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Very Long and Boring Rants

Made to discuss videogames, and cheese, lots and lots of cheese

Author: IsUberLeet

Bard Class

Posted by IsUberLeet Tuesday April 1 2008 at 5:54PM
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Today I open up my email and find a notice from, WoW is putting a bard class into it's game with WoTLK, "Great" I think, "This may help the game get back to it's RPG roots but the more I think the more I doubt it. The class will most likely not be enjoyed as most people don't want to level up a new character to 70 , no 80 except for hard core players, now think for a second will they play the class for the fun and lore of being a bard or simply the said character's effect in raids?

Now I know what you're thinking, " What about new players?" New players wil not play a bard, why should they. They can play a mighty warrior, a stealthy rogue, or a majestic 9sorry I ran out of adjectives) mage. Why would they play a bard? A musically talented man. Most new players to this game are relativly young and will see this as "0MG G4Y". There may be a few that do decide to play this class but ridicule from the younger players will probably make them quit before they can be a key asset in a raid.

Nice try Blizz, I salute the jab at it but it's just too little too late.


Future Faves of '08

Posted by IsUberLeet Monday March 10 2008 at 5:46PM
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Hiya all! Me again well with 2008 already in full swing I've really been getting geared up for some great upcoming MMORPGs Here are a coupleI've been hyped up about.

The Chronicles Of Spellborn:  Looks fantastic. At first I was a bit skeptic (or however you spell it) but it seems to have shaped up quite nicely. My favorite thing so far is the combat system involved in the game which looks like it may release something different than the WoW key jamming, and in my opinion at least that's a VERY good thing. Here's a quick video of the starting area I took from osiriss' post on the forums:

Fallen Earth: Looks like a fun sandbox game, which there seems to be less and less of today.

Darkfall: When this comes out after the THIRD coming of christ I'll be quite happy... Wait what do you meaqn he's only coming two times?

Aion: Although it's flown under the radar and let WAR and AoC take most of the attention I think this game may still do well. The one thing I'm worried about is how TR was, allow me to say, a slight flop of NCsoft's work. If it keeps to what it promises and strays from the Korean grind-fest like it's said it will I'll probably play it for a bit. The closed beta in Korea looks like it's already polished and complete but I'd rather wait then get a half-done pile of shit.

That's all I can think of now. How about you? Most of you probably know some game or another that has you pumped. Please Post the game and why it make's you want to play it so bad.


Looking for the last three letters

Posted by IsUberLeet Sunday March 9 2008 at 8:03PM
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Hiya all this is my first blog post so I'll try not to do something to stupid. Like starting a flame war by insulting someones mother.. well maybe I'll do that..

Anyway we all love videogames. Well you should at least, if not then why are you on a website about MMORPGs? MMORPGs. Those last three letters can call up a lot questions: What makes a Massivly Multiplayer game a MMOPRG? The Role-playing of course! I've played a lot of MMORPGs before finding this site and I've only played more since then. What I've found missing in many of those is an RPG factor, my Nirvana if you will. I played D&D before MMORPGs and was captivated my the beautiful, seamless world a good DM (Dungeon Master) could make, meanwhile those that failed normally presented a boring adventure in which I felt embarrased that my mighty warrior/ rogue/ whatever would even participate. I always found that it was challenging to make someone interested in what you had planned but once you did it could change their outlook. The story telling feature that makes one so immersed is RP to me.

This is what I find missing in many games in my opinion. WoW to me was just a grind-fest to 70 where I would then waste away my time grinding till the next expansion in which all my hard-earned gear was now worthless after I killed x amount of boars or wolves, I felt the same feeling I had long ago behind a tabletop playing D&D; I was embarrased my character would do something so trivial as to kill a wolf that's for my serfs to handle, not a cool, horse riding hero such as myself. I tried WoW again, this time on a RP realm and though I was happy for a while with the meager amount I could find past chinese men trying to sell me money I again was quickly bored by the fact it was exactly the same level up then raid. I kept playing and kept seeing key characters of the games I had loved, Warcraft1 and 2 die off making so soon I'd be fighting no names of villians.

I quit WoW soon after.

Okay a new game! In my quest towards my ectasy, my search for RP I tried countless games searching for a real RP rush. To no avail. It just seemed people wanted to be "Da Bomb" They didn't care about story line, nor about what they were doing. They just were wanting to "win". Not that all the community was like this in all games, heavens no, but in most games being numero uno outshined the quest for fun and for make-belive. Killing dragons wasn't for fun, or exitement, but for loot, which in turn was not used for the satisfaction of recieving said loot but going out and "Pwning" someone".

I know that this will probably never be heard and that most people just don't care but I Know that many of you must feel the same way as me, maybe overly so. If you think that RPis the key part in any MMORPG and not simply the three letters after MMO. I wish you all goodluck in the search for the great Online game. And please if you ever find a great time in a game drop me a line, or PM. I'd love to sit down and drink a brew in an old tavern as we speak of the tales of dragon-slaying and orc bashing glory.

ill then I'll stay here.. waiting... collecting toothpaste brushes.. and praying one day devs will hit a jackpot. Oh as for the Mother-insutling.. that'll be next post.