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Author: Inktomi

The Summer of Beta comes to an End and some Kudos 2.

Posted by Inktomi Thursday September 3 2009 at 12:22PM
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Long time and no hear. I have been around recently reading some mails and posts. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to some people while I was here. This summer has been a fun one, both ingame and out. I have had the oppurtunity to meet alot of new people and play many new games. 

One word to describe this summers gaming: Beta. I was in so many of them it is hard to go back and reflect on them all, just some that stood out.

Many words were written, bits of information downloaded and hours spent running around (where the heck is that NPC?) uncharted virtual worlds. All and all, it was a great time. But alas, the months get colder and reallife prevails once again. School starts for me this week, for some reason a week before Labor day. The NERVE! And gaming takes a healthy backseat to the bigger picture, but a quick look back on some good times never hurt; along with some Kudos 2.

Kudos 2: staff blog, mainly the "Crushing the Dream" series. Stradden points the finger at serious flaws in mmorpg development in an honest and forthcoming attitude. He never writes from a "podium" he shoots straight from the hip.

Kudos 2: NCSoft, for one of the best managed beta experiences to date. It was pro-scheduled, clean and alot of fun. The way they collaborated with retail companies to enable almost anyone to get involved was sheer genius in marketing. Even though Aion is a very polished and well made game, the community is what made it above average.

Kudos 2: Square Enix for stealing the show at E3 2009 with their announcement of Final Fantasy XIV. GO GET EM TIGER!

Kudos 2: Blizzard, because I didn't think it was possible for the 900 pound gorilla to get any fatter. With a new expansion on the way, two power sequals and Ozzy playing in the background you are the new image of gaming greed. Grats on fat, fatty.

Kudos 2: SOE, for knowing when to pull the plug. Now get rid of that horrendous Vangaurd and you've got  a shot at coming out of this with a profit. Just kidding.

Kudos 2: Aventurine, you have succesfully become the most love to hate gaming company on the internet. I know that Darkfall is somewhere in my future, but it's very small and hard to see with the glare of all the new games that are being released. But it's there, somewhere... between Mortal Online and the Secret World. 

Kudos 2: EVE Online, for being the only game that  immersed me fully, it's like the girl that finally got me to commit (shudders at the C-word). And is letting me use my paranoid New Yorker skills to their fullest extent. See you in low sec. 

Kudos 2: The forums, because some of the trolls there are so obvious and people still fall for it. I fell for it too. It's hysterical reading sometimes and I am always down for a good laugh.

Kudos 2: Did you really think I was going to get away with not mentioning Beau Turkey? The spokesperson of the casual gamer, the community manager of mmogamer facebook (mmovoices) and the moral authority of who is a D-bag and who is not. This guy puts in some serious work into bringing his voice to the mmo arena. A constant flow of information that sometimes hits and sometimes misses but always shoots forward. Keep it moving Beau, sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I shake my head in disgust but you always have something that makes me think.

That's all I've got for now. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and stop by anytime to say hello.

It has been a blast,

but all good seasons come to pass,

sign up for the newest beta,

catch me ingame,

I will see you later.

Until then...

Play safe,


Mystik86 writes:

Ah the Summer of betas is at it's end. It's a shame really but the gigantic machines roll onward... Let us see what Q4 has in store for us, shall we?

BTW, how are ya buddy???

Sun Sep 06 2009 4:21PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Hey mystik

I'm doing ok, slowed down on writing a little, gaming a little bit more and getting ready for another semester to start.

Good news!

My english and journalism class are on the same day, AND in the same room. I might get away with writing one set of papers. lol. What are playing lalely and did you ever carry on with Aion?

Mon Sep 07 2009 1:26PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

I've been playing Champions Online and Second Life lately. I'm still waiting to see if I get an Earthrise beta invite but I doubt I will. Aion I've lost interest in as it just doesn't seem to hold my attention...

It's good to hear your classes are set up in such a way, and perhaps it will make it easier on ya.

Mon Sep 07 2009 2:21PM Report writes:
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