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Perfect World International Developer Blog

Perfect World International has more than 50 million players worldwide and is one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs to ever be released.

Author: Kantorek

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Runecrafting Guide

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 5:47PM
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Runecrafting Guide
Are you one of those players who gets great satisfaction from crafting items for yourself and others? Does your faction look to your crafting abilities to help to give them that extra edge? If so, you are just the target audience for PWI's newest crafting skill: Runecrafting.
Runecrafting is basically the creation of consumable items that apply a thirty to sixty minute buff to the weapon of your choice. You can buff your own weapons, or give (sell!) these runes to other players so they can buff their weapons. Just don't give them to the enemy!
This week, we would like to give you a basic guide on how to learn this crafting skill, as it's the first one that requires a bit of a process to learn, unlike the original four.
Step 1: You must be at least level 20 and be at least Aware of Principle in your Spiritual Cultivation.
Step 2: Obtain 2x Divine Honors of the Shadow. To get these, you'll need to supply either the Divine Emissary of the Void (523, 630) or the Divine Emissary of Light (523, 631) with the correct Divine Orders. These orders can be obtained through either Bounty Hunter I quest rewards or, if your faction owns a Guild Base, you can obtain them from there as well. 
Step 3: Once you have the Divine Honors of the Shadow, head over to the Divine Emissary of Shadow (523, 631). Talk to her, select "Divine Goods", then select "Rune". What you see here are the Runecrafting Skillbooks. Select the first one "Runecrafting Skill Lv 1", and trade your two Divine Honors of the Shadow for it.
Step 4: Now head to any Elder and select "Learn Crafting Skill" to learn Runecrafting.
Congratulations! You are now officially a Runecrafter! But your journey only begins here.. there is much to create and learn. Like all other crafting skills, you'll need to start creating items to level up your skill. Crafting Runes requires different levels of Stones and Gems, so get over to the Divine Emissary of Light (523, 631), select the "Craft Rune" option, and get going!
Good luck and enjoy!