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IfThen Software

Development log for IfThen Software. IfThen Software is a family owned and operated indie game development company.

Author: InvisibleLf

Newsletter #17 - States and Sounds

Posted by InvisibleLf Wednesday January 28 2009 at 10:12AM
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Overall progress has reached 63%.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

A few weeks ago I finally cleaned up the NPC/player state code. Each player and NPC has a ChangeState() function which changes their state and handles any graphic changes related to the new state. This has cleaned up animations and fixed a few glitches where an NPC or player would get stuck in an animation. As a side-effect of this, I also finally created a CNPC and CPlayer class. I'll slowly move player/NPC specific code into these classes to make the code cleaner.

Community Spotlight
Written by Jay and pifreak

Since "Loradon 3.0" has been taking up most of Invisible's time, Stick Adventures Online has not received any serious updates in a long time. Sure, HAL now exists and a word filter has been added, but that does not help enhance the fun factor as much as adding a new map or enemies. This lack of an update has caused some players to stop playing to do other things while waiting for the updates. However, new players are continuing to show up and play, so the community still has plenty of members.

With only the melee system, sound effects, and music left, "Loradon 3.0" is almost ready for testing and previewing. This means that many members are much closer than ever to finally being able to play the much anticipated game.

InvisibleMan has been working on music and sound effects for Loradon 3.0, and since it is in C++, he can easily port it over to SAO and fix the bugs dealing with the sound core. I am excited a little for this because it will mean more fun mods to play and cooler sound effects. You may see some mods with sound effects of InvisibleMan shouting "oh hey!" from Ventrilo chat every time someone kills a monster, instead of the punching sound ;-)

Dev Demo Report
Written by Invisible

No demo was released last week due to lack of new features. Because of this, there will be no dev demo report this week. There should be one next week though!