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The Broken R0m

The testimony,angry rantings, and randomness of a hardcore gamer, geek, nerd, and dork. And taking over the world, too.

Author: JKnight1

MMO's I'd Like to See

Posted by JKnight1 Wednesday December 31 2008 at 8:48PM
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Heya guys! Been a long ass time sicne i've posted here. Been ultra busy with finding a job, working in Second Life, and running around the wastelands of DC. But now that my video card is shot and I have to wait a few weeks to get one, you are gonna see a lot more of me in the next couple weeks, so get used to it!

So, with my return, I have decided to bring to the table some new ideas I have for MMO's. These are by no means my ideas alone, but some stuff i'd LOVE to see as an MMO. Most may be a niche market, but as proved by EVE Online, niche markets can thrive. So without further wait, here is my top five list.


5: Zombie Apocalypse

   I'd love to see an MMO in the veign of Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, 28 Days/Weeks Later, I Am Legend and others. Classes could vary greatly, from Cvilian, Doctor/Nurse, Police Officer/SWAT, Fireman, Military, Scientist, Technician, and many others. Skills would deal with thier realms of expertise that can be applied to a world after the zombies rise. Zombies could be applided to humans, animals, hell, even plants if it's explained right. Setitngs could be all over, from the Americas, Europe, Asia, even Africa. Weapons could vary from common everyday objects such as axes and hammers to personal firearms to military grade, even using scavenged parts to make your own.

4: Time Travel

 An MMO utilizing time travel would be a challenge, but if done right, could be awesome. Placed in a post-modern Earth setting, with technology beyond ours, we could see a few rather prominant factions. A corporation that controls the time traveling tech, using it to go into time and changing history to better serve their ends. A remnant of the ancient Templar fighting against te corporation, feeling that only God should be allowed to tamper with time. And a third uncaring faction, that is trying to eck out a living as best they can. Time Travel could be explained with the discovery of a new form of clean burning, edible, and replinishble energy found out in space near blackholes. Classes could vary from soldier, scientist, tech, mercenary, chrononaught, and the like, and could even have subraces of human, such as Clone, Chronophage (Failed genetic experiment combinging the DNA of a human with the new energy), and Chronophile (Humans addicted to the new form of energy due to consumption). I am actually working on such an idea for a Roleplaying Sim in Second Life, if anyone wants to check out my indepth info there.

3: Roman/Egyptian/Greek Mythology

 Gods and Heroes was to be this, but since we all know what happened with that, we still have a vacancy for such a genre. Players could choose classes ranging from Centurion, Warrior, Soldier, Mystic, Priest, Hunter, and many others, choosing from a large plethora of Gods to follow, granting our character bonuses and abilities such as Zeus, Ra, Hera, and others. The setting could be Egypt, the Mediteranean, and Rome.

2: Firefly/Serenity

 Need I say more?

1: Wild West/Civil War

 This is the one I wish to see the most. Cowboys, soldiers, outlaws, indians. All of it. Bank robberies, casinos, gambling, settling, war, gold rushes, it's ripe for the pickings. Bounty Hunters hunting down outlaws, sherrifs protecting small trade route towns, outlaw gangs robbing banks, exploring the wild frontier, settling down and starting a town. It's the perfect setting for an MMO. It allows for growth, continuity, persistance, player interaction, AND a great way to inject some good ol' history.

Well, there's my top five list of MMO's i'd like to see. If you got any ideas you'd like to add, or wish to expand on mine, please do!!

JKnight1 writes:

And it seems i've posted a blog with a similar idea, but to hell with it, it never hurts to keep those creative juices flowing!

Wed Dec 31 2008 8:52PM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Interesting ideas... but wild west would be like PoTBS... not enough for players... sorry.  But the Firefly thing would be like the wild west and has plenty of stuff for players.

I liked Gods and Heroes, had fun playing... er testing it.  Too bad about them.

Do not forget a ShadowRun MMO...hehe, check my blog here for more info :P

Wed Dec 31 2008 9:33PM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Naw, I think the Wild West could be awesome if done right. PotBS wasn't done right, imo. Too cartoony and cliched.

Wed Dec 31 2008 9:55PM Report
sanders01 writes:

Civil war would be cool.




"Alright sir, let me amputate that."

Wed Dec 31 2008 10:02PM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Ahaha, indeed. Would put a whole new element to the medic class.

Wed Dec 31 2008 10:53PM Report
Lex_Taliones writes:

I agree on the Zombie apolcalypse!  You could have factions that worked against each other.  Maybe a cult who worshipped the undead too!  I always wanted to see MMOs based on the Dune book series, a Fallout MMO, or an MMO that takes place in Terminator post holochaust Earth.

Fri Jan 02 2009 12:31PM Report writes:
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