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The Thief

Posted by WonderKing Thursday October 1 2009 at 6:39PM
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Written by Tommy Luo
Assistant Product Manager


When it comes to the Thief class, there are two ways to play – as a ranged attack-based character throwing ninja stars or as a melee-based character wielding twin deadly blades.

A ranged Thief is able to keep enemies at bay from afar. They are also able to repel enemies by spinning their bodies, creating a tornado that launches enemies in the air. Ranged Thieves don’t mind being surrounded by enemies, since they have the agility required to throw multiple ninja stars in both directions. With the addition of powerful defenses, a clever ranged Thief is a nightmare to any foe.

A melee-based Thief takes chances by diving head-first into hand-to-hand combat. He doesn’t mind rolling the dice, and likes to get up close and personal with his enemies. Playing a melee Thief can be tough, but also very rewarding once you learn to keep your foes at a safe distance. Due to their low health, they are not able to take many hits, but make up for it with their utility skills. After each attack, there is a slight cooldown period for every class. Thief players must not overlook this strategic opportunity. In that vulnerable instant, the thief can hurl sand at their enemy to slow them down. A melee Thief can juggle enemies in the air using a variety of twin blade and kicking techniques. They are, by far, the most nimble class in WonderKing.

Upon reaching level thirty, a Thief has two unique ways to evolve. Ranged Thieves will follow the path of a Ninja, the cunning shadow of the night, whereas melee Thieves prefer the path of the Rogue, the elusive opportunist.

A Ninja has mastered the flow of their inner spirit. They never lose their cool and maintain a focus as sharp as a blade. Ninjas are able to channel fire from their lungs to burn enemies or summon a sphere of pure energy into their palms. The Ninja’s agility allows him to fling explosive daggers that erupt in a fiery explosion. They may also hurl a smoke bomb to disorient their opponents or pass by undetected. At level eighty, a Ninja evolves into an Assassin, the agent of deception and true master of shadows.

The melee-based Rogue is the aggressive phantom of darkness. Fancying themselves as sneering nightmares of the underworld, Rogues enjoy rushing up to their enemies before they have a chance to react. Opponents who strike the Rogue will be met with a sinister grin, because the Rogue has already launched a counter attack. Terrified enemies who attempt to flee will be dragged back into combat by a chain sickle. Frozen with fear, they forfeit their lives to the Rogue’s swift attacks. Rogues are powerful opponents who have mastered the one-hit kill. At level eighty, the Rogue advances to Knave, the poison-wielding, remorseless joker.

The Thief class is one that favors quickness over power, and his fast attacks can add up in a hurry. When mastered, Thieves can seize even the slightest opportunity to counter-attack their enemies and turn the tides of battle.