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The Broken R0m

The testimony,angry rantings, and randomness of a hardcore gamer, geek, nerd, and dork. And taking over the world, too.

Author: JKnight1

Oh no! The Graphics! They are Dated!

Posted by JKnight1 Friday September 5 2008 at 5:09PM
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Alright, i've seen enough of it these past few days. Especially since the release of the 17 minute, in-game trailer for Darkfall. It scares me, that my generation's only concern is how shiny a game is. They want all the pixel shaders, all the lighting effects, the realistic particle effects, moving shadows, wavy grass and trees, they even desire to see the very pores on their characters skin.

When did gaming go so far as to say gmeplay, content, innovation, and uniqueness is no longer important? When did they decide that the only thing we, as gamers, wish to see, is shininess? THEY didn't. It's us gamers that are pushing for graphics so intense, so awe inspiring, that everything else takes a back burner. They wanna give us content, gameplay, and graphics, NOT just one of those three.

What I saw for Darkfall amazed me. A game that actually gives you something to do, gives you full control, doesn't constrain you to a set path.  It is giving us huge amounts of content and gameplay. I mean come on, fleet battles, castle sieges, hovercraft siege weapons, fps style combat, skill based system. It's so open ended for us, who could ask for more?

The graphics are great for what they have been doing. And honestly they look better than some games i've played, such as WoW. It's graphics are sub par at best. Cartoony, cliched and dated. Yet they have over six million subscribers. Then you look at AoC, it's graphics are amazing, but it has failed in the departments of gameplay, content, and stability.

Graphics are enhancements to the game, not the game itself. I play games for the gameplay, the content, and the fun. I don't spend my hard earned 50 bucks to ogle skin pores while running through a monotonous, cliched, and predictable story that offers little in gameplay or content.

There are three games that graphic wise aren't award winning or awe inspiring, but they were the best damn gaming experiances I EVER had, and they are:

Baldur's Gate - Content, Storytelling, Replayability, Gameplay

Fallout 1 & 2 - Storytelling, Gameplay, Replayability, Content

X-COM UFO Defense - Gameplay, Replayability, Innovative

None of those games had graphics as a prioity. None of them needed graphics to make the game awesome. The games themselves were awesome. Period. You gamers my age, which is 22, and younger, need to get your priorities straight. Graphics don't make the game, it's what the game let's us do, what it provides, that truly makes a game worth playing.

I'll be playing Darkfall when it's released. It has everything I want, and nothing I don't need.


Aragon100 writes:


Many gamers of today is very superficial and dont look beyond the shiny pixels which is kinda sad.

Fri Sep 05 2008 5:40PM Report
imbant writes:

You just have to remember that the naysayers who complain about graphics now are 50% vaporware trolls who are bitter.  25% graphic kiddies who wouldnt know a good game if it bit em in the ass.  and 25% of people who just dont prefer the artistic style of the game so it turns them off, which is perfectly fine.  But saying they are equivalent to eq1 etc is just factually wrong.

Even though 73% of all stats are made up...the main stat that is more important that one i listed above is that a very small % of people actually are influenced or even take the people complaining about DF's graphics seriously. 

Everyone has eyes, and everyone can see that the graphics are just fine, and the VAST VAST majority of people who know about DF think its graphics are good.  You would be amazed at the amount of people who will play this game if it proves itself in beta and release.  A few years ago this game was on the radar of every pvp guild out there.

Many of the guilds have since given up while others have still followed it closely.  But I guarentee you that if DF delivers, they will all check it out.  Why wouldnt they? 

DF is comming whether people like it or not.  Dont worry it wont steal your subcribers and ruin your game, there are plenty of gamers to go around.  But you cant kill the hype around this game and if it releases well when it releases (which is will), you are going to see a lot of people playing.


Fri Sep 05 2008 6:00PM Report
liadz writes:

People really are attracted by the graphics at first, but none of the games that only have nice graphics are able to be a success after the initial hype. That's very easy to see, just look at the great mass of korean mmos, after a few months their communities are almost dead.

As games are turning very popular and aren't just "nerd thing" anymore the capitalist ideals hit them even harder and they appeal for what people see at first (and some times it is just a kind of challenge for the designers, just like happens with the cinema). But the classics are still there and, like always, they will emerge from the middle of generic beautiful games, like they always did.

Good luck for DF and all the new ideas coming around.

Fri Sep 05 2008 7:09PM Report
Skillaz writes:

Gameplay will be amazing graphics are fine, but I hope the spells and explosions look a little better thats all i ask. The explosions look like they came from Doom.    Either way The game will be the most fun game i will probably ever play fro years to come.

