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Perfect World International Developer Blog

Perfect World International has more than 50 million players worldwide and is one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs to ever be released.

Author: Kantorek

Contributors: frankieraye,therealjayve,

PWI: Descent Launch!

Posted by Kantorek Tuesday April 10 2012 at 8:59PM
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We at Perfect World Entertainment are very proud to present our latest expansion, PWI: Descent!

Note: For those of you who already have the game client, the quickest way to get into the expansion is by downloading the manual patch here under "Patch Updates"!


This content-rich update touts many great additions to the PWI universe including a new high-level zone, lots of powerful new skills, and the ability to join an Order for further character development. For a full run-down on the major additions to the game, please have a look at the "An Expansion Approaches" news post, and you may also want to check out our teaser site here where you can find the expansion teaser trailer and related screen shots.

Also, we would like to announce 2x EXP/Drops/Spirit for 1 week!

Note: 2x will run from 2/15/2012 until 2/22/12 at 12pm PST.


And finally, we would like to announce and congratulate the 9 Territory Wars Faction Champions!

West Coast

  • Heavens Tear: Enrage Faction (28 Territories held)
  • Sanctuary: Vindicate Faction (20 Territories held)
  • Lost City: Vengeful Faction (19 Territories held)
  • Archosaur: Ascend Faction (29 Territories held)

East Coast

  • Harshlands: Catalyst Faction (44 Territories held)
  • Raging Tide: Vicious Faction (30 Territories held)
  • Dreamweaver: Regenesis Faction (25 Territories held)


  • Lothranis: Initium Faction (20 Territories held)
  • Momaganon: Circle Faction (19 Territories held)

As mentioned in the Descent Announcement news post, each of these factions will be receiving 30 rare mounts and a spot on a future webpage related to past Territory Wars champions!

So go ahead, hop in-game and head over to the now-scorched Elysium Village, where you'll begin your investigation that will ultimately lead you directly into the heart of the beast...

As always, thank you for playing, and we'll see you in-game!


-The PWI Team

European Servers Now Live!

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 8:23PM
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Dear PWI Players,
Today is a very big day in the history of Perfect World Entertainment - today we have opened two brand new servers in Europe (Momaganon and Lothranis), as well as released two brand new PWI clients - one in German and one in French! 






It all started in the West Coast - California to be exact. About six months later, we hit the East Coast. And now, here in 2011, we've finally made the leap across the Atlantic to join our European neighbors.
These two new servers are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and their location will prove to be a really great thing for many current and new players. For our players who reside in Europe, creating a character on one of these new servers has three major benefits - French and German game clients and customer service, a significant reduction in server lag, and a far more reasonable event schedule.
French and German Language Support
Along with our two new servers come two new clients offering support for our French-speaking and German-speaking player populations! The entire User Interface and nearly all in-game text (including quest text) has been translated into these two languages.
And for the English-speakers who live in a European time zone, we have good news as well - If you're running our standard English client, you can actually still log into the European Servers, and nearly all the text you see will still be in English! Please note that certain text like System Messages will still be in French or German, depending on your server. 
Alternatively, players can also use the French/German client to log in to our North American servers, which should be great for players who speak these languages but live in North America and want to play on a server closer to their own time zone.
Not only are the clients geared toward French and German speakers, but we're also offering full customer support to these players as well. We've got GM's fluent in French, German, and of course English to assist you should a Customer Service issue come up.
Reduced Lag for Players in and around Europe
Of course, one of the main perks of connecting to a server closer to your physical location is the fact that the connection is faster and more stable. We do have players from all over the world - not only Europe but also places like Israel, Egypt, and even Dubai! Our player-base is truly a diverse population, and we think having servers in Amsterdam will be a great boon to a large portion of them. 
More Reasonable Event Schedule
We know that many members of our European player base have had to endure Territory Wars late at night and even early in the morning. Even those who don't participate in TW can also have a hard time with other events like the Assault on Archosaur and PWI Quiz Event, since they occur during the afternoon in North America, which again translates to a very late night romp for a dedicated European player.
These new servers are located in the UTC/GMT +2 hours time zone, meaning that they are 9 hours ahead of our West Coast Servers and 6 hours ahead of our East Coast Servers. This should make huge difference for our international community, and we're really happy to finally be able to bring this convenience to you. 
So in closing, we're very excited to open up our first PWI servers outside of North America, and we think they will prove to bring an even more international feel to what was already one of the most diverse games on the market.
See you in-game!
-PWE Staff

New PVP Arena: Theater of Blood!

