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Thoughts of Jrod on gaming

Some random thoughts of mine.

Author: Jrod

PC Gamer features four mmo's

Posted by Jrod Saturday December 22 2007 at 3:19PM
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This month issue in PC Gamer was an end of the year issue that showed three mmo’s out of the top 8 games to watch in 2008. Now this is much better than last years showing that only had one mmo (Hellgate London)

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

My take: adding a new continent, new class, new profession, and my favorite of all a sieges battleground this expansion should be better than the last terrible expansion.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

My take: With sieges of player controlled batllekeeps and its innovative combat system this game has a lot going for it but the high specs might be the downfall of this game.

The Agency

My take: I personally will be getting this game for the ps3 since my computer will not be able to run this. It is going from the tired fantasy setting and might be what SOE needs to redeem themselves

In another part of the magazine there was a preview on Huxley that talked about some of the character creation, factions, and the pvp.

Another topic that I noticed is that they surprisingly didn’t say anything about Warhammer:Online. What happened? I always thought that was going to have the most subscribers of the mmo’s that are going to come out in 2008.

Finally, I noticed that 3 out of 4 mmo’s (counting Huxley) were coming out for consoles too and that they had no auto aim. Does this mean that the future of mmo’s are also for consoles without a auto aim and more skilled based combat? Only time will tell.

nerdy_ned writes:

To me it makes perfect sense why they didn't mention Warhammer. It won't do good. :)


But seriously, I don't understand this game, can someone tell me what it's big draw is? It is supposed to be a PvP game, but you can only fight near your level? Sounds very carebear IMO.

Sat Dec 22 2007 3:32PM Report
SpeedMann writes:

I think Warhammer will do very well. What's wrong you can't fight people your own level, you need to gank lower levels for kicks.

To me, Age of Conan kinda sucks.

Sat Dec 22 2007 8:42PM Report
nerdy_ned writes:

I bet it will do very well I just don't see what it's hook is. I mean PvP isn't supposed to be fair with 5 guys vs. 5 guys all lvl x. It should be unfair and unexpected and War doesn't seem to have that.

I haven't done my homework on it though, so if you could point me in the right direction to prove me wrong... :)

Sat Dec 22 2007 9:22PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I think among most MMORPG players Warhammer is the MMORPG most anticipated in 2008.

Sun Dec 23 2007 8:25AM Report
Xenduli writes:

Maybe they aren't expecting WAR to be released in 2008. I'd be surprised if they didn't, but timing is essential. They would be made to release it close to WoTLK or AoC. It is the top games to watch in 2008, not just MMO's, so I imagine Starcraft 2 would be on the list. I haven't owned a console since the original playstation, cross platform games in general are badly balanced.

Sun Dec 23 2007 8:58AM Report
nerdy_ned writes:

So the reason Warhammer is so anticipated is because it is anticipated... I'm asking for you guys to convince me but you haven't given me a single reason. :(

Sun Dec 23 2007 12:48PM Report
Auspice writes:

Warhammer is going to be anticipated because if it is successful it is going to feature MASSIVE AWESOME pvp at endgame.  In other games where pvp is instanced its not the same.  Here you fight for the zone you are in, do quests for buffs against enemies, and can conquer the world.

Imo WAR has a chance to suck though.  There are a few things that would ruin it.  If it ever has a low subscriber rate, then it will be a boring empty game.  The game requires every zone to have lots of players of each faction in it, and have people constantly fighting or the draw of the game is ruined.

If the sides are in any way even slightly unbalanced it will ruin the game as well.  Its no fun for one side to be continually dominated, and they will lose subscribers, and then you will have the problem mentioned above.

This will be a hit or miss game from what i hear.  It will either be wildly successful, or a complete blowout.  We will just have to see.

And for the record, funcom hasnt put out enough about AoC to determine whether it will be a good game or not, we will have to see what the content looks like, not just the fighting system.  Funcom did well with AO years ago, so personally i have high expectations for AoC.  A fresh new fighting system, along with all of the good things funcom brings from AO should be a damn good game.

Mon Dec 24 2007 7:54PM Report
Romanjisan writes: I know I hear a lot about PvP, but if Warhammer caters to nothing but PvP players, it will go nowhere. It's a well-known fact that PvE casual players far outnumber the PvP hardcore players. For any MMO to be successful, they MUST also appeal to the casual PvE player. I know hardcore "world" PvP'ers hate to hear that, but it is the brutal truth. Tue Dec 25 2007 2:24AM Report
lachrymoseQQ writes:

i know this is old, but i was searching for oblivion MMO and i found it. i thought i'd let you know that what you just described is almost exactly what Mortal Online is supposed to be, if you haven't heard of it yet.

it's a first person MMO with ffa pvp (you can attack anyone, anywhere, but doing so in towns will make the guards come after you), it has no classes or levels, but instead it has a skill based system similar to UO or TES. it's main city has an arena for gladiator like matches between players, and the economy is a big part of the game, so crafting should be pretty sweet as well.

it will also have dungeons, but they don't plan on making them instanced (which is a good thing imo).

you should check it out if you haven't already.. here's the main site:

and here's the wiki which gives a pretty good summary of what to expect:


Wed Jan 21 2009 9:05AM Report writes:
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