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Restored Rodo and the third Law.

Posted by JestorRodo Tuesday October 27 2009 at 7:33PM
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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law of motion, right? Lets apply this concept of physics to the onset of my banning from Star War Galaxies taking into account SOE's overreaction and my reaction.

Don't get me wrong; I am not going to admit that I was totally innocent while playing Star War Galaxies. I engaged in many confrontations with my opposition in game and in the forums but initially I was only defending my principle and position at that time. Of course, my aim was to take advantage of the merchant and smugglers skills to provide the most inexpensive spices (drugs of SWG) on my server, in doing this I made my competitors very jealous and I became a target. I did not mind, it was why the Pre-cu was such a great game. There were enough sand box mechanics to allow game variations such as mine to occur.

In admitting my guilt of forum misuse was only to the degree of extending my role-playing from the game to the forum and most of the time was a reaction. If SOE were to review my forum suspensions, all would reflect this fact. As proof of this, Bruce Economy provide the deathblow that lead to my banning 10 months later "Hello, As has been stated to you multiple times over the last year, we are not releasing your accounts. The comments made are completely unwarranted. Hate mongering is a major violation in our games and even after three warnings before being banned; you chose not to adhere to our policies. Since you chose to ignore our policies, we had no choice but to terminate your accounts in accordance with our policies. You have stated that you have pursued legal action. Because of this, we cannot discuss anything further with you. Please have your legal representation continue communicating with our legal department. Further communication to us offering to make any deals will not be responded to and will be forwarded to our legal department. As a reminder, here is what you said that got the account banned from your fourth warning:


Kosso - I got your morals right here

/grabcrouch< ORazz>



Well Buttcracker Sweat, You are the lead in the Super Dumb Fairys. (

God , Imps are fun to poke at - such mindless tools)


Of course you don't , Imp Fecal matter really doesn't much matter to me

either . Rebels just flush it away. Love That Jestor!


Bruce W Economy

Senior CS Supervisor

Star Wars Galaxies - Planetside - Matrix Online

Sony Online Entertainment"

My guess is that role-playing and hatemongering are interchangeable for the forum moderators of SWG if it suits their purpose. All and all, doesn't this sound a little trumped up? It also should be noted that SOE admitted that prior to my prema-game banning for this alleged forum misuse, I never had a game suspension. These were very drastic measures for very questionable or unexplained reasons.

In banning me, SOE did their homework on my business activities with them. They banned all four accounts that I used in game (two were even inactive at that time). SOE stated that they did not want me to play any of their games now and in the future. The word I used at that time was overkill. As I have pointed out again and again, only SOE prema game bans for forum misuse and this was an admitted change in their policies at that time. They apply this new policy to my accounts. I am pretty sure that I was not the only player that SOE needed this new policy for but I'm sure that I was right up there. Alrighty then, that was SOE's action.

My immediate reaction was of shock and disbelief. I would have been fine with a forum ban but when I attempted to log into my primary account I got the bad news only to be confirmed by E-mail from Bruce Economy from SWG forums. I immediately started an Email campaign while noticing a disturbing physical change that occurred that eventually required heavy-duty antibiotics like Cipro and Flagyl. During this time, I phoned and spoke with Mr. Andy Zaffron, the head of SOE legal who stood behind his colleagues in their decision of the new policy. The medication for my physical condition failed and I had to endure an operation on Saint Patrick's Day of 2005 to eradicate the problem.

In my ongoing reaction, I have continued to role-play to this day. SOE ripped the character of "Jestor Rodo" out of their game prematurely only to change their minds 22 months later. The only problem is the restoration of my accounts was without reward. The CU and NGE changes had altered the game and displeased too many of my former opponents and allies that it left Star War Galaxies totally unplayable. I receive numerous requests to stop and give up, not surprisingly they come from the current NGE players either do not know that they have been manipulate by SOE and LA or they belong to the new target audiences of Star Wars Galaxies NGE – children.

I do believe that Sir Isaac Newton would approve of my reaction to SOE's action. In fact until SOE provides the Pre CU servers that I was banned from or the game ceases to exist I remain a reminder of one of many inappropriate business decisions made by Sony On-Line Entertainment. Love that Jestor!