Fri Sep 05 2008 7:55PM Report
zymurgeist writes:

Graphics matter. You don't have to be OMG DX10 WOWSER but you can't be ugly. Dated graphics well done look better than cutting edge graphics that are sketchy.  They also have to be consistant. The best backgrounds in the world won't save a game with horrid avatars and bad animations. Cartoony avatars and realistic backdrops don't cut it either no matter well executed they are. Esthetics matter. People don't want to look at butt ugly for hours on end.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:18PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

Maybe if the DF trailer showed MORE THAN THE GRAPHICS then we could judge it by something MORE THAN THE GRAPHICS.

Gameplay > Graphics, but you can't have a Pong MMO. Just saying. The trailer should've showed some features.

Oh well, another great movie trailer with (possibly) a crap movie in reality.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:23PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

The problem with your comment on graphics and games..

Those older titles you mentioned had the "Amazing" graphics of the times they were in.

Graphics are important to immersion.

As is sound and gameplay.


It's a holy trinity. Darkfalls graphics fall somewhere in between eq1 and daoc with some 3rd gen add ins here and there, thats fairly unacceptable by a p2p means.

A game could be the greatest in the world but if it's fugly you won't enjoy your characters success.

Fri Sep 05 2008 8:57PM Report
Kordesh writes:

Yeah! You're competely right. People need to stop focusing on graphics so much, and put stock in more important things, like the fact that darkfall is a seven year vaporware pipedream.

Fri Sep 05 2008 9:17PM Report
originalegg writes:

lol @ still thinking DF is vaporware...unless you are using that stretched definition that pretty much makes every MMO vaporware until release.

lol @ still refering to DF graphics in the same league as EQ, SB, or DAoC because there have been numerous threads on this with screenshot examples that pretty much show how factually wrong that is.

lol @ the failed arguement that the video didnt show game features and only graphics...

Thanks for the compliments boys...dont worry, your (insert rehashed eq/wow clone) will be safe and DF will cater to the niche market of players who like sandboxes and a challenging game experience.


Fri Sep 05 2008 9:35PM Report
Leraza2 writes:

Now i have no opinion on Darkfall one way or another but to claim that the graphics did not matter in Baldurs Gate or Fallout is just plain wrong. These games were released in 97-98 and the art in both is fantastic  and immersive considering the period.

Of course Gameplay trumps graphics but that does not mean it is not important. When the graphics are not  immersive it can really hurts the gameplay experience. 

Consider this... would pacman have been as good a game if it had had colored squares instead of pacman and the ghosts 

However is has already been pointed out good art does not mean  using the latest fancy  tricks and technology but rather its a question of Astetics and Consistant Style (something far to many games in all genres are sorely lacking) .

Fri Sep 05 2008 9:45PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

It's hard to believe it's been that long since Fallout and Baldur's Gate was released. Damn those were some awesome games, surprised nobody mentioned Planescape; Torment, IMHO it was one of the best most unique games ever released.


I don't care much for graphics, but I'd love to see it updated with some dx10 cinematics.

Sat Sep 06 2008 2:23AM Report
MikeTheSaint writes:

Baldurs Gate, Fallout and Xcom! I have so much time to all of them and I cant say I've found a game or series yet that has truly wowed me like these did.

Sat Sep 06 2008 2:47AM Report
caemsg writes:

you see gamers today are far to stupid to understand its a trade off you can have amasing state of the art game play or really shiny graphics or a mixture of both shiny graphics are the cake (the cake is a lie) and the amasing state of the art gameplay (and other stuff like that) is eating it

now we all know we cant have our cake and eat it thats a staple of forum arguments people would much rather eat a cake than have it (its a greed thing i think) but alot of gamers are far to stupid to understand that this cake eating doesnt need you to have a cake in the first place so they go after the cake and say stuff you non cake havers i want cake

ok now we get to the devs there is far more cake out there because devs are afraid to allow gamers to eat the cake the cake is a tangable thing that can be seen and held and touched but not eaten while the eating of the cake is not tangable and not hold able so because devs are a bunch of scared rbbits cowering under the foot of the mkighty investor all we get is cake

if you understood that you are doing far better than me it may take a few reads

Sat Sep 06 2008 3:10AM Report
Reborn17 writes:

Though I do believe that a large portion of the complaints are from "bitter vaporware trolls", graphically the game does look dated. Not that graphics are everything, but why pretend they're so great.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:28AM Report
tachgb writes:

To me, each game is visually unique, I look at what ideas the artists had at the time, and the limited tools they may have used to conjure up their imaginings, and appreciate what they did. Graphics have always played a limited factor for me when purchasing a game, there's so many visusally stuning games out there with let down gameplay that you quickly learn graphics mean very little and is hopeless at saving bad gameplay.