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 8:19PM
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Do you crave PvP with no consequences other than a slightly humbled sense of pride?
Well we're introducing the perfect thing for you - a brand new PvP Arena called the Theater of Blood!
The Theater of Blood - Our Newest Daily Event!
This new arena holds 150 players, from level 50-105, and through a combination of ability and luck you will be able to obtain some great prizes!
How to take part:
Step 1: Between 6:30 and 7:15 is the sign up period. Talk to the Herald of Blood (577, 633) in Archosaur , or any other major city. He'll always be near a Khatru Pup. Click "Quest Related" to learn about the event and sign up for it. If you don't want to miss any action, be sure to sign up before 7pm, as that's when the monsters will begin spawning.
Step 2: Talk to the nearby Khatru Pup (577, 633) to actually enter the instance.
Step 3: At 7:00pm, you will automatically enter the arena, and you may begin fighting! Monsters will spawn within a couple of minutes, and you'll want their drops!
How it works:
Monsters within this arena will be dropping various items. These items are as follows:
Heart of Blood:  This will be the most common drop. Accumulate these and turn them into to the Atrium Bloodmerchant NPC or Manes NPC for prizes! But be careful, if you die, you will drop ALL of your Hearts of Blood, and other players will be free to snatch them up and use them as they please (if they themselves survive, of course).
Another interesting wrinkle to the Hearts of Blood is that, as you accumulate them, a glowing symbol will appear over your head, and this symbol will gradually increase in size and brightness as you continue to pick up more Hearts. This, obviously, makes you a more appealing target for other players, so be careful...
Note the glowing symbol of death
Horn of Blood: Similar to Hearts of Blood, except these won't drop when you die (thank goodness). Head over to the Atrium Overseer NPC to turn these in for prizes.
Totem of Blood: These items are a bit of a gamble - Picking them up immediately gives you a status effect, but there's no telling whether it will be helpful (for example increased health regen) or absolutely horrible (like putting you to sleep temporarily)... Pick up at your own risk.
Scrolls: These scrolls are spells that you can cast only while within the arena. Some will target yourself, like a Teleport spell, and some can be used to target other players, like the "Slow" debuff. 
After 25 minutes of mayhem (7pm - 7:25pm), the monsters will no longer spawn, and you'll be teleported to the Manes NPC. Use this opportunity to turn in your Hearts and Horns.
Please note that you must speak to Manes by 7:30pm to leave the instance. He will send you to one of the main cities, though not necessarily the one you came from. 
If you have not yet asked him about leaving by that time, you'll have to wait inside the instance for the next 20 minutes before being teleported out automatically. If, however, you find yourself stuck in here after 7:30, you can relog and you'll end up in a randomly chosen major city. 
So good luck, and may the best man (or fish/beast/elf etc) win!

Phoenix Valley Instance now available for level 85+

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 6:51PM
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Great news, everyone!
Phoenix Valley is now available for our higher level players as well! We are proud to introduce two brand new level brackets:
So grab your crew and head on in - entering is quite simple:
To enter Phoenix Valley, all you have to do is:
1. Get a squad of players in the same level bracket.
2. Talk to Khoan the Survivor (571, 646)
3. Head on into the caves and speak to the corresponding Earth Elemental for your level range.
And if you happened to miss the history of Phoenix Valley, you can check out the post here. 
We hope you enjoy it, and we'll see you in-game!
-PWE Staff

New Instance – Phoenix Valley

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 6:50PM
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Old Khoan was a simple man leading a happy life.
He and the rest of the Phoenix Village inhabitants worked the fields of the most fertile place they had ever known-- Phoenix Valley. But one day, while out in the midday sun, he heard a deafening crack, and as they turned toward the sound, they could hardly believe their eyes; about twenty yards away, an incredibly bright oval was floating just inches off the ground, and before they even had time to postulate as to what witch-craft could have possibly have taken place, a green figure riding some sort of metallic beast came roaring through the light and onto their green fields.
O'Malley (Artist's interpretation from eye-witness account)
This figure was named O'Malley, and from the velocity of his movement and the wild look in his eyes, the villagers might have come to the conclusion that he was being chased by something even more terrifying. They would have been correct, for only moments after he tore past them, the light emitting from the glowing doorway was suddenly blocked by an immense, unmistakable sihlouette-- that of a monstrous Wraith. A moment later, a second Wraith appeared. Then a third and a forth. Now, the people of Phoenix Village could be accused of many things (like growing ridiculously long beards), but acting dim-witted was not one of them, and before the inevitable fifth monster appeared, they had already turned away and begun to flee. 
While they weren't dim-witted, they certainly were slow-footed (and beards didn't help either), and as the Wraiths tore after them, Old Khoan, in a moment of tremendous bravery, yelled an insult at the pursuing monsters to divert their attention from the other villagers, and led them into a nearby cave. Khoan's identical twin brother Khaon saw this action and immediately knew what his sibling had in mind. He ran quickly into his workshop where his two pet Earth Elementals lay, and whispered orders into their craggy ears.
A relieved smile came to Old Khoan's lips at the sight of the two Earth Elementals approaching the cave mouth. "I owe you one, brother," he thought to himself as he turned to the exit, his weary legs expending their last ounce of strength into the leap that took his body, beard and all, just out of the Wraiths' outstretched hands, through the cave's exit, and back into the midday sun. 
The cave was now sealed through the magic of the Earth Elementals, to be entered and exited only at their discretion. Old Khoan would travel to Archosaur where he believed he could find heroes willing to clear out these tunnels that rested only a stone's throw from the now-empty structures of Phoenix Village. Only if this cave were cleared would he feel safe bringing his people back to their homes.
Welcome, everyone, to PWI's newest instance, Phoenix Valley!
This dungeon is chock-full of wraiths that are just itching to be wiped out by you and your squad members-- fun and great EXP are there for the taking as you cleave your way through wraith after wraith!
Phoenix Valley is broken up into four different level ranges:
30 - 44 
45 - 59
60 - 74
75 - 84
To enter Phoenix Valley, all you have to do is:
1. Get a squad of players in the same level bracket.
2. Talk to Khoan the Survivor (571, 646)
3. Head on into the caves and speak to the corresponding Earth Elemental for your level range.
Good luck, Old Khoan and the rest of the displaced villagers are counting on you! 

