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My wish list for an MMO; a work in progress.

My wish list for an MMO; a work in progress. I want a game that will allow me to appear as I wish to appear, and not look like everyone else. In most games, once the players reach the end game content, they all want the same equipment, so we all end up

Author: Kamyn

My MMO wishlist

Posted by Kamyn Saturday April 26 2008 at 4:24PM
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My wish list for an MMO; a work in progress.


I want a game that will allow me to appear as I wish to appear, and not look like everyone else. In most games, once the players reach the end game content, they all want the same equipment, so we all end up looking the exact same. If all I want is some cosmetic choices to look much different than everyone else, why can’t I do this even if we do have the same gear? If I want to look like a Samurai, a Celtic warrior, a Pirate or a Guardsman, these characters could all be wearing the exact same gear but appear different and add a lot of spice for players who get bored looking like everyone else.


I want to be able to build a base and not just a useless piece of real estate. If I want a wizard’s tower, a thieves den, a guild hall or a hidden base somewhere, I want to be able to build one and not just have it look pretty; I want it to have some functionality. I want storage space, healing facilities, training facilities, portals to enter various areas in the game. I want a place where guild members can go to chat and meet, without all the rest of the gaming world having access to our space.  It should be a place to be defended if well known to others, a place that could be found if not carefully hidden.


I want rare base items to add bonuses to the guild members affiliated to the base which hold these items and for wars to be fought over them - outside factions and inside - creating a more complex social and political environment for gamers to work through. For instance, another guild can try to take a rare item from the base and the guild members will have to defend their base from the invaders. Where alliances become a larger issue and just because you’re on the same faction doesn’t mean you want to fight along side each other.


I want reputation to mean something more than just cheaper goods and availability to items/recipes. If a renowned hero appears in a village for the first time, his reputation will precede him... if his reputation is large enough to warrant it. Hero’s will be welcomed and tales of his deeds will be heard in the tavern and streets and venders will offer random deals, or enemies of the area will cause alarms to sound and families to leave the streets in fear of harm from the enemy. This will also leave an option open for people with no reputation to wander freely around or for enemies to attempt to disguise themselves in hopes of getting what they need and venturing behind enemy lines.


I want players attacking an opposition’s outpost/village to have a warrant posted for that player and the longer the attack the greater the reward. Other players and NPC bounty hunters will begin to appear to attempt to capture/kill the player and the NPC’s level will increase as they are continually beaten by the attacking player until that player is finally forced to retreat or be killed/captured.


I don’t want death and respawn to always be the outcome for attacking outposts/villages. If a player could be captured and held in a prison which forces players to either post bail, wait out their jail time or attempt a jail break, this could also create greater intrigue and danger to the game.


I want some rare items to be ‘one of a kind’ within the game. An item, and not always an end game item, that comes with its own history and lore giving the holder some unique power. An item which cannot be traded or sold only lost or dropped depending upon the players actions.


I want to be able to set my character to do a task for “X” amount of time so I can log off and attend to other things in life and not be forced to always sit for hours on end to increase skills or collect resources. This task has a time limit so the player knows when the task will be completed and if they desire to have their character do something else it will allow them to log back on at that time to continue playing or do another task.


I want to be able to acquire some NPC’s for myself to control and work for me. The gaming world never sleeps, but we must, if we could have a couple NPC’s run our store, protect or base, collect resources, run errands, NPC’s who would interact on our behalf with our instructions to other players or the game environment itself (propose alliances, trades, etc). We could equip or NPC’s and train them with some basic skills to aid them in their tasks and also to defend themselves.


I want to throw away the cap level, if a players wants to spend the next three years playing his game and advancing his character, should he not be rewarded for doing this and not hitting that games level cap and hoping that the next expansion will give him something new to do or new skills to play with? Just increase the experience level requirements accordingly so these are more monumental events, something shared throughout the realm so both allies and enemies alike hear of the news.


I want an in game bulletin board or NPC who can give you updates about what’s happened within the game recently. You could find out if a rare monster was killed and by who, if an outpost is currently under attack, if a legendary item was found today and by who, any special events going on or upcoming; basically your local news, except in game news.

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