Sat Sep 06 2008 6:51AM Report
Neherun writes:

 Well, basicly Darkfall's graphics are adjusted that performance comes first serve. ALWAYS, there are warying amount of animations, each requires more from your computer and so on. The realistic shadows won't be on all computers, I'm sure of that.

Darkfall's graphics are more than enough, just wait to see their world, it'll be something completly different than the normal mmorpg "zones."


Sat Sep 06 2008 7:10AM Report
gom276 writes:

Your comments expose you as a fanboy for the game willing to over look any flaw with the title.  The game (for this generation) is dated, graphically.  It is a fact.  Just go to any game company in the world and you will see that their art department is the largest part.  Graphics are what draw you into the world and keep you there.  If the art design is crap your game will not draw people in.  With out the draw factor you end up with 200 fan boys wondering why they are closing the servers 6 months after release. 

It is true that people love graphics.  They decide mostly what to play by how well the design looks.  They do this to guage many things.  One being how polished is this game.  A game with a lot of detail put into the look design and animation will most likely mean they also put a lot of thought and detail into the game play.  Now mind you that is not always the case.  AoC is graphically the best game on the market.  If it had been released as a PvE title and not PvP it would have not had as much of the bad press associated with the title.  They spent soo much time on making the game graphically amazing they lost sight of game play elements.

but most new leaps forward in graphic quality end up that way and by the time the tech catches up with the graphics the game is polished and ready for prime time.  Eq2 saw the same thing at it's launch.  one of the best graphical games of its gen and became the benchmark for most titles after it to push the bar but at release the game was buggy and unfinished and unless you had spent $6000 you could not play it at full res on maxed settings.

the fact is we choose many things in life based on how they look, we choose our mates, our cars, our homes and our clothes based on how they look.  We don;t buy that $50k SuV because it has great gas miles we buy it cause it makes us look good.  Everything we do in our daily lives is done by making decisions based on how something looks.  We will buy food if it looks good. even if we have never tasted it before.  We think beautiful models are all the best things in the world and are willing to over look the fact that they may be complete idiots are high maintenance just bacause of how they look.  We go into massive debt buying huge houses because of how they look.  Our world is one deisgned and driven by looks.  To assume anything less you are simply a fool.

or a rabid fanboy who cannot stand anyone derriding a game you have decided is the best thing since sliced bread.  Wake up and look at your world if you can attest to never buying or lusting after anything for how it looks then you can talk trash.

Sat Sep 06 2008 7:12AM Report
Vooduder writes:

Well said. As Barack Obama would say, "change is coming to"

The age of the WoW-clone grindfest as the ranked-based RvR/battlegrounds PvP is in steady decline.

The UO brand of PvP is coming back with a vengeance.

Sat Sep 06 2008 7:31AM Report
cosimusta writes:

WoW's graphics were dated at the time of it's release, and people knocked it even harder. 


If you actually think players are truly concerned so much about having super shiny graphics, then I'm afraid you, like them, haven't learned anything either.


Surprise, people don't know what they want.



Sat Sep 06 2008 7:32AM Report
Obliviuze writes:

I like games that make my hero look awesome, but at the same time games that offer action to it. Atm, Dekaron/ 2moons works for me:)

Sat Sep 06 2008 11:25AM Report
Magus333 writes:

I think one factor alot of people in this day of age simply forget.... FUN.

If a game is not fun, people will not play it. Simple.

Why do people still play UO? Even though the graphics are almost SNES quality? Its incredibly fun to play. But over the years they have made game crippling changes which have drove people away.

Now with Darkfall, I will admit the graphics are "dated", but by the gods it looks HELLA FUN to play.

Everybody else can have the AOC and WOW. Give me my Darkfall.

Sat Sep 06 2008 11:32AM Report
JKnight1 writes:

I'm no fanboy of Darkfall. I'm excited to play it, yes. But i'm out defending ANY game that has low quality graphics and amazing gameplay.

Sat Sep 06 2008 3:34PM Report
Khevor writes:

I have only partly followed this particular 'argument' but I'm not understanding something.  I compared the Darkfall screenshots (from their site)  with Warhammer Online screenshots sent in to  Unless Warhammer's graphics are considered dated as well, I fail to see why people are so bent on DF's graphics as being poor.  Don't get me wrong, neither game interests me, I'm just trying to understand the basis for the argument.

Sat Sep 06 2008 3:37PM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Called trolling, mostly.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:00PM Report
imbant writes:


Simple answer...they arent dated.  People are just worried that DF fans were right about believing in the game and are bitter that they cant call the game vaporware anymore.

As a result, they attack the graphics which any level headed person can see are very good and in some cases, absolutly amazing in regards to landscape.

