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Author: Inktomi


Posted by Inktomi Thursday May 14 2009 at 12:45PM
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     I just cant get enough of Sony today and felt as if I needed to write my opinion after reading through all the articles today. So here's my .02 copper for what it's worth...

  Sony is a very strong company with good relationships with other good brands such as Sanyo and Square-Enix, this gives them a range of products from household appliances, DVD players and MMORPG's .

They have been losing the console wars to the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's XBAWX. The Wii is just fun and Microsoft has been dominating with exclusive titles such as Gears of War, Fable 2 and Halo.             

Yes, they do have some great games that are exclusive like the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts, but it just doesn't seem to be as overwhelmingly popular. In this tough economy and not everyone  has the money to buy games for 3 systems, let alone to buy the 3 systems!

  I remember when I was working in the game industry and they released the PSone, it was such a great time and they had literally no competition. However things have changed since then and unfortunaly it's starting to show. Sony needs to adapt  to this new economy, new competition and the new gamer. 

We are a tough crowd to please.

Have fun and play safe,


ivan50265 writes:

Ha ha thanks for the plug. :) Oddlt enough I think Sony will make a name for its console with the upcoming MMO's they plan to launch.

Thu May 14 2009 9:16PM Report
Nevulus writes:

The SONY financial reports for the 09 first quarter were horrendous. When I was on the conference call my question regarding the state of SOE was dodged completely  :(

Sat May 16 2009 1:46PM Report
ArcAngel3 writes:

I often wonder what happened to the company that made my beloved PS2.  When I see them in the news, it seems to be about some run in with the Federal Trade Commission, a lawsuit or a report of quarterly losses.  For MMOs, they've given us some real train wrecks: SWG and Vanguard.  And yes Sony set the release date for Vanguard, and took part in its development, despite marketting spin to the contrary.  They've introduced cash shops where they said they were against cash shops (EQ), and ran into a lot of controversy with their virtual TCG in SWG.  Free Realms has a 20 page EULA (in Word format) that includes comments directed to minors about using their parents' credit cards.  They'll take money from kids for pets, and then claim the right to eliminate them immediately thereafter if they so choose.  I don't know why in the world they think they can compete with companies like Blizzard who seem to surpass them in both quality and customer service.  Unless they pull their executive heads out of the sand and make some huge changes in their philosophy, I don't expect things to turn around for them any time soon.

Sun May 17 2009 5:15PM Report writes:
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