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An Old Gamer's Blog

Blogging about various massively multiplayer online games! Currently and actively playing Shroud of the Avatar by Richard Garriott!

Author: K4B4LY3R0

Forced Multiplayer In Release 59

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Monday October 22 2018 at 9:22AM
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In Release 59 of Shroud of the Avatar, players are now going to be forced into Multiplayer or Open Mode whenever they enter a Town or the Overworld Map.

For some reason, I keep remembering the devs saying they will never force players into Multiplayer or Open Mode in past videos. Sorry, I can't remember which video or videos since there have been so many.

Forced Multiplayer or Open Mode!

Anyway, I could be wrong. Maybe they never said anything like that. Oh well. ??‾????

D.I.E. Double Down

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Wednesday September 26 2018 at 7:50PM
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Dark Imagination Entertainment presents DIE Double Down and it happened at the Ivory Palace in Second Life.

Here are screenshots of the event:

Somekind of submission hold being applied here but I don't have any idea what the hold is. It looks random. LOL!

Just like in real life wrestling, wrestlers do promos to push their story line forwards.

The DIE Wrestling ring is inside the Ivory Palace. It looks more like a Casino than a Arena.


Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Monday June 11 2018 at 9:30AM
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The Crafted Garden
(No Add-On Store or Crown Merchant Decorations! No Decoration Rewards! Just Player Crafted & NPC Decorations)

Located in the Metropolis of Anseldale, The Crafted Garden is a village lot sized garden made up of mostly player crafted decorations and some NPC bought decorations. Absolutely NO Add-On Store or Crown Merchant Decorations or Decoration Rewards were used in The Crafted Garden.

A warm bath after a hard days work of decorating, crafting, harvesting, gathering and running around shopping is a great way of resting and relaxing that tired, weary and worn avatar body.

Player Crafted Decorations Used: Rough Stone Rectangle Blocks, Rough Stone Pavers, Small Rectangle Rugs, Long Rugs, Ornate Clockwork Wings, Rose Flower Arrangements, Large Harp, Elven Streetlamps, Canvass Upholstered Armchairs, Brown Suede Ottomans, Canvass Upholstered WoodenTrim Loveseat, Pillows, Angled Ionic Columns, Ankhs, Ruined Stone Arch, Doric Column Pedestals, Carved Oak Sidetables, Wooden Phonograph, Free Standing Long Banners, Ornate Cherry Room Dividers, Tripod Brazers, Grey Marble Benches, Hapsichord, Moondial, Hedge Layer Cakes, Large Fountain, Hedge Archways, Fancy One-Man Band Hats, Fancy One-Man Band Shirt, Woman Busts, Rose Bouquets, Antique Curved Armchair, Antique Chair, Antique Dining Chair, Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph, Stone Fireplace, Meteoric Iron Epic Plate Helm, Meteoric Iron Augmented Plate Helm, Meteoric Iron Plate Helm, Earthernware Bierkrugs, Wooden Hot Tub, Archaic Boy Statues, Trunks, Woman's Head on Pedestal, Man's Head on Pedestal.

NPC Bought Decorations Used: Planting Pots, Plants, Pumpkins, Lemons, Tomatoes, Blank Books.

ANSELDALE is a PRT (Player Run Town) located in the Midmaer Region in Novia and it's between Shaminian Hills and Midras Ruins. Anseldale is also a Metropolis with many available lots for anyone to claim. Just come down to Anseldale with your Place Anywhere Lot Deed and claim any available Lot that matches your Lot Deed.



Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Monday June 4 2018 at 10:31PM
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Awesome NEWS fellow Outlanders!

Besides from getting a Free Lot Deed as loot items from high level mobs in the game, Portalarium will add a new way of getting a POT Row Lot Deed for FREE!

Housing in Shroud of the Avatar is great! You'll enjoy hundreds of hours decorating your property in the game but getting one can be hard specially if you are a casual player.

Now, there are more ways of getting a Lot Deed in the game!

Get a FREE Row Lot Deed!

My Third Heraldry Blazon Design In Shroud of the Avatar

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Wednesday May 16 2018 at 12:27AM
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I created my third Heraldry Blazon design last night. I spent about 2 hours working on it. I submitted for approval to Portalarium and a few hours later it was approved. It's now in the game which is awesome.