Runecrafting Guide

Posted by Kantorek Monday July 11 2011 at 6:47PM
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Runecrafting Guide
Are you one of those players who gets great satisfaction from crafting items for yourself and others? Does your faction look to your crafting abilities to help to give them that extra edge? If so, you are just the target audience for PWI's newest crafting skill: Runecrafting.
Runecrafting is basically the creation of consumable items that apply a thirty to sixty minute buff to the weapon of your choice. You can buff your own weapons, or give (sell!) these runes to other players so they can buff their weapons. Just don't give them to the enemy!
This week, we would like to give you a basic guide on how to learn this crafting skill, as it's the first one that requires a bit of a process to learn, unlike the original four.
Step 1: You must be at least level 20 and be at least Aware of Principle in your Spiritual Cultivation.
Step 2: Obtain 2x Divine Honors of the Shadow. To get these, you'll need to supply either the Divine Emissary of the Void (523, 630) or the Divine Emissary of Light (523, 631) with the correct Divine Orders. These orders can be obtained through either Bounty Hunter I quest rewards or, if your faction owns a Guild Base, you can obtain them from there as well. 
Step 3: Once you have the Divine Honors of the Shadow, head over to the Divine Emissary of Shadow (523, 631). Talk to her, select "Divine Goods", then select "Rune". What you see here are the Runecrafting Skillbooks. Select the first one "Runecrafting Skill Lv 1", and trade your two Divine Honors of the Shadow for it.
Step 4: Now head to any Elder and select "Learn Crafting Skill" to learn Runecrafting.
Congratulations! You are now officially a Runecrafter! But your journey only begins here.. there is much to create and learn. Like all other crafting skills, you'll need to start creating items to level up your skill. Crafting Runes requires different levels of Stones and Gems, so get over to the Divine Emissary of Light (523, 631), select the "Craft Rune" option, and get going!
Good luck and enjoy!

Genesis Now Live!

Posted by Kantorek Wednesday March 9 2011 at 6:07PM
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Great news everyone, PWI:Genesis is now live and ready to be conquered! Will you choose the rampaging Seeker or the versatile Mystic? Is your faction prepared to start gathering the materials to purchase a place it can call home--its very own Guild Base? Or maybe you're ready to learn the newest crafting skill: Runecrafting!

Whichever way you turn, you'll find that there's something exciting and new to try out with this expansion, so we hope you really enjoy it, and you can all look forward to even more great updates in the near future!

So we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our dedicated players, for we can only provide the framework--it is you who bring the Perfect World to life.

Take care of each other!

