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Thoughts of Jrod on gaming

Some random thoughts of mine.

Author: Jrod

An Idea For Elder Scrolls Online.

Posted by Jrod Wednesday February 13 2008 at 8:08PM
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While daydreaming one day I thought if what is would be like to be a gladiator. Which then got me to remember about playing Oblivion and those arena matches you could have. Then I thought about Elder Scrolls Online and how cool I think this could be. After that I put myself in Bethesda’s shoes and what I would do if I was making this mmo. Please note I have never played an Elder Scrolls game besides Oblivion, even though Morrowind sounds cool.

First of all I would allow Player Character killing anywhere anytime unless you are talking to an npc. To me one of the best things about Oblivion was the freedom and restricting killing is taking way that freedom. The reason though I would have it so you couldn’t kill while someone was talking to an npc is that if a player is selling a fish/whatever it would be quite annoying to get into combat right when your selling anything. Also, if you do get caught by a guard hitting someone/ killing someone like in Oblivion a guard will run up to you and you will get a choice between attacking him or just going to jail. When you get sent to jail you would lose some of your skills. Also, it is worth mentioning that when someone dies he would lose all items he has on his inventory.

There would be no set player classes, however when creating your character you would have stealth, melee, and magic like in Oblivion and then you would get to choose the two main traits like in Oblivion and it would give you a list of recommend sub skills but you don’t have to follow them. Also with no classes comes no levels.

Another feature in PVP is arena battles like in Oblivion you could make guild like arena teams and fight against other arena teams in battle. There would be 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5, 10 vs. 10, among those you would have where when you drop to one life point left you would “surrender” although you would get to keep all of your inventory you would get substantially less gold instead of full death which is the other form of Arena pvp.

Elder Scrolls biggest jump in my opinion will need to be crafting. It is time for Elder Scrolls to include Blacksmithing, leatherworking, jeweler, shield crafting, etc. You could get the mats for blacksmithing in mines, leatherworking from animal pelts, etc and have it like alchemy in Oblivion not like WoW.

The feature that I think would cost the most controversy would be the quests. As we all know in Oblivion quests are a huge part of the game. Instead of making the quests the standard kill eight wolves, we would have all dungeons in the game instanced based. For example you would have to get a group and go to the Imperial City sewers to kill Manorath and his henchman. This would help keep the dynamic feel of Elder Scrolls and would be a good compromise I think.


chilliking writes:

I am going to dust of my copy of Oblivion,

You goy some very good ideas there, hold on to them!!

imagin the TES world, with millions of players, in one server.

It would would be awsome if they took all the provinces in to the game, like cyrodil, morrowind, hammerfell. =0


Thu Feb 14 2008 12:47AM Report
testpilot_bg writes:

One server with millions players on it at one time? Man, that`s not realistic even for fantasy MMO. Besides, another fantasy MMORPG ... no thanks, I've seen enough!

Thu Feb 14 2008 3:11AM Report
alakram writes:

Ah! Yeah I wish they create it. I loved Morrowind and I love Oblivion. Just like these ones, but online. In fact some people say that Morrowind and Oblivion are: "The first Offline MMORPGs".

Thu Feb 14 2008 4:40AM Report
Psiho246 writes:

It would also be awesome if the mmo version of TES wouldnt suck as Oblivion did.

Damn console RPGs...

Thu Feb 14 2008 5:30AM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

Love fantasy setting, LOVE the oblivion world set.  They can bring alot to the table. And while i cant see a server (of any realistic proportions we arent talking wat the US govt can provide) allowing millions on at one time, several EVE size servers! now that would be fun.

Thu Feb 14 2008 7:17AM Report
Damn1 writes:


yo how bout make this kind of game n this game will be so gud lots of people will luv it cuz this game will be ohdi beastin

> character  creation = some games the character r made already n u cant edit their faces a lot of people luv games that character could be edited like hairs face skin heght body like very buff buff or normal well i luv like a lot of hairstyle yo im no homo ass b but  luv asian hairs. n  lets make somethin realy enterestin thing in here wen u pick really buff the char will run slow atacks n low evation slow hits hard n big armor n life buff lil slow movement speed n attack speed normal life normal defense attack n normal eavation  noramal body moves fast atacks fast high evasion low life n defense but atack is the same as buff .

>characters = ( knights r those people who wears heavy armors n uses sword double sword spear shield n long sword the body could only be buff or normal in each weapon it has diferent skills) (defenender could only be buff or really buff weapon are axe hammer shield double axe and long swrod and each weapon has diffent skills)  (gunner could be buff or normal weapon could be double pistol or revlolver rifle and shotgun each different weapon has different skills) (hunter could be buff or normal weapon are crossbow long bow ,bow and double crossbow each weapon  has different skills) (fighter could be buff or normal weapon is olny knuckles) (priest could be normal or buff weapon could be staff and book book is consider as a shield ) ( summoner weapon could be staff or double knife could summon a lot of monster but there is certain thing to pick summon like light monster or dark monster could be buff or normal) ( mage could only be normal weapon is sword ) ( assasin could be buff or normal weapon are double knife double claw or berserker knife double katana or single and small shield each weapon has different skills )

>Stats (str for high attack for every stats) (vit for life every stats u put for realy buff it adds 30 for buff 20 for normal 10 and small for defense really buff adds 2 buff and normal adds 1) (agi for attack speed atleast 35 for for really buff , buff atleast 30 and for normal 25 for evasion plus five more or ten well u decide but for i think it will be better if u add five more to the 1 in attack speed stats) (dex lil damage every stats u put and hit rate for really buff, buff, n normal i guess it will be the same thing as the attack speed dex is gud for range) (int for mana and magic damage) (magic defense atleast need 2 put 5 stats)

>level max level is 200 for each level it adds a lil str and life for  really buff adds 120, buff 80 life and for normal 50 life n 1 stat for knight adds 1 for str for defender adds 1 for vit for archer and gunner dex for fighter and assassin agi for mage and priest int

>suggestion skills passive = (knight = counter %15, splash damage external bleeding making the enemy lose 50 life per second last in 10 second 10% )  (defender  = block counter 10%, triple splash damage 15%) (gunner = double bullet curving for double pistol splash damage 10% quadruple shot shooting four time really fast %10 , 1 shot step back %10 and head shot stunning  people for 3 sec7%) (hunter = head shot7%, step back shot 10%) (fighter = double hit stun 7% triple hit 10% counter double hit ) (assassin = spinning cut  splash damage hits 3 times 15% poison cut 50 dmg last 10 sec) (priest = heal 5% when ur gettin attack , maim when ur getin atacked maim for 10sec 10%) (Mage = cast fire ball and ice ball only level 2 fire and ice ball)

>Ultimate skillz = (knight gods strength hitting enemy 5 times splash damage plus external bleeding and 4 waves tsunami that slashes 3 elements thunder, fire, water and, ice splash damage and long range and while slashing knight dashes to get to the enemy and attack 50sec cool down for both  ) (defender 5 hand earth shake crushing enemy while slashing them hits five time divine crusher hittin enemy hard that the land trembles and maims them) (gunner = burning rush punching enemy while shooting them 4 times and its splash damage and goes back far and shot them 3 times, adrenaline rush shooting bullet everywhere around really fast) (hunter hungry arrows summoning wolves and bite the enemies' foot and shoot them five times the bite has damage but only bite once , arrow shower shootin arrows in the sky and fall to the enemies body hitting them 4 times) (fighter = spirit punch punching enemies from far away by his aura , and god's palm agen punching five times and enemies are being hit by the god's palm from the sky) (assassin shadow mist inside the mist assassin slashes enemies inside the mist and inside the mist they are maim makin it hard for em to escape inside the mist , and assassinate spinning like a driller towards 1 enemy and leaves 20% of their life chance 2 hit 50 percent but if it miss it still give damage but only a lil like leavin 80% of their life) ( priest =  angel's blessing healing all the teammates life and mana and makes em fast and strong punishing evil this skill strikes enemy by lightning 5 times and heals team) (mage = 6 elements strikes = enemies gets strike by thunder, then fire, then cuz earthquake then hit em by tsunami then tornado then blizzard, and his last ult is meteor shower hiting em 5 times and stun em fo 5 sec) (summoner summons a big monster that hit all of the enemy that he see five times ,  summoner will cast another kind of monster that casts magic that hit the enemy 5 times)

>  gameplay = there should be boss that can kill 1 party there should a lot of dungeon to go and monsters and orbs to put in ur equipment and make em strong some orb has special effect and some can be obtain in specific monsters iight it should be hard 2 obtain orb for gunner class they for their helmet they only wear mask like phantom opera well i wish the graphics will be so great in 3d of course and low mb if you can make it like it make the graphics better than 2 moons perfect world and granado espada and this game will be the best

Thu Aug 14 2008 1:50PM Report writes:
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