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The Theory Of

Here you'll find discussion of all manner of topics relating to the theory of multiplayer games. As I see it, anyway. A note to commentors: if you stray off-topic or if your reply contains ad hominem attacks, your comment will be deleted.

Author: JB47394

Videos of spaceship movement system

Posted by JB47394 Tuesday February 24 2015 at 9:48AM
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Back around 2009, I was involved in discussions on the (predecessor of the) I-Novae Studios forums about spaceship movement systems - among other things.  The backdrop for the discussions was the assumption that spaceships could fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet, to interplanetary space, and then back again.  In such an environment, we were discussing how to handle ship rendezvous and interception.

The first cut was to say that as two ships came closer together, they would slow down in increments and eventually stop - the amount of slowing was dependent on their distance from one another.  Once stopped (they could still move around each other like spaceships), they would be close enough together to interact.  Shooting, trading, whatever.

The problem that I had with such a system was that it allowed something like a fighter to intercept and stop a battleship.  It seemed a bit silly to allow that.  But it was equally impractical to prevent a fighter from interacting with a battleship, whether it wanted to shoot the battleship or just enter its hangar to land.

One solution suggested was to allow the ships to interact on the move.  A lot of folks were having difficulty understanding how that would work in various scenarios, so I created a prototype that allowed people to try scenarios out for themselves.   The implementation was in 2D, with the simplest possible graphics, but it was full scale, real time and multiplayer.

Now, 6 years later, I've created three videos to explain how the system works.  I hope you enjoy them.

Basics.  How to fly a spaceship.

Intercepts.  How to make an intercept on another ship.

Jumping.  How to travel between stars.