The animations need work, but everyone would rather have a functional game with minimal lag in large fights then some extra sparklies that come up for a spell. 

Warhammer = WoW = Cartoony art style.  And that is fine.  It actually helps with the smoothness of the game.  But by the same arguement that these naysayers are trying to use, WAR graphics were out in 2003 so they are 5 years old too.

It doesnt really matter because 1/2 of them are going to end up playing, and no matter what they say now durning the last few months before release, they wont kill the hype that is building around this game.  It is comming out, deal with it.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:24PM Report
Valentina writes:

What I wanna know is when somebody's gonna have a game with great graphics and is equally as good in gameplay for once.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:32PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

How can you call DF's graphics "good", the combat animations look like something I'd see on

Drakken : Order of the flame (Thats like a 1995 game), thats the part that makes me A FAN of Darkfall not want to play it.

I'm sorry all the baddass pvp in the world doesn't stop the fact that the combat animations look like crap and if combat looks that ugly why even fight? I can roll dice at someone and it look prettier than what I've seen SO FAR, now I certainly hope they fix this, but come on...


The wizards magic is freaking idiotic look along side the factor the bounce back on the person doesn't change their body reaction...they just bounce.

Sorry but if I'm hit with a kinetic bolt of death, i'm sure as hell not going to be standing rigid as those guys are...STRAIGHT PLANKS.

Now as a caster type I am very inclined to my casters having good looking attacks, as thats what I enjoy. Flaire of a meteo smashing my enemy versus a sword.

Sat Sep 06 2008 8:29PM Report
originalegg writes:

graphics and animations are two different things Astropuyo...i stopped reading after that.

many fans agree the animations are bad though,  but arent so bad that they break the game if they are that way to allow for the massive siege battles that no game has really managed to get right with current day graphics.

Sat Sep 06 2008 9:12PM Report
MMO-Rogue writes:

The avatars and their animation are pretty bad. Even to the point where I can understand others finding it unacceptably bad. I can't flame those who are disappointed with these graphics.

I don't know if they would prevent me from playing if the gameplay mechanics are strong though.

I can say one thing exceptionally strong graphics couldn't keep me playing AoC, the gameplay mechanics were too weak.

I am attracted to skill based advancement and noncookie cutter tactics and strategies.  If those mechanics function as they should I would probably stay but hope that I can scroll way out from the animation.

Sun Sep 07 2008 12:13AM Report
cosimusta writes:


Hrmm, *thoughtful*

Your post was too cookie-cutter, and I wasn't attracted to it because it was too weak.  I am attracted to strong and exceptionally non-cookie cutter things in life.

I don't know if your post will prevent me from ever taking you seriously and I can't flame because I'm not allowed to play with matches.

Sun Sep 07 2008 5:50AM Report
abnesher writes:

OP: "I'll be playing Darkfall when it's released. It has everything I want, and nothing I don't need."

To make such a statement almost makes your whole post invalid. Without having tried an MMO, there is NO way in hell you can be sure about WHAT the game will deliver, especially as it hasnt even been released yet. How many MMO's in the past umpty years have been released, and NOT delivering what was promised? How many have failed horribly despite revolutionary design-description?

To be this confident in your chosen up'n'coming MMO isnt just silly...its downright stupid!

When devs are hyping a game, all they can do is show you the visiuals and describe their concept. BOTH are designed to make you wanna play their game, which is why they make shiny graphics (that might make the game lag like hell) and glorious descriptions of gameplay and content (which in the end might be lies from hell)

PS. When you read this comment, try to notice that i never mentioned any game by name, as im not in any fan-camp. If an MMO works chances are, that I will play it no matter what.

Sun Sep 07 2008 6:05AM Report
sappfe writes:

Unfortunately a lot of those gamers you mentioned are not reading this blog instead they are oogling the pores on the character's skin.

Sun Sep 07 2008 8:20AM Report
mieko writes:

I have absolutely no issue with low quality graphics as long as things llok good together and seem reasonable for its age. What do I mean by this? Look at WoW, its cartoony style works amazingly well with its dated engine. On the other hand WAR ahs failed miseibly in this respect and considering it came out in 2008 I'm really dissappointed in it. I mean at least it should have had smooth graphics and animation. I'm not saying everything needs to be dx10 eye candy, but at least make everything look good. Darkfall is a great example of what shouldn't be done. They really should work on their models/animation before they go any further with the release because this is 2009 and we're much better off with pc hardware now. Would you buy a car with the world's fastest engine and drive it happily with it unpainted and rusting? I highly doubt it.

Thu Jan 01 2009 4:19PM Report
The-Nit writes:

 Hej JKnight1, 

I approve your taste in games. 

Awesome blog.

Tue Jan 20 2009 4:46AM Report writes:
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