-PWE Staff

Genesis Preview: Guild Bases

Posted by Kantorek Thursday February 17 2011 at 7:18PM
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Guild Bases
Likely the deepest and most complex system introduced in this expansion, guild bases should provide months of fun and satisfaction for all the folks out there who are looking to work with their guildies to overcome tough new challenges!
*Please note that the names within this post may change by the time Genesis is released*
The nature of the Guild Base is to function as an actual headquarters for your faction; it's an instanced area that's restricted to outsiders, and a place that's chock full of guild activities that will take time and effort to complete. But when you do complete its challenges, you and your guild will be roundly rewarded for your efforts with all manner of various unique prizes.
How to Create Your Guild Base:
We know that you guys are highly anticipating Genesis, and that you'll likely want obtain your guild base on day one, so here's what you'll need to start working on if you want to make this dream a reality:
You'll need to have a level 3 Faction
You'll need a certain amount of 4 things:
Ultimate Substance
Warsong Emblems
Mysterious Chips
Once you've reached all of these requirements, all you have to do is talk to the faction base NPC in your city, and he'll get you started with your base.
Currencies of Your Guild Base
So you've got your guild base-- now what? Well, to actually be able to obtain all of the cool stuff that your base has to offer, you're going to need some new currencies-- your hard-earned coins are only a part of the equation in here. Specifically, you and your guildies are going to need Contribution and Guild Materials.
Contribution is used to purchase the actual items that are available in your base, for example, the gear from the armory or the buffs from the Alchemy lab. Contribution can be gained by doing certain base-specific kill quests.
Guild Materials are used for upgrading the wings of your base, and they come in five different varieties. By upgrading the different wings of your base, you'll gain access to better items and quests for purchase. Guild Materials can be collected by doing certain Guild Base quests and from the new 40 vs 40 Faction Wars.  (!)
The Four Wings of Your Guild Base (plus the center!):
Your new base will consist of a center room with four looooong hallways extending away from it, each leading to a separate wing. Each wing serves a specific function.
  • From here you'll be able to access special faction-only gear. Gear from the Armory can be purchased with Contribution, and better gear can be accessed by upgrading this wing!
Alchemy Lab
  • The Alchemy Lab gives you access to powerful 1 hour buffs that can be purchased with Contribution. Upgrade this wing to gain access to more powerful buffs!
Manor of Justice
  •  This is where you'll find the various quests that will award you with Contribution.
Heavenly Vault
  •  This very important wing is where you'll be able to turn in your Guild Materials to upgrade the various wings of your base. You'll also be able to exchange one type of Material for another here, though the exchange rate is not quite 1:1...
Hall of Loyalty
  • This is the center of your base, and it specializes in.. well, trivia, actually. Answer questions correctly for different rewards! You'll also find some other quests here.
Aside from the different wings, your Guild Base also has an area dedicated to raising monsters! You'll be able to get special quests to kill these beasts for tons of EXP and Spirit!
So, that's all for now; we hope you enjoyed this spotlight, and I personally can't wait til people get into their bases and finally have a place to call their own!
Take care of each other!
-PWE Staff

Territory War Modifications + Reset!

Posted by Kantorek Thursday February 10 2011 at 2:58PM
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Territory Wars is, in our opinion, one of the very best features of PWI. It involves multiple weekly large-scale 80 vs 80 faction battles, and requires a high degree of teamwork for any kind of success. Only the most hardcore of the hardcore sit at the top of the TW hill, and we recognize that it is one of the most beloved systems in the game.
Some time ago, the rewards for TW were reduced by a very large percentage. It was a very unpopular change, both on the forums and on our servers. The uproar was not only heard from our very vocal playerbase, but also seen in our server statistics. With each passing week it became abundantly clear that fewer and fewer players were taking part in Territory Wars.
Well, we've taken your feedback to heart, we've spoken with the devs, and we're please to announce that:
TW Rewards are reverting to their former levels starting February 16th!
Beginning February 16th, rewards will be as follows:
  • Tier 3 Territory:  1 Ten Million Big Note
  • Tier 2 Territory:  2 Ten Million Big Notes
  • Tier 1 Territory:  3 Ten Million Big Notes
Mirage Celestones will cease to be any part of a TW reward.
In addition, there will be one more major change. Due to the fact that:
1)  Genesis is our biggest expansion yet, and adding new territories to the TW map
2)  The TW landscape has been somewhat diluted by the fact that many players decided not to participate in TW for the past few months.
We will be resetting the TW Map during the Genesis Maintenance on March 1st!
What does this all mean? It means that in the weeks between February 16th and March 1st, the land-owning factions will reap the full benefit of the new rewards. Then we will have the reset, and the entire map is fair game!
So again, we're really happy to be able to bring this change to you, and we hope you all enjoy the beauty of a completely empty map, ripe for the taking! So get your guildies together and let's do this!
See you in-game!
-PWE Staff

Genesis Release Date Announced: March 2nd, 2011!

Posted by Kantorek Thursday February 3 2011 at 1:05PM
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Well folks, the time has finally come-- PWI: Genesis now has an official release date!
Excited to use a claymore, summon uber-powerful pets, and gain access to brand new dances? Can't wait to learn a new crafting skill, build up your guild base, and engage in all-new 40 on 40 PVP battles? Well, all of these things will be available in just over a month because...
PWI: Genesis will be released on March 2nd, 2011!
For those of you who have been keeping up with our Genesis trailers, this may come as a suprise, since this expansion was originally slated to come out during the final week of February. Unfortunately, we weren't able to keep this release date due to some final tweaks that needed to be made to the game. This forced us to push it back by one week, but I'm excited to say that we think you'll be very pleased with the finished product and all of the surprising new events and features that will be coming with it.
So mark your calendars, Genesis is right around the corner!
See you in-game!
-PWE Staff