whispered orders into their craggy ears.
A relieved smile came to Old Khoan's lips at the sight of the two Earth Elementals approaching the cave mouth. "I owe you one, brother," he thought to himself as he turned to the exit, his weary legs expending their last ounce of strength into the leap that took his body, beard and all, just out of the Wraiths' outstretched hands, through the cave's exit, and back into the midday sun. 
The cave was now sealed through the magic of the Earth Elementals, to be entered and exited only at their discretion. Old Khoan would travel to Archosaur where he believed he could find heroes willing to clear out these tunnels that rested only a stone's throw from the now-empty structures of Phoenix Village. Only if this cave were cleared would he feel safe bringing his people back to their homes.
Welcome, everyone, to PWI's newest instance, Phoenix Valley!
This dungeon is chock-full of wraiths that are just itching to be wiped out by you and your squad members-- fun and great EXP are there for the taking as you cleave your way through wraith after wraith!
Phoenix Valley is broken up into four different level ranges:
30 - 44 
45 - 59
60 - 74
75 - 84
To enter Phoenix Valley, all you have to do is:
1. Get a squad of players in the same level bracket.
2. Talk to Khoan the Survivor (571, 646)
3. Head on into the caves and speak to the corresponding Earth Elemental for your level range.
Good luck, Old Khoan and the rest of the displaced villagers are counting on you! writes:
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