Shroud of the Avatar now has user generated content in the game. NICE!

You can now play Shroud of the Avatar for FREE. Just create a Free Trial Account, download and install the game and play.

Where To Buy Lot Deed Raffle Tickets In Shroud Of The Avatar

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Tuesday April 3 2018 at 12:02PM
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A Lot Deed is a very important item in Shroud of the Avatar because it will allow you to claim an available lot in a town where you can put down a house.

If you wish to own a lot in Shroud of the Avatar then joining the Lot Deed Raffle is a good way of getting a POT or even a PAD Lot Deed.

To get a Lot Deed Raffle Ticket, you must buy them from the Housing Decoration Merchant or from the Housing Deed Merchant and you will find them in the second floor of the Bank NPC Building in NPC Towns and Player Run Towns.

Shroud Of The Avatar Forsaken Virtues New Trailer 2018

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Friday March 16 2018 at 7:12AM
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I just came across this New Trailer for Shroud of the Avatar by Travian Games and I'm sharing it to you guys here in

I'm sure it's not a very popular thing to say specially here in but I really truly enjoy playing this game.

In any case, here is the link to the New Trailer.

By the way, you can play Shroud of the Avatar completely free through it's Free Trial. So, give it a try and see you in New Britannia.

The Wolves Den (Screenshot Contest Entry)

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Sunday February 18 2018 at 8:44AM
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The Wolves Den

Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the hot ICE TUB. It's cool yet it's warm! ^_^

The Wolves Den

Decorated with mostly crafted decorations. Paintings were bought from the Decoration Merchant NPC and the Ice Tub is a Telethon Reward. No Add-On Store Items were used in decorating this Row Stone & Timber 1-Story Basement.


The Hunt

Either buying decorations from other players or hunting the materials to craft them, hunting the ones you want or need is just one of the things that make decorating your homes fun.

Killed a few Mountain Trolls in the Snowy Mountains Road Encounter located near the entrance/exit to Perennial Coast. I got one Troll Head in the process which I did not use because I already have a few Mounted Troll Heads available. LOL!


The Craft

Crafting takes a lot of time and materials. If you have a lot of Game Gold then it's easier and faster to buy the decorations you need from vendors owned by your fellow Avatars.

I spent a few hours crafting. Fortunately, some of the decorations that I needed were already available in my storage. So, I just picked the ones I wanted to use and crafted the ones that were not available. I do most of my crafting in the player owned town of Bladewyke. Please come and check it out. LOL!


The Trophy Room (Basement)

It's more than a Trophy Room, it's HOME!

I called my Trophy Room... The Wolves Den, not because it's almost filled with Wolf Heads but because I have too much Pristine Timber Wolf heads in storage. So, instead of hunting for other Pristine Animal Heads, which can take a lot of hours, I just used the ones I already have. LOL!

You will find my Trophy Room, The Wolves Den, in the player owned town of Bladewyke. Come check it out and check out the town as well. ^_^

20 Botters Banned

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Sunday September 10 2017 at 9:19AM
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Recently in Shroud of the Avatar, 20 accounts were banned for botting. Not just botting but egregious botting.

Tech Director Chris Spears in his Daily Work Blog said, "Travian meetings wrapped up early so I decided to take a pass on banning botters and banned the 20 most egregious offenders."

5 of those 20 banned accounts were DevPlus accounts.

DevPlus accounts are accounts that spent at least 450 US Dollars in the Bundle Store. As you can see, getting banned from Shroud of the Avatar is an expensive experience.

Found And Checked 9 Player Vendors In Knight's Watch

Posted by K4B4LY3R0 Friday August 25 2017 at 10:48PM
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Just recently in Shroud of the Avatar or right after the Community Livestream, I went to the Player Owned Town of Knight's Watch to check out the player vendors in town.

When I was there, I found at least 9 active player vendors and most of them were found right near the docks and they were selling all kinds of items like resources, rares, rewards, furniture, decorations and others.

I didn't spend a lot of time in Knight's Watch but I did spend a fair amount of gold in one player vendor because the prices of the items listed in this player vendor were freaking awesome.

I think I spent a little over 70,000 game gold in Knight's Watch and it was just in one player vendor.

Anyway, if you are playing Shroud of the Avatar and would like to check out the player owned town of Knight's Watch then you will find it nested with the NPC town of Kingsport.