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IfThen Software

Development log for IfThen Software. IfThen Software is a family owned and operated indie game development company.

Author: InvisibleLf

Newsletter issue #2

Posted by InvisibleLf Tuesday September 30 2008 at 10:37AM
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Cross-posted from


We have reached 85% overall progress from 46% last week. This is where things will start going slowly though, so don't expect us to get that much done every week.


From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

Last week I got to fix several bugs with the player inventory system, and was reminded just how ugly that code is. Once the Preview is released (or right before) I should probably clean that function up. Currently inventory items are stored in an array of structures, and clearing out an inventory slot involves resetting each structure member. Converting that structure to a class would allow me to create a CInvenItem::Clear() function, which should clean up the code a bit.

In the last issue I detailed a brilliant plan to fix the progress page display issues in Safari and Google Chrome. I've been thwarted once again. The div that would need to hold the bottom part of the column will not position itself at the bottom of it's container cell. I'm out of ideas, so I think I'll just have to keep it the way it is. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please let me know!


Latest Dev Demo Report
Written by Roarman

The September 26th demo testing was fun! A whole bunch of us came together to fight the new mini-boss. We wiped, we were victorious, we found more bugs. The 'uber' loot finally dropped after a few kills. Later it was found that an exploit could be used to solo the boss, so guess what? That's exactly what I did after everyone else left.

The new graphics for the spells came out well, even if it was showing up on the wrong person. We could attack while casting a certain spell, oops, talk about an overpowered bug. I finally got to run at super speed with a new GM only spell, thanks Invis!

If you are running left and press a hotkey to cast a spell, your character would take a mind of its own and run far away then cast it. I'll have to talk to Invis to see if he put ghosts in Koyrith that takes over my character's body without telling me.

Overall we didn't do much leveling, due to the fact that a jelly was put in town that got you to level 3 in three kills. It gave us more time to figure out if everything is balanced past level 1. Everything's looking good and we are looking forward to the release, whenever that might be.

New Format

Posted by InvisibleLf Tuesday September 23 2008 at 1:17PM
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Cross-posted from

I have decided to make these journal entries into something of a weekly newsletter. Each week we will release an "issue" that gives the latest news, an article from the programmer where he gives his thoughts and opinions on things that have happened during the previous week, and an article from the testing team about how that week's demo went.

Hopefully this will keep the journal interesting, so here is this week's issue! Please let us know what you think.


We have created a progress page for Loradon 3.0 so that you can see how much work is left to be done until the Preview is released. The overall percentage is only reflecting work since August 22nd, 2008 since we were not tracking progress this way before that date.

We have also released a new screenshot of Loradon 3.0, showing us fighting jellies as a group.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

If you need help with a webpage and you use tables, I don't recommend going to #CSS or #HTML on freenode. They are somewhat table-phobic.

The progress page isn't displaying correctly in Safari and Chrome, which after a lot of googling I found out is a common problem without a solution. I've thought of a work-around though. The problem is with the two tables that make up the left and right columns, which don't take up 100% of their container cells in Safari and Chrome. To fix that problem, I'll get rid of the column tables and make the container cells tile the column middle graphic in the background. I'll then use divs to place the tops and bottoms of the columns. This will work since the top and bottom graphics for the columns will block out the entire middle column graphic that is being tiled behind them.

Latest Dev Demo Report
Written by Roarman

The September 19th demo went well. I made a few different characters and re-tested some bugs that got fixed. Not a lot of new content was added, due to the amount of issues that had to be worked on from the last demo. I shot a lot of jellies with my bow, abusing a bug that allowed me to shoot two arrows at once. Fun times. The new magic graphic looks well animated, as always. Couldn't stop casting that :) The outskirts are well filled in with jellies now, so I can fight in several spots instead of being stuck to one area. Another tester and I teamed up and got to level 3 together. We had a great combination going, and left the outskirts a gooey mess.

First Entry

Posted by InvisibleLf Monday September 22 2008 at 2:32PM
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I plan to cross-post to here from our main journal at I'm not sure what the rules of etiquette are in the blogging community on cross-posting, but I hope this isn't considered rude.

We are currently working on an MMORPG with the working title of "Loradon 3.0" and an online game called "Stick Adventures Online". We are working to get a preview version of Loradon 3.0 released, but we have not yet given a release date. After releasing the Loradon 3.0 preview, we plan to add much needed features and content to Stick Adventures Online. This journal will detail the development of these two games and any other projects we are working on.

Here are the latest screenshots that we have released for Loradon 3.0.

Loradon 3.0 is temporarily using the Loradon Online website at where you can find our forums and even play Loradon 2.1. Loradon Online might be considered the "classic" version of Loradon 3.0, but the two games will have nearly nothing in common.

The Stick Adventures Online website is located at and is where you can find the forums, view screenshots, and download the game.

We have a Twitter account setup which our programmer updates as he works throughout the day. It is located at