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Author: Inktomi

Project UBU, Mauled by Microsoft.

Posted by Inktomi Sunday May 2 2010 at 3:00AM
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Hey all,

With midterms coming to a close I have a chance to creep out into the daylight, read some blogs and play a game every now and then. Recently I acquired an old laptop from a friend. Its an archeaic old Y2K Sony Viao with a paltry 64k MB that ran like a fat guy in the mud through windows 98. 

I decided I was going to do something different. I can boost the ram up to a whopping 256k and it has enough HD to make it into a good word processor for school.


I don't know if the vcard has enough juice to run anything powerful like EVE but at least one or two games. Something...

The problem is that windows xp will kill it in its present state. Recently I've been doing some reading on alternate OS's, like Ubuntu Linux. I found a smaller client that might be able to give it the breathing room that it needs until I can get that ram. Some scaled down version called Xubuntu. 

I followed the directions and was ready to burn the ISO onto a disc. Well....Something went wrong and I went through 4 discs, putting errors on each one of them, rendering them useless. I did some digging and tried to update the firmware for my CD drive. 

All of a sudden Microsoft put some obnoxious logo on my desktop and told me that I needed to "verify" my software! I've been "verified" since I 2004 when I built this rig and haven't had a problem since. I played their game and downloaded a few things after I checked out the site. Seems legit, but I will find out in time. Seems all very shady; very, very shady.

Why would they bug me when I tried to update my drivers? Do you think I've been rolled by some hacker, keylogger? My update came straight from Samsung and the "verification" came straight from Maulsoft.

Whatever... I am going to have a friend burn me a copy of the OS I need. Get the ram and then we will see how this thing can handle some stuff. I just wanted to vent a little bit about being cockblocked by Microsoft.

Play safe,


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