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4story open beta

4story has been in open beta for 2 weeks now and is definately worth a go.

Author: JolteD

4story outline

Posted by JolteD Monday November 3 2008 at 12:46PM
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ok so 4story has been up for 11 days now and it is great fun.


the game is a nation vs nation game with 3 nations; Defugel, Craxion and Broa (Broa isnt implemented yet.) Each night there are territory wars between the Defugel and Craxion guilds which give rewards such as moeny and the use of the teleports at the territory you have captured. also it is possible to enter the other nation and wait for them to attack you if you want some more open pvp. Also on the higher level neutral maps it is free for all between the nations.



The main aspect of the game is that the leveling come from questing. There is a great in depth and origional storyline which doesnt just include "kill x for y items". Although it can be daunting at first once you get into a party and start beating up those monsters you can level quickly. Also there are repeatable quests which can help you gain those extra few levels you migh need.


Onto the classes. There are 6 classes and 3 races in the game. I will start with the classes, all classes have range and combat weapons.

Warrior- the basic tank which can be geared to be more offensive or defensive. can use one hand swords and sheilds, two hand swords and two hand axes, and for range; bows and crossbows

Assassin- the rouge like classes which relys on hiding and using skills combos to root the enemy to the spot and poison and kill them. uses two swords or chakrams which are like dual edged daggers

Archer- the ranged damage dealer which is great for AoE and general hard hitting. uses bows, crossbows and for close combat; two hand swords and daul wield swords.

Summoner- Uses a pet that it fights along side, these pets can be any monster the same level or lower than the summoer and not bosses. also can summon turrets in replacement of a pet. personnally i dont know much about this class. uses staffs or wands and magic shields.

Priest- Priests are versatile, able to damage deal, buff and heal. it's always nice to have one in a party and they are well worth playing. uses staffs or wands and magic shields.

wizard- magical damage dealer. has stong aoes and single target spells. can be quite weak defensiely but good fun to use. uses staffs or wands and magic shields.

each class has another class it is very good at killing and another that is good at killing it:



Humans are the high dexterity and mentality race. this means they are especially good

priests and archers. they also can be quite good assassins and warriors and they aren't recommended for wizard or summoner. This is however largely personnal preference and can be very possible for a warrior human to beat a werebeast warrior.



Werebeasts are the high vitality and strength class which make them best suitable for
warriors and assassins. I myself am a werebeast archer which works well. also werebeasts can be quite good summoners. they are not so good priests or wizards however the highest level japanese player is in fact a werebeast priest so really any combination for any race seems possible.


Fairys are the little asexual dudes who are good at magics. They are supposedly the best

wizards and summoners and can be quite good priests too. Of course as I have said before the class choices are completely up to you. i have seen several fairy warriors who could handle themselves especially against magic monsters.





a few pictures to show you the looks :P



hope you all enjoyed reading and will join us at

and the facebook page;