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Thoughts of Jrod on gaming

Some random thoughts of mine.

Author: Jrod

An Idea For Elder Scrolls Online.

Posted by Jrod Wednesday February 13 2008 at 8:08PM
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While daydreaming one day I thought if what is would be like to be a gladiator. Which then got me to remember about playing Oblivion and those arena matches you could have. Then I thought about Elder Scrolls Online and how cool I think this could be. After that I put myself in Bethesda’s shoes and what I would do if I was making this mmo. Please note I have never played an Elder Scrolls game besides Oblivion, even though Morrowind sounds cool.

First of all I would allow Player Character killing anywhere anytime unless you are talking to an npc. To me one of the best things about Oblivion was the freedom and restricting killing is taking way that freedom. The reason though I would have it so you couldn’t kill while someone was talking to an npc is that if a player is selling a fish/whatever it would be quite annoying to get into combat right when your selling anything. Also, if you do get caught by a guard hitting someone/ killing someone like in Oblivion a guard will run up to you and you will get a choice between attacking him or just going to jail. When you get sent to jail you would lose some of your skills. Also, it is worth mentioning that when someone dies he would lose all items he has on his inventory.

There would be no set player classes, however when creating your character you would have stealth, melee, and magic like in Oblivion and then you would get to choose the two main traits like in Oblivion and it would give you a list of recommend sub skills but you don’t have to follow them. Also with no classes comes no levels.

Another feature in PVP is arena battles like in Oblivion you could make guild like arena teams and fight against other arena teams in battle. There would be 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5, 10 vs. 10, among those you would have where when you drop to one life point left you would “surrender” although you would get to keep all of your inventory you would get substantially less gold instead of full death which is the other form of Arena pvp.

Elder Scrolls biggest jump in my opinion will need to be crafting. It is time for Elder Scrolls to include Blacksmithing, leatherworking, jeweler, shield crafting, etc. You could get the mats for blacksmithing in mines, leatherworking from animal pelts, etc and have it like alchemy in Oblivion not like WoW.

The feature that I think would cost the most controversy would be the quests. As we all know in Oblivion quests are a huge part of the game. Instead of making the quests the standard kill eight wolves, we would have all dungeons in the game instanced based. For example you would have to get a group and go to the Imperial City sewers to kill Manorath and his henchman. This would help keep the dynamic feel of Elder Scrolls and would be a good compromise I think.