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The Broken R0m

The testimony,angry rantings, and randomness of a hardcore gamer, geek, nerd, and dork. And taking over the world, too.

Author: JKnight1

Oh no! The Graphics! They are Dated!

Posted by JKnight1 Friday September 5 2008 at 6:09PM
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Alright, i've seen enough of it these past few days. Especially since the release of the 17 minute, in-game trailer for Darkfall. It scares me, that my generation's only concern is how shiny a game is. They want all the pixel shaders, all the lighting effects, the realistic particle effects, moving shadows, wavy grass and trees, they even desire to see the very pores on their characters skin.

When did gaming go so far as to say gmeplay, content, innovation, and uniqueness is no longer important? When did they decide that the only thing we, as gamers, wish to see, is shininess? THEY didn't. It's us gamers that are pushing for graphics so intense, so awe inspiring, that everything else takes a back burner. They wanna give us content, gameplay, and graphics, NOT just one of those three.

What I saw for Darkfall amazed me. A game that actually gives you something to do, gives you full control, doesn't constrain you to a set path.  It is giving us huge amounts of content and gameplay. I mean come on, fleet battles, castle sieges, hovercraft siege weapons, fps style combat, skill based system. It's so open ended for us, who could ask for more?

The graphics are great for what they have been doing. And honestly they look better than some games i've played, such as WoW. It's graphics are sub par at best. Cartoony, cliched and dated. Yet they have over six million subscribers. Then you look at AoC, it's graphics are amazing, but it has failed in the departments of gameplay, content, and stability.

Graphics are enhancements to the game, not the game itself. I play games for the gameplay, the content, and the fun. I don't spend my hard earned 50 bucks to ogle skin pores while running through a monotonous, cliched, and predictable story that offers little in gameplay or content.

There are three games that graphic wise aren't award winning or awe inspiring, but they were the best damn gaming experiances I EVER had, and they are:

Baldur's Gate - Content, Storytelling, Replayability, Gameplay

Fallout 1 & 2 - Storytelling, Gameplay, Replayability, Content

X-COM UFO Defense - Gameplay, Replayability, Innovative

None of those games had graphics as a prioity. None of them needed graphics to make the game awesome. The games themselves were awesome. Period. You gamers my age, which is 22, and younger, need to get your priorities straight. Graphics don't make the game, it's what the game let's us do, what it provides, that truly makes a game worth playing.

I'll be playing Darkfall when it's released. It has everything I want, and nothing I don't need.