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Kaeyi Dream's Blog!

This blog will most likely include random thoughts and comments about my videos as just an extended segment to the Kaeyi Dream experience.

Author: KaeyiDream

Its time to get personal <3

Posted by KaeyiDream Monday November 7 2011 at 4:10AM
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31/10/2011 - Oh Hai,

I hope all of you are good, i am feeling a little under the weather and realised that i had not done a blog post for my video i uploaded yesterday so here i am pondering youtubey gw2 things!!

Last night i did a discussion video with snebzor which will be on YouTube a week on thursday.. so thats really exciting. The topic we discussed was fun and not alot of people know about so i cant wait for him to upload that. I love getting involved with other youtubers as it makes me feel special and like people want to talk to me. Take note ;)

This video seems really intense when i watch it, im really passionate about gw2 and the lack of new info and game release makes me crazy and i really sound like im trying to sell gw2 to you. Which i guess i am, come play with me yay :D I wish i worked for Arena net it would be soo much fun!!

Maybe when wiz has finished his degree in game design he can work for them and sneak me in as a tea lady??

Not really much else has happened in my world tbh, i have been busy writing essays and doing things like reading and boring stuff. I wish it was more eventful.

I have celebrated 200 subbys now.. but its grown more. im now 229 :o its so exciting. I love how many people want to watch my videos its really cool and i love every single one of you!!

Thanks again for watching my videos and reading these blogs.

Kaeyi <3

Lucky Charms & A Complete Skills List <3

Posted by KaeyiDream Monday November 7 2011 at 4:07AM
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23/10/2011 - Whyyy hello thar,

Wow today was such a fun day, i went to an all American shop and bought alot of suger filled goodies that will probably give me heart failure but they were delicious and i had so much fun on my tastebuds eating them :)

It was nice because after i finish University i plan to move to America to work and save for a house and have bambino’s etc etc :D Mostly right now im excited to be able to buy American food’s without having to pay an excess shipping price when is really high.

And then ofc when i got home i started filming this new video which i am very proud of for several reasons:

1. I have demonstrated i can film my screen ready for in game footage!!

2. I have inserted two videos into my video so that people can click the links to other videos!!

3. I loosened up and started to act more myself rather than a YouTube robot :) !!

Deep down im quite crazy and loud and funny (well i think so) but when i film i become nervous and anxious that i dont want to look like a weirdo so i become more serious and chilled out (which if you know me irl is the complete opposite)!

So yeah all in all a great video day.. Its now uploaded so check it out :D

Do you want to see more of my personal life or would you rather i just crack on with the GW2 video?

Let me know <3 Kaeyi

Creme Egg Extended Experience <3

Posted by KaeyiDream Monday November 7 2011 at 4:05AM
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18/10/2011 - Ollo,

Wow another new video already, i cant stop myself. I love making videos so much its like an addiction, i sit here at night just wanting to film something lol. I know know its crazy but hey.. it fills time while im waiting for Arena net to bless me with Guild Wars 2!

This video is about a topic that i am thrilled about, i think i said amazing over 5 times in this video so.. that pretty much says it all :D I have an iPad so i am really looking forward to being able to have my map up on it and follow my friends around like a stalker and chat to them when they thought i logged off mwaha!!

This is what the map looked like at Pax during Arena net’s demo off the extended experience.

AMAZING isnt it, i am extremely excited to see what else the machine that is Arena Net’s extended experience team churn out for us players. The hero viewer and auction house sound awesome as well and will come in handy alot. Aslong as it doesnt have a section titled ‘gearscore’ we should all be fine AMIRITE?

ON another note, people keep asking where my Cadbury Creme Egg has gone from my videos, rest assured i havent eaten it.. seeing as its made of pottery. So here is a photo of me and my giant egg, incase you are feeling nostalgic.

At the moment it has alot of haribo and chocolate in it.. i cannot wait to eat it. Maybe ill save it till halloween so i can feel like a child and get extremely HYPER on sweetys.

Thanks again for reading and watching my videos, i am very happy with all the support i have and the people who keep coming back for more :)

<3 Kaeyi

New Blog & New Video.. <3 New Things!

Posted by KaeyiDream Monday November 7 2011 at 4:02AM
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09/10/2011 - Hello *knock knock* is this thing on??

So.. i just uploaded my new video and it occured to me that after i upload my videos there seems to be so much more i want to say to all of you guys. So i thought hmmm, maybe i should blog the random thoughts i have that dont quite make it into the video.

I really enjoy making videos and one thing i want to continue doing is one take videos, i never want them to be highly edited or to appear fake. Kaeyi Dream (even though a fake name) is a real person, its me and i want to share my thoughts with the world as myself.

People subscribing and watching my videos for my personality means way more than someone watching a ‘character or bravado’ that is fake and as soon as the camera is off i am someone completely different. That would be completely boring, which is probably why i like to waffle about how i feel and what i enjoy as well as whats going on in my real life aswell.

So as we have established im a real person we can only assume real things affect me, for example i like to make good videos by ‘good’ i mean what i define as good and what i enjoy to make. So if i have no muse or inspiration i wont just make any old crap to keep you happy, i would rather wait a few more days to produce something worth watching!!

As said in my video it did take me two weeks to get another video up, this wont happen often, its jst purely because i made the move to university and was extremely busy being a fresher and getting drunk.. woo! Thats why now i am ill, with freshers flu and sound like a croaky version of myself.

I appreciate all your patience and support and really enjoy reading your comments, messages, video responses and tweets so keep them coming.

This blog will most likely include random thoughts and comments about my videos as just an extended segment to the Kaeyi Dream experience.

<3 Kaeyi