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IfThen Software

Development log for IfThen Software. IfThen Software is a family owned and operated indie game development company.

Author: InvisibleLf

Newsletter #16 - Bad Moderating Day

Posted by InvisibleLf Thursday January 22 2009 at 9:17AM
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There hasn't been anything news-worthy this past week.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

While working on the sound core, I ran into linker error LNK2019 with the CSoundCore::PlaySound() function. I tried the usual check-list for this error (make sure the declaration name and the definition name are the same, make sure they both have the same parameters, make sure that I don't have the function defined multiple times...) but nothing fixed it. Rather frustrated at this point, I asked for help in the #gamedev channel on AfterNet. Turns out that the problem was caused by the Win32 function PlaySound(), so I renamed my function to just Play() and it works perfectly. Thanks to species and MaulingMonkey for helping me out!

Community Spotlight
Written by pifreak

When InvisibleMan asked me to write this week's article, I really had nothing to say. Surprise! My evening was one of the most stressful and confusing nights of moderating, ever.

InvisibleMan and Ace conveniently went away for the night, and Roarman was playing a game. It was left up to me and a spam-filter in HAL.

There was a lot of rule-breaking, including swearing, avoiding the swearing-filter, impersonating moderators, and insulting moderators. I warned each of the rule-breakers that I was serious, but they did not listen... I ended up kicking them out many times, using the HAL auto-kick or temporary account ban, but that did not work.

BadGuy1 swore a bunch and said he was a moderator. I gave him a temporary ban, but he came in on another account and asked to be unbanned. Too bad his nickname was... A very bad word... *ban*

BadGuy2 came on with another account, but would not stop swearing. I told him he would get a temporary ban, but he logged into another character, and complained about the rules. A very foul nickname entered the game from the same i.p. address, involving someone's mother... *ban*

BadGuy3 was really bad. He swore multiple times and avoided the swearing filter.

After that, one of the angered players joined IRC and started cussing me out. Luckily KingSpore was there... *ban*

That was a pretty confusing-stressful-crazy night of moderating...

Dev Demo Report
Written by Roarman

Good news! Many many bugs have dwindled down to almost none. Almost, because a new npc movement/attack feature that was just introduced is slightly buggy. The jelly stops trying to chase you if you run away just as it comes in range and then stop moving. It reminds me of a staring contest. This new npc feature was introduced to go along with 'the melee system' we keep talking about. It will complement some of the aspects of our design quite nicely and spice things up a bit.

On a personal note, I will be going on vacation and will miss next weeks report. It is possible InvisibleMan will find one of the other misplaced testers to write the Dev Demo Report. Bye for now.