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Author: Inktomi

Are you Blacklisted in Guild Wars 2?

Posted by Inktomi Sunday April 29 2012 at 7:46PM
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As this warm April weekend comes to a close, so does the first open beta event for Guild Wars 2. After listening to some of the chatter about the game that I am yet unable to play, certain innovations I heard about the game has peaked my interest in ArenaNet’s new MMORPG.

The chatter came from this great video game community that I was lucky enough to become a part of: The Blacklisted Gaming Community. Blacklisted or BGC is also one of the first using the "dual-guild systems" that I have ever seen in my travels through the virtual wastelands of online gaming. At first I was skeptical, but then when I looked at the bigger picture and my role as a guild member, I saw how much it made sense.

Founded in 
2008. Blacklisted (BGC) is a community made up of members from all over the United States and Canada, playing all types of games together from Minecraft to Skyrim and even some of the older games. If anyone can remember Vectorman from the Sega Genesis era, then you can clearly understand the diversity of the types of gamers here.

While playing with them in Warhammer Online as well as many other games, I have to tell you from experience, that they are a well coordinated PvP oriented guild. Their presence has been felt in numerous MMORPG’s over the years. The last concerted effort that Blacklisted was involved in was Star Wars: The Old Republic. Although in order to entertain so many players and such a diversity of playstyles, the leader of Blacklisted, Swimchamp (also known as Michael) has decided to implement a dual-guild system in order to keep any type of his guild members happy and playing together under the Blacklisted roof.

I had a chance to sit down and talk with GM Swimchamp over the weekend about the new dual-guild system and how it was going to come into play once Guild Wars 2 is launched. He explained to me that the dual-guild system was created because not every player has the same playstyle. “Not every player is a hardcore PvP’r”, says Swimchamp, “and not every person is going to want to be with the hardcore PvPr’s or forced to PvP when they don’t want to.” With the creation of Karma, this enables a more casually inclined player to come on board and enjoy Guild Wars 2 with the rest of their friends in the Blacklisted Community when they want to.

One side of the dual guild system is Blacklisted, the hardcore PvP guild.There will be qualifications to be be part of the hardcore end, such as skill, attitude and mentality that Swimchamp would look for in a Blacklisted player. The other guild will be called Karma. For friends and family who are looking for a more laid back approach to play the game at their own pace can join Karma.

Unfortunately, the leader of Karma, known ingame as Loli was not reachable for an interview but from past conversations I can tell she is excited about the game and is happy in leading the Karma guild through launch of Guild Wars 2. Loli is a seasoned MMORPG player who works closely with Swimchamp to keep both guilds running smoothly. 


After taking an interest to this new approach to social structures in online games, I asked how this would affect PvP as a whole. I also took the chance to ask him how he felt about Guild Wars 2 after he played it through this beta weekend. “It is $%&^& AMAZING! A lot better than I thought it would be”, he exclaimed. He told me that the PvP was great and feels that any player no matter what level can be involved and be competitive.

After being bolstered to max level a player will be able to take part in the World vs. World battles, where three servers battle it out for domination over the others by ways of structures and a point system. “It’s not just about one battle, one keep or one day. These battles take place over two weeks where points tick off over time compared to the structures you can hold or keep up.

One guild can only claim one structure at a time”, Michael explained to me. He also explained how it takes strategy and coordination of groups to hold down certain structures. When asked how it would effect Blacklisted or the other competitive PvP guilds out there, he says that everybody is going to be working together. Karma members will definately be invited to World vs. World PvP events because Swim says "one guild cannot balance it all."

If hardcore PvP is not your thing and wish to take part in the other side of Guild Wars 2 and play versus the environment I have news for you: be ready for a challenge. I also had an opportunity to speak with SarCaStic, another founding member of Blacklisted Gaming Community.

SarCaStic says that the game is awesome and amazing except when he dies and 20 million mobs spawn on top of him or his teammates are being [Sic]. He is a seasoned gamer that started playing MMORPG’s before the dawn of Everquest. SarCaStic describes Guild Wars 2 as “Dark Age of Camelot meets Warhammer with amazing graphics with the difficulty of Everquest.”

Even though that there is no free-for-all loot in this game, Sarcastic says that “Guild Wars 2 is not for the weak hearted and be ready to die a million times. That PvP and PvE are both skill based and that ArenaNet has [finally] captured that old-school feel with new school graphics. This game is more geared for players who grew up in the DAOC and Everquest era. If I would compare it (Guild Wars 2) to any other game, I would say it can hold a candle to all versions of Everquest 1.”

It seems from his description that the developers at ArenaNet have been listening intently on what the MMORPG community have been asking for. Blacklisted Gaming Community is a progressive and competitive guild that is taking the new multi-guild mechanics and implementing them in an innovative way. Both guilds expect 100% loyalty to the guild because of guild reputation mechanics, but no one is pressured to conform to any one type of playstyle.

After speaking to numerous members of the community, I have heard nothing but positive feedback and accolades about Guild Wars 2 and the dual-guild system. Blacklisted and Guild Wars 2 are both products of generations of gamers and developers who are experienced enough to know what the public wants and what they do not. I am very excited to be part of both and cannot wait until the next open beta weekend. Until then...

Play safe,

Inktomi writes: It's just a blog man. Objective. Everything I heard I wrote down and just trying to put some entertaining copy. If you don't agree with then you have a right to make a difference. I  wasn't manipulated at all, actually it was a struggle to get it out. I am not trying to make anyone look better or worse. I am writing about my experiences. I do have my own bones to pick, but just waiting to see how things play out without making waves. My goal is to have fun, not cause drama. Mon Apr 30 2012 11:16PM Report
Inktomi writes: It's just a blog man. Objective. Everything I heard I wrote down and just trying to put some entertaining copy. If you don't agree with then you have a right to make a difference. I  wasn't manipulated at all, actually it was a struggle to get it out. I am not trying to make anyone look better or worse. I am writing about my experiences. I do have my own bones to pick, but just waiting to see how things play out without making waves. My goal is to have fun, not cause drama. Mon Apr 30 2012 11:16PM Report
ShadowA writes:

I understand that the game is in beta, but that is the time to show how great your guild can function and work. This has not happened at all. I know that several people in Karma have requested for help but all the "experience and elite" players are busy in PvP and trying to advance themself in the game. They have yet to help most Karma players from what I have seen, and they are very underminded. People in Karma are hardly treated as equals, but as people who don't know how to play, and can stand by idle- waiting for 5 minutes of basic help- wasting their whole weekend in beta waiting for guild help. This is not how a guild should be run- and this is not the way to treat your "kids". I find that it does not keep member happy- it classifies them as good or bad- (besides the leader Loli who is quite dedicated, but also leads a busy life). I was quite unhappy with this duel-guild system. It did sound like a good idea- but the head leader, Swimchamp, is not fit to run both guilds. I partly agree with reploidx on what he said about him. BUT found that he favorited most of his older trusted members and was quite bitter to his newer members. He is not afraid to show his new members who is boss around there. He does run the guild like a company, and he isn't afraid to show anyone the door, or put them on some sort of time out. His leadership skills are no good. He is a complete hypocrite- breaks his own rules- but he is allowed to do such because he is the leader. What really got me is when he would scold and threaten to kick other people for stuff he does all the time. I didn't even think those people that he threatened were in the wrong. (Of course not going to name names.) I know for a fact he was "manipulative" when you wrote this- 'censoring' certain commments and editing the tone of the blog. There are many nice people in this totalitarian guild- and it is unfortunate that they are sucked into Swimchamps unfair dictatorship. So Inktomi-I do not agree with what you have written- and I am voicing my opinion. Perhaps I am trying to start a little drama- but that is what you need to get your voice heard. I am not trying to keep players from joining your guild, I am just trying to give them a heads up from what I can see. I hope you guys take in account of what I have had to say, and I am more than welcome to discuss anything you or swimpchamp has to say about this post.

Sat Jun 09 2012 8:26PM Report
Inktomi writes:


I am interested in talking to you about this.

Sun Jun 10 2012 1:40PM Report
reploidx writes:

It sounds like you heard me talking before ShadowA, you said everything that I have been preaching for months. Though I am trying to keep people from joining, there are way better guilds.

Sun Jun 10 2012 2:19PM Report
ShadowA writes:

I may or may not have- If you want you can shoot me a message and we can rant together lol

Sun Jun 10 2012 6:47PM Report
ShadowA writes:

Also Inktomi- I sent you a message so if you want to chat just reply to it.

Mon Jun 11 2012 3:41PM Report
reploidx writes:

Loli quit and the corpse isn't even cold and he takes everything away, claiming they are still friends. He never was, I know the truth and he is terrified. He lets Inktomi write this article and now he quakes like a frightened child of the storm that comes for him. Now he boots Inktomi claiming he never wanted him to write this, hypocrite all the way! Swimchamp is a liar, a manipulator and a coward. He can't lead himself out of a small ditch. Anyone else sees this stay away until the guild kicks their weak-ass leader and his poor choice of "officers" and start it over and become good again! The truth is out there Swim, and you know it!

Mon Jun 11 2012 9:36PM Report
PaulLeadbetter writes:

I'm interested in talking about this with you. and i have send you a massage.






Sun Oct 14 2012 10:01PM Report